Thor: Love and thunder are all about the 4 parts of the Thor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rich in its diverse characters, and one of the most famous superheroes in the universe is the Thunder and Lightning God. However, in the comics, the name of this character was taken by another heroine, and a television project about her has already been developed - the release date for the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2021) is known in Russia, the plot and actors have been announced, and the trailer has not been released.

The rating rating for film premieres (KinoPoisk) is 98%.

Thor: Love and Thunder


Genre: fantasy, action, adventure

Producer: Thai Taichi

World Release Date: November 5, 2021

Cast: Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Jose Alfredo Fernandez and others.

The last time viewers saw the original Thor in the movie "Avengers: Final", when he went to travel with the Guardians of the Galaxy. How did it happen that his former lover, Jane Foster, gained superpowers and became the God of thunder and lightning?


The original comics describe how Jane Foster acquired superpowers. This happened during the heroine’s fight with cancer. The hammer Mjolnir helped the girl stay alive and endowed with powerful abilities. However, in the movie Thor: Ragnarok, Mjolnir was completely destroyed, although the metal from which he was made seems to have remained on Earth. It is possible the parts will be reassembled, and Jane Foster will be able to be endowed with the power of Thor after she raises the hammer.

Director and shooting

The bizarre indie director Taika Vaitichi (“Real Ghouls,” “Ghoul Hunt,” “Eagle Against Sharks,” “What We Do in the Shadow,”) helped the Thor franchise get out of a depressed state with a colorful, funny storytelling. It is he who will become the screenwriter, as well as the director of the 4th part.

Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson and Kevin Feige at an event for Thor: Love and Thunder (2021)

The script is based on Jason Aaron's comic book The Mighty Thor. Produced by Kevin Feigi (X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Final).

While the first two solo films about the Torah were not particularly successful (especially by Marvel standards), the third became a real hit, earning widespread acclaim from critics and $ 854 million at the box office. This rejuvenated the character of Thor at the MCU, and many fans were happy to see the continuation of his story. The film studio still decided to release the 4th solo album (while for many characters the solo films ended on 3 tapes), but adding a twist in the form of Natalie Portman playing the Torah.

The world release date for the movie "Tor 4" is set for November 5, 2021, and the fastest tape will be released in France on November 3, 2021. The creators reported this at the Comic-Con in San Diego in 2019. In Russia, the tape will be released in the same week, but the exact number is not reported.

Actors and roles

At the moment, only the main characters of the film and those who play them are known:

  • Natalie Portman as Jane Foster / Thor (Leon, Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, V for Vendetta, Black Swan, Annihilation, Vox Lux);
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor (Race, Avengers, Vacation, In the Heart of the Sea, Cavalry, Nothing Good at El Royal Hotel, Men in Black: International);
  • Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie (Creed: Rocky's Legacy, Horse BoJack, Anatomy of Passion, Veronica Mars, Annihilation, Sorry to Bother, Men in Black: International);
  • Jose Alfredo Fernandez in the role of the agent "S.H.I.T." ("Ozark", "Pretense", "Lodge 49", "Cobra Kai").

It is also possible that Jeff Goldblum will return to the role of the Grandmaster ("Powder", "Jurassic Park", "Friends", "Losers", "Dog Island", "Hotel Artemis"). The actor posted a post on his Twitter with the logo of the future picture, thanking the director.

And the role of Darcy may return to Kat Danings ("Two Girls Aground", "Sex and the City", "Be My Boyfriend for 5 Minutes", "Big Mouth"). The actress said:

"I love this franchise. I think the new film will be brilliant. The script will be made exactly from the comics. I'm so glad. As a fan of Marvel projects, I am very excited and hope to be back in the franchise."

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Natalie Portman worked hard to prepare for the role: for example, in her Instagram account, the actress posted a picture with several comics that she began to study in order to better enter the role.
  • Marvel Studios president Kevin Feigi recently talked about the upcoming film: “This is a very large tape, which will contain a lot of various details that are quite important for the whole studio. This was passed to us by Taika Waititi, and we completely agreed. We liked it. We called Natalie Portman, because she is part of the MCU family, and their reunion with Taika happened. One meeting took place, and she agreed to the role. "
  • It is not known whether Marvel’s studio would like to set a release date for the movie Tor: 5. Perhaps this will depend on the fees of the fourth part.
  • At Comic-Con 2019, Natalie Portman joked that she was always overcome by envy of the hammer.
  • Actress Tessa Thompson said her character "must first find her queen." Is this a hint at the appearance of the LGBT character in the tape?

Fans are left to wait for the announcement of the trailer for the film “Thor: Love and Thunder Film” (2021), the release date in Russia, the actors and plot of which are already known. The project will become completely new and unusual for the audience, and the director Taika Vaititi will try to bring his own vision into it, which helped to develop this franchise about the Torah.

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