Scream: Resurrection is all about Scream Season 3

Many viewers are familiar with the popular Scream movie series, which has become famous for its bloody plot that can tickle the nerves of slasher lovers. This franchise is known not only for its films, but also for television projects - the release date for the third season of the series “Scream: Resurrection” (2019) is already known in Russia, the actors and plot have been announced, the trailer can be viewed online.

Rating of the series “Scream” (2015-2019): KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 7.2.

Scream: resurrection


Genre: horror, thriller, drama, crime, detective

Producer: Kevin Colch, Dennis Widmeier, Bill Sharff

Season 3 release date: July 8, 2019

Cast:Jessica Sula, Georgia Wigam, Tyler Posey, Julian Yao Gioiello, Christopher Jordan Wallace, Taiga, ArJ Sayler, Keke Palmer, Mary J Blige and others

The plot of the new season turned out to be completely different characters, but the scene also changed - this time the killer in the mask of the Phantom Man will pursue his victims in Atlanta.


It all starts with the fact that the ghostly masked figure returns again - this time she will chase teenager Deyon, the local star of the school football team, and his new friends. A chain of incredible events is launched, and all the guys are in terrible danger. Perhaps the killer was familiar with Deyon in the past. Teenagers try to catch the maniac themselves, set up a trap, but it works against them, and the guys themselves are locked up with the killer in the same room. You need to find out who is hiding under the mask and how to escape from a maniac.

Director and shooting

The directors of the project are:

  • Kevin Kolsh (Eyes of the Star, Black Holidays, Pet Cemetery);
  • Bill Sharpf ("Loft", "Mechanic", "13 Sins", "Cache", "Underground");
  • Dennis Widmeier (Eyes of the Star, Black Holidays, Pet Cemetery).

For the script answered:

  • Penny Cox (Legacy, The Vampire Diaries);
  • Jill E. Blotvogel (Patriot, Moonlight, Harper Island, Twilight Zone, Berlin Residency);
  • Dan Dvorkin (“Revenge”, “Event”, “Surface”, “Detective Rush”, “Matador”);
  • Brad Matthews (The Vampire Diaries, Firefly, Supernatural, Heritage).

The producers were:

  • Queen Latifa (“Chicago”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, “My Life”, “Miracles from Heaven”, “Beauties”, “Awesome Girls”);
  • Janeli Arti ("House of Bodies", "Brotherly Love", "Perfect Choice");
  • Brad Matthews.

Musical accompaniment - Jeremy Zuckerman ("Nature", "Avatar: The Legend of the Aang", "Just Peck", "The Legend of Korra").

The filming process of this American series took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously, the project was broadcast on the MTV channel, but now it has "moved" to VH1. The premiere of the 3rd season was held on July 8, 2019. The series aired in two episodes over three days from Monday to Wednesday from nine in the evening. In total, there will be 6 episodes in the new season.

Actors and roles

In the new season, other actors took part:

  • Jessica Sula in the role of Olivia Reynolds ("Split", "Skins", "Lucifer", "Forgotten by God", "Lovers");
  • Georgia Wigam as Beth (13 Reasons Why, Punisher, Shameless, Orville);
  • Tyler Posey in the role of Shane ("Teen Wolf", "Brothers and Sisters", "West", "Without a Trail", "Our Last Summer");
  • Julian Yao Gioiello in the role of Manny ("Mr. Bull", "Iron Fist", "Carrie Diaries", "Jack of Hearts", "Women's Fight");
  • Christopher Jordan Wallace as Amir ("All the Way!", "Notary", "Crosses");
  • Taiga in the role of Jamal ("Barber 3", "Halloween Madei", "His dog business");
  • ArJ Jayler in the role of Dion Elliott ("Me, Earl and the Dying Girl", "Heads", "Black Lightning", "White Guy Rick")
  • Keke Palmer as Kim (Trial of Aquila, Queen of Scream, Ambulance, Anatomy of Passion);
  • Mary J Blige as Sharon Elliot (Farm Madbound, Umbrella Academy, Avoiding the Kill Punishment, Empire);
  • Bill Sharpef as the Ghost Mask.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The release date of the movie "Scream 5" is still unknown - due to the box office failure of past parts, viewers may never see this tape at all. Previously, the producers said that if part 4 pays off, the output of parts 5 and 6 will be just around the corner, but the film did not raise enough funds. But still, there are still chances to continue the movie franchise.
  • Production of the 3rd season was postponed for a year due to the scandal associated with the name of one of the producers - Harvey Weinstein.
  • The Season 3 screensaver shows the full moon on a dark night. If you look closely, you can see that the shadows on the moon create a mask of a ghostly face.
  • The original costume and ghost mask will return in season 3 instead of the costume and mask of Brandon James, who was the antagonist of the first two seasons.

The release date in Russia of the 3rd season of the series “Scream” (2019) with a new plot and actors, the trailer of which has already been released, is known, and the project itself has been released. The new season is completely different from the previous ones: new characters, a new locale and a new killer hiding behind a ghost mask.

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