Recall 5 breathtaking films from the first minutes

We decided to put together different films, breathtaking from the first minute, so that viewers who appreciate the original plot, interesting script and unexpected turns of events, can fully enjoy them. The top contains films of various genres, and every movie connoisseur will be able to find something for himself in the list.

The Secret of 7 Sisters (Seven Sisters) 2017

Genre: thriller, crime, drama, detective, action, fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 6.9

Filming of a joint project of Belgian, French and British filmmakers took place in Romania and lasted a little more than three months.

There comes a time when families are forbidden to have more than one baby. It was at this time in one married couple that seven twin sisters were born. Happy parents could not get rid of one of their daughters and saved all the children. Girls are called by day of the week. Babies should appear in society only on their day. But once Monday disappears without a trace.

Out of a car (Ex Machina) 2014

Genre: drama, thriller, fiction

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.7

The fantastic thriller Alex Garland won the Academy Award for best visual effects, and was also nominated for a figurine for the script. Ava was originally supposed to play Felicity Jones, but in the end she was played by Alicia Wikander.

The main character, a young man named Caleb, has an interesting job to do. On behalf of a billionaire who has built up his capital in a variety of high-tech developments, he must test a new robot. This guy is sent to a remote place, where he must spend time with a woman android, endowed with artificial intelligence.

Robot Child (I Am Mother) 2019

Genre: drama, horror, thriller, fiction

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.8

Details about the movie:Robot child - a thriller about human relationships and Artificial Intelligence

If someone asks: "What movie to watch in one go, advise?" The answer will be simple - a new fantastic drama, which in the world movie distribution came out under the name "I - mother." The weight of the costume worn on the set by the actress playing mother, weighed about forty kilograms.

Movie review:Robot Child Review - Mother's Love Above All

A global catastrophe has led to the threat of extinction for humanity. After the incident, in a bunker located underground, a complex program is launched to carry a human embryo with a humanoid robot. Robot mother must give birth to a child and raise him. A girl born in the dungeon never left her refuge, which became her home. She had never seen people in her life. Everything in her life changes after a woman appears on the threshold of the bunker who needs help.

Silent Hill 2006

Genre: horrors

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.6

Meg Ryan, Mila Jovovich and Shannin Sossamon could take part in a film based on a popular computer game. The creators of the picture decided to minimize special effects - the most terrible monsters and the most terrible creatures in the horror movie are played by real people, which makes the picture even more terrible.

Little Sharon suffers from some mysterious disease, and doctors only shrug. Her mother categorically refuses to let her daughter end up in a mental hospital. She decides that it will help to uncover the secret of the baby’s disease only by a trip to the city, whose name Sharon repeats at night. Silent Hill should help mom and daughter in revealing secrets and give answers to all questions.

Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation (Hotel Mumbai) 2019

Genre: history, thriller, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 7.6

Details about the movie:Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation (Hotel Mumbai)

The joint project of Australian and American filmmakers, which was based on real events, can be safely attributed to breathtaking films from the first minute. Different emotions will have to go through the audience when watching this drama.

What happened in 2008 in Mumbai is a real tragedy, and the events that will be discussed in the picture by Anthony Maras cannot leave anyone indifferent. In the luxurious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel only the wealthiest people stay. The hotel guarantees its guests complete safety. But the illusion of guaranteed protection is destroyed in an instant, after the hotel is subjected to a terrorist attack. Criminals kill everyone who comes in their way. And all those who yesterday believed in their integrity and safety must go through this hell to stay alive.

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