10 new films for those who still believe in Superheroes

At the heart of almost any superhero blockbuster are Marvel and DC comics. They describe in detail how an ordinary person gains superpowers. Below is a list of movies for those who believe in superheroes. After watching, each viewer will want to fly and read the thoughts of other people!

Captain Marvel 2019

Genre: Fiction, action, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 7.0

Details about the movie:Captain Marvel

In life, Bree Larson is allergic to cats. Therefore, in the scenes with the cat, the Goose was used a doll and computer graphics.

Interesting:Captain Marvel defeated Wonder Woman at the box office

The plot revolves around Carol Danvers, who had been dreaming of flying all her life. And now she became one step closer to the dream - the heroine entered the Air Force Academy! The girl rose to the rank of major and ended up in the Central Intelligence Agency, where the incomparable Nick Fury became her boss. Once, during the execution of a special task, a girl encountered an alien race and suddenly acquired superpowers. Carol turned into Captain Marvel. The heroine will have to learn to control her new power and fight back the insidious cosmic villains.

Hellboy 2019

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.8, IMDb - 5.3

Details about the movie:Hellboy: The Revival of the Bloody Queen (Hellboy)

The original dubbing says that Baba Yaga tried to evoke the spirit of Stalin. In Russian dubbing, this phrase was replaced by "Hitler's spirit."

Once upon a time, the great King Arthur struck the fearless witch Vivien Nimue, who was also known as the Bloody Queen, with his legendary sword. Arthur did not just kill the witch, but dismembered her, chopped her into small pieces and ordered them to be sent to different parts of the world so that she would not threaten humanity. The plan worked successfully for fifteen hundred years, but now evil is striking back. The Bloody Queen has returned to destroy the whole world. Oppose her will be a native of Hell Hellboy, whom the insidious undead are trying to lure to their side.

Shazam (Shazam!) 2019

Genre: Fantasy, action, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 7.2

Details about the movie:Shazam (Shazam!)

During filming, actor Zachary Livay, who played the role of Shazam, was on a strict diet.

Every boy dreams of having superpowers - after all, with the help of them you can hit any girl! The main character of the film Billy Batson has such a unique opportunity, he just needs to shout ShAZAM at the top of his lungs. And from a 14-year-old savvy boy, he instantly turns into a superhero Shazama. Externally, Billy looks very impressive, but at heart it is still a small child who is pulled to the fullest. Can he fly? And go through the walls? Does he have a superpower? While Shazam checks the boundaries of his incredible abilities, a powerful villain appears on the horizon - Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spider-Man: Far from Home) 2019

Genre: Fiction, action, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 7.9

Details about the movie:Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

There are two scenes after the credits in the picture.

Interesting:The box office success of Spider-Man: Away from Home

"Spider-Man: Away from Home" - a new film about a superhero, one of the coolest on the list. The picture tells about the legendary Peter Parker. How can you have fun and carefree time during the summer holidays? That's right - go on vacation to Europe with a company of crazy friends! True, our hero failed to bask in the warm sun and splash into the sea. Nick Fury finds Peter Parker and tells him that he must fight the Elementals, the mysterious elemental spirits that are organizing nightmare disasters around the world. The young pupil of the Avengers must stop the destruction throughout the continent, and the master of illusions - Misterio will help him in this.

Avengers: Final (Avengers: Endgame) 2019

Genre: Fiction, action, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 8.7

Details about the movie:Avengers: Finale - explanation of the ending

July 21, the film "Avengers: Final" set a world record for fees and became the highest grossing film in the history of cinema.

Interesting:What to expect after "Avengers: Final"

The Avengers team and their allies are developing a new plan that will help them stop the insidious villain Thanos. Superheroes reunite to fix past mistakes and take the fate of the world into their right hands. Ahead is the largest and most dangerous battle that has not yet happened on the planet. The Avengers must pull out their trump cards and hit the titan of Thanos. Will the heroes cope with this difficult mission? There is no more room for error ...

Alita: Battle Angel (Alita: Battle Angel) 2019

Genre: Fiction, action, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0, IMDb - 7.4

Details about the movie:Action "Alita: Battle Angel"

The main role could be played by actress Bella Thorne.

Interesting:Will there be a continuation of "Alita: Battle Angel"

The action of the film takes place in the distant future, during the heyday of cybernetics. Scientists have developed technology so much that now they have learned how to create cyborgs so that they serve people as reliable assistants. At first everything was fine - the robots successfully performed their work, but then the cyborgs got tired of being slaves to people. A bloody and brutal war began. After the end of military events, 300 years pass. A scientist named Ido finds a robot among the wreckage and gives it the name Alita, because in appearance it resembles a teenage girl. Alita does not remember anything about herself, but she is fluent in martial arts. The robot goes in search of the past to find out why it was thrown into a landfill ...

Burn, Burn Clear (Brightburn) 2019

Genre: Horror, fiction

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.7, IMDb - 6.3

Details about the movie:Burn Gori Clear (Brightburn)

School scenes were filmed at Stockbridge Closed School. By the way, it was here that the shooting of the series "Very Strange Things" (2016) took place.

Interesting:Gori Gori clearly has an adult rating now

Tori and Kyle - a young married couple who can not have a baby. Once, a guy with a girl heard a wild rumble near his house. They went to a source of strange noise and found a capsule with a baby. The newlyweds decided to adopt the boy and named him Brandon. Their adopted son is a good student at school, gets along well with people and never gets sick. But when Brandon turned 12, he changed dramatically. Now this is not a sweet and kind boy with a loving heart. He is a real evil in which insidious desires and daring abilities awoke.

Joker 2019

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Details about the movie:Joker

The slogan of the film is Make a Happy Face. Filmmakers wanted the main role to go to Leonardo DiCaprio, but the actor refused to participate in the project.

Interesting:Put on a crazy smile - Joker's first teaser

The film takes place in Gotham, in the early 1980s. In the center of the plot is Arthur Fleck, who is forced to care for his sick mother. From early childhood, she taught him to "walk with a smile." An inconspicuous comedian is constantly confronted with human cruelty and hypocrisy. Gradually, the hero comes to the conclusion that those around him will receive from him not a good and funny smile, but the evil grin of the villain Joker. Now he is a brilliant manipulator in clown makeup.

Abigail (2019)

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Details about the movie:Abigail (2019)

The slogan of the film is "Everything in the world is not what it seems."

Abigail lives in a strange town in which an inexplicable epidemic is rampant. As a child, her infected father was taken from the girl, and since then she has not seen him anymore. Abigail decides to go against the authorities and unexpectedly notices the signs of a “disease” - the ability to magic, which the government has banned. The girl joins a group of rebels and is going to expose the supreme conspiracy ...

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019

Genre: Fiction, action, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.0, IMDb - 6.0

Details about the movie:X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The picture is the last part of the X-Men franchise.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​the perfect movie for those who believe in superheroes. X-men led by Professor Charles Xavier went through a huge number of battles, they traveled through the vast expanses of the galaxy, endangered themselves, protecting the inhabitants of the Earth, but an incredibly difficult test was waiting for them ... One of the team members - Gene Gray gained amazing abilities, with the help of whom she turned into a powerful mutant - the Dark Phoenix. Gene cannot control herself; she is a threat not only to her comrades in arms, but to all of humanity. X-Men must make a difficult decision - try to help Gene Gray or get rid of her?

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