"Avatar 2" avenged Marvel: A new war for box office declared

“Avengers: Final” won the title of the highest grossing film in the history of cinema, bypassing “Avatar”, but the team of “blue” does not want to put up with defeat. Find out if Avatar 2 can become the new global rental leader?

His one film is equal to twenty of their films

The new star of Avatar 2, Cliff Curtis, is sure that the long-awaited sequel will change everything. He congratulated The Avengers on his victory, but he’s much more interested in what will happen after the second part of the Pandorian saga is released.

The film "Avatar" directed by James Cameron has collected at the global box office $ 2,789,679,794 taking into account re-release. “Avengers: Final” Russo brothers have raised at the moment $ 2,793,794,145 taking into account re-release. The re-show is still going on in a number of world cinemas.

Curtis sarcastically emphasized that Marvel needed to create 20 films to compete with one of Cameron's masterpiece.

You know that James Cameron and Avatar producer John Landau are very cool, polite people. They paid tribute to Marvel. But keep in mind that they came to this in the wake of the success of 20 films. And Avatar is just one movie. Only the very first one planned. I can't wait to find out what impression the second, third and fourth parts will make on the viewer.

The actor means that the success of "Avengers: Final" would not have been without the success of previous films in the cinematic universe of Marvel. They stand on the shoulders of many solo projects. And while these projects were developing, Avatar remained the highest grossing film in the history of cinema for ten years! Curtis is confident that the box-office success of Avatar 2 will not be long in coming. But not so simple.

The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is many years of successful planning. An example of a long-term strategy. And from the Avatar team we only hear the promises of the second part, which will not work. Let this time delay, and the fault of Disney.

Who is Cliff Curtis and when to wait for Avatar 2

This 40-year-old actor is well known to us for the role of Travis in the series “Fear the Walking Dead”. This year he appeared on the screens in the movie "The Hobbs and the Show." He joined the Avatar family in 2017 and signed a contract to participate in all four alleged franchise sequels at once.

He will play one of the key roles - the leader of the Metcain clan named Tonovari. These representatives of the Navi race live on sea reefs. We remind you that the second part will be devoted to adventures in the watery spaces of the planet Pandora (and adventures under water).

At the moment, it is known that Avatar 2 should be released on December 17, 2021. The remaining sequels are scheduled for 2023, 2025 and 2027. The second and third parts will be shown with a break of a year, and then there will be a long two-year pause.

Back in 2017, Cameron promised that our jaws would drop a little in surprise when we see his new masterpiece. Is it possible to predict the box office picture based on one phrase?

"I think that in any case, he will gain $ 1 billion at the box office. But I'm not ready to say that Avatar 2 will gain more than $ 2 billion until I see at least some content." So the expert of the western portal about cinema Cinemablend considers.

We will return to this topic many times to understand whether Avatar 2 will be able to become the new world rental leader in 2021.

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