"Bill and Ted" will return in the 3rd part in 2020

Almost 30 years after the release of the second part of the franchise, the world will see the third film “Bill and Ted” (2020) with Keanu Reeves, the release date, the actors and plot of which are announced, and the trailer has not yet been released. Loved by many loafers, traveling in time, will reappear on the screens, and playing them Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter happily returned to their roles!

Rating of project expectations (KinoPoisk) - 96%.

Bill & Ted Face the Music


Genre: science fiction, comedy, musical

Producer: Dean pariso

World Release Date: August 21, 2020

Release in Russia: August 20, 2020

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Samara Weaving, Jaime Mays, Anthony Carrigan, Kristen Schaal, Alex Winter, Gillian Bell, William Sadler, Holland Taylor, Erinn Hayes and others.

Already matured, Ted and Bill set off on a new journey in time to find inspiration for writing a song that will turn the world into a utopia ...


The official announcement of the film tells about a visitor from the future who sends a familiar pair of Bill and Ted on a journey to "save life as we know it and bring harmony to the Universe" through his rock and roll music. At the end of the first film, Bill and Ted's Superb Adventure, the futuristic mentor Rufus told teens that they would be writing music that would turn the world into a utopia. The guys never found inspiration, and his searches dragged on for decades - everyone now has a family and children. However, friends still decide on a new adventure, this time they go on a time travel with their daughters and historical figures.

“You were told that you will save the world. And now you’re 50, and you didn’t do it. Now they are married, and it affects their marriages, their relationships with their children, affects their whole lives,” says scriptwriter Chris Matheson.

Director and shooting

The director of the new part was Dean Parisot, known for such projects: “Good Girls”, “Defective Detective”, “In Search of the Galaxy”, “Justice”, “Diet from Santa Clarita”.

The script was written by Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Illusion of Deception, Charlie's Angels, Imagine, Mosaic) and Chris Matheson (Goofy Vacations, Mom and Dad, Save the World!, Delight Palouse ").

Dean Parisot, Ed Solomon, Chris Matheson


  • David Haring ("Pandas 3D);
  • Scott Krupf (Black Hole, Jumanji, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Last Samurai, Fields of Darkness);
  • Alex Lebovichi ("Hand-to-hand combat", "Clacker", "Public library", "Unknown").

Shelley Johnson was responsible for the cameramen ("Tales from the Crypt", "Shine", "Life as a Show", "Robbery in a Hurricane", "Training Day").

The filming process began in July 2019. The film will be released on world screens on August 21, 2020.

Alex Winter, playing a major role, shared a photograph from the very first day of shooting - on it he poses in a T-shirt that his character can wear throughout the film. Ed Solomon also posted photos from the filming, which depicts the production process itself.


Screenwriter Ed Solomon says the film is "like a Christmas carol in prose, where the main characters are Ted and Bill. This song describes the whole life of the main characters who suddenly discover unexpectedly new, albeit simple, but joyful moments of life."

And actor Alex Winter, who plays one of the main roles, said that the tape will be performed in the same spirit as the previous parts:

"Everything that we developed in the new part is no different from the old films. The independent spirit of the previous parts has been preserved. I am really happy that the new film turned out no worse than the previous ones. It does not look like some unsuccessful project designed just for that to make money. "

Actors and roles

The following western stars starred in the musical comedy:

  • Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan (The Matrix, Devil's Advocate, On the crest of a wave, Dangerous Liaisons, Constantine: Lord of Darkness, John Wick, You Are My Doubt);
  • Samara Weaving as Thea Preston (Home and On the Road, Mysterious Way, Ash Against the Evil Dead, Monster Truck, Nanny, Mommy, Three Billboards on the Ebbing, Missouri Border) ;
  • Jaime Mays as Princess Joana (Flags of Our Fathers, Night Flight, Beauties, Losers, Doctor House, Made in America);
  • Anthony Carrigan (“Gotham”, “Barry”, “Parents”, “Flash”, “Black List”, “Ruthless Sun”);
  • Kristen Schaal in the role of Kelly ("Flight of the Concord", "American Family", "How I Met Your Mother", "Kate and Leo", "Borders", "Toy Story 4");
  • Alex Winter as Bill Preston (Robotsyp, Real Boys, Bones, Deep Web, Beta, Smosh: The Movie);
  • Gillian Bell as Dr. Tyler Wood ("Die Your Enthusiasm", "Companions", "Worst Week of My Life", "Very Bad Girls");
  • William Sadler in the role of Death ("Shawshank Redemption", "Racers", "Die Hard 2", "Tales from the Crypt", "Death Against", "Chasing Bonnie and Clyde");
  • Holland Taylor as the Great Leader (“Two and a Half Men”, “A Novel with a Stone”, “Truman Show”, “Sex and the City”, “Ambulance”, “Orville”);
  • Erinne Hayes as Princess Elizabeth (Force Majeure, Worst Week of My Life, Widower’s Love, Parks and Recreation, Biology Course).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Funding has become one of the main problems holding back the creation of the third film, as the team worked on a sequel for almost a decade. Also, such a long production is due to the fact that the writers spent years developing the plot.
  • After the film "Freaked" (1993), actor Alex Winter did not appear and did not voice the characters in any project. This film was his first work after such a long break.
  • During filming in the vicinity of Louisiana, local residents often met actors and the film crew. Once Keanu Reeves noticed a sign on the lawn with the words "You're awesome." He stopped, got out of the car, went to the sign and signed it. Upon learning who the mark belongs to, the actor took a picture with fans.

The plot of the film "Bill and Ted" (2020) with Keanu Reeves, whose release date and actors are known, and the trailer has not yet been released, will not depart from the previous canons and will be performed in the style of the previous parts, so that fans will again be able to enjoy their favorite comedy, not paying attention to such a long gap between the releases of the second and third parts.

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