10 touching films about animals with real stories

Films with real amazing stories, especially about animals based on real events, are always the most catchy. In the list of 10 paintings you can find films about dogs, wolves, horses, a cat and even a family of whales. This emotional movie is suitable for those who love animals, have a couple of fluffy or not so favorite pets at home, or, in extreme cases, dream of having them - well, at least fish for a start.

Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend (Hachi: A Dog's Tale) 2008

Genre: family drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.3, IMDb - 8.1

On May 19, 2012, a bronze statue of the Japanese dog Hachiko was unveiled in a carriage depot at Wunsocket Depot Square, where the film was made. This is an exact copy of the bronze statue of Hachiko, which is located in front of Shibuya Station in Japan. Also, in order to age Hati, in addition to using makeup to dull the colors of his coat, tiny weights were used for the ears and tail. And in different years of life Hachiko played 3 different adult dogs and 3 different puppies.

Music professor Parker Wilson finds an Akito puppy whose cage breaks unnoticed during transportation. And, since no one can take care of this puppy at the railway station, and the dog catcher warns that even such cute dogs may not be taken to the shelter, he kindly takes the animal home. But the wife of Professor Kate is against the dog staying for a long time. Hachiko escorts his master to work and in the same way, in the same place, every day comes to meet him at the station. Such devotion is very characteristic of dogs of this breed, which quickly disarms Parker, and he decides to leave the dog for good. But, when the professor suddenly dies of a heart attack, the dog refuses to accept this, waiting for his master in the same place every day, but to no avail ...

In the Japanese town of Akito, in November 1923, a dog was born, which was presented to Professor Hidesaburo Ueno for his birthday. The man named the puppy Hachiko, which means “eighth,” Hati became the 8th dog by Professor Ueno. In May 1925, when the puppy was 1.5 years old, Hidesaburo suddenly died of a heart attack, and Hati stubbornly continued to wait for his return, arriving every day at the Shibue station, where he met his beloved master from work. Hati went to the station for 9 years, waiting for Ueno until his death. Hachiko’s death day was a day of mourning for all Japanese people.

Among the wolves (Entrelobos) 2010


Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 6.8

The budget of the film is 5,000,000 Euro. Filming took place in Spain. In 2011, the film was awarded the Goya Prize in the category Best Debut Actor (Manuel Camacho).

This is a story about a child, a little boy Marquito, who lived alone with the wolves for 12 years. The father could not feed his family and was forced to sell his son to the landowner, who sent the boy to graze the sheep to the old shepherd far into the mountains. The old man soon dies, and the child is completely alone in the wild. He encounters many forest animals such as vultures, deer, wild boars and wolves. Even the lonely and abandoned, the hero manages to survive, he faces many risks, dangers and adventures. He lived there for twelve years from 1953 to 1965. His only friends were ferrets and wolves.

In the film, the audience will find sensational musical accompaniment with the emotional leitmotif of Klaus Badelt, who wrote the soundtracks for superproduction "Gladiator" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The Legend of Lobo 1962

Genre: family, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 7.1

There are no dialogs in the film. The plot is based on the story of the famous wolf who lived in Arizona.

Once a hunter was told a story about a cunning and intelligent wolf Lobo, who managed to drag a lot of sheep. To catch him, the inhabitants killed all the wolves in the area, but all to no avail. The wolf easily avoided the traps set by people. Then the hunter himself decides to catch this beast, devoting several years to this occupation, but all to no avail. But one winter, a she-wolf comes into the trap, and it becomes clear to the hunter that this is a female Lobo.

According to the book, the hunter is trying to feed and heal the wounded she-wolf, but she is killed by wounds. Then he comes up with a brilliant idea: he places traps around her body in the hope that the Logo will smell a she-wolf. A few days later he finds the same wolf that he was trying to catch in traps near the she-wolf. Then the hunter kills the wolf with a shot in the head.

Frisky (Ruffian) 2007

Genre: sports, drama, biography

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.1, IMDb - 7.3

The film was shown at the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2008.

This is a story based on real facts about the legendary mare of a purebred horse breed named Rezvaya, who for two years (before the tragic accident after a duel with a stallion named Fulisch Plegeur) won all without exception races ...

Wolf Totem (Le dernier loup) 2015

Genre: drama, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.7

The budget of the film was $ 38,000,000. All well-known directors in China refused to make this film because of the extreme difficulties in training Mongolian wolves. The producer of Max Van's film, the guardian dog Rusty, became a self-taught actor after constantly listening to the recommendations given by wolf trainer Andrew Simpson.

In 1967, a young Beijing student, Chen Zhen, was sent to live among the nomadic shepherds of Inner Mongolia and teach them to read and write. The shepherds, in turn, teach the guy life in harmony with nature and animals, in particular, with wolves.

Red Dog 2011

Genre: biography, romance, family, drama, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.4

Filming took place in Japan, Australia and Vietnam. The statue of the Red Dog in the last scene is a real monument erected in Dampier (Western Australia) in 1979. Coco’s dog learned more than fifty teams from a trainer.

This is a story about the legendary cute copper-red dog, which wandered in search of its real owner, winning the hearts of everyone it met, uniting people and communities. Some found love, while others found themselves.

At the Golden Collar Award Ceremony in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 2012, Coco's dog won the Best Dog in a Foreign Cinema Award.

Max (2015)

Genre:military, adventure, family, fantasy, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk -6.7, IMDb - 6.8

The budget of the picture is $ 20 million. The film is dedicated to the memory of 26 dogs and 25 dog handlers who have been killed in service since 2003. The role of the Taliban Insurgent is played by actor Walid N. Hakim, a former US Marine.

When Kyle Wincott is killed in the Afghanistan War, his war dog Max is very worried about the loss. But one day Max meets Justin, Kyle's brother, who takes himself and saves the poor dog. And now their lives will never be the same.

A collection of pictures depicting service dogs was shown in the final credits of the film. Some of the images used are taken from a National Geographic article entitled "Dogs of War."

Balto (1995)

Genre: cartoon, family, drama, adventure, story

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.3, IMDb - 7.1

In the list of films about animals based on real events, it is worth including the Balto cartoon, because this picture is not only for children, but also for adults. But few people know that Togo, a 12-year-old husky, was the real hero for the delivery of serum in 1925. He led his team on dog sledding after 260 miles through a strong snowstorm in Alaska to deliver emergency serum from diphtheria to Nome. However, Balto was most famous for the reason that he led the team the last 55 miles to the city.

Half-wolf, half-dog (Mother Balto, Arctic wolf, her name is Aniu, it is used by Inuit when it comes to snow), a noble tramp named Balto gets a chance to become a hero when a sudden outbreak of diphtheria threatens the children of Nome. He leads a dog team to get the necessary medicines and have time to deliver them back to sick babies. But Balto is not alone, he has loyal friends: the boring goose Boris, the bear cubs Lak and Mack, the beautiful like Jenna.

Balto was partially deaf and blind, suffering from arthritis of the hind legs. He was taken care of by the team keeper (at the Cleveland Brookside Zoo), captain Curly Wilson. There were concerns about his poor health in 1933, while a friendly veterinarian, Dr. R.R. Powell (a member and trustee of Cleveland, Ohio Balto Committee) did not offer to alleviate Balto's suffering. Wilson took over the zoo and carefully transferred Balto to Dr. Powell's animal hospital. Powell insisted on taking care of Balto for free, saying that it was an honor for him to look after him in the final hours. On Tuesday, March 14, 1933, he injected Balto with a drug to euthanize it. Balto died at 14:15 under the love of Dr. Powell and Curly Wilson. He died of old age.

Street cat named Bob (A Street Cat Named Bob) 2016

Genre:biography, drama, family, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 7.4

The plot is based on an autobiographical work and the international bestseller of writer and musician James Bowen from London, in which a man tells about himself and his cat. This is the third film with the participation of the animal, which was directed by Roger Spottieswood.

Former drug addict street musician James Bowen finds a new meaning in life when he meets a red cat named Bob. James picked up the cat on the street sick and wounded, went out and began to travel together through the streets of London, playing the guitar for passers-by. This film is about the friendship of animals and humans, about how much furry pets affect the life of their owners and even change it.

Initially, the creators looked for several cats to play the role of Bob, but in the end the cat Bob played himself for most of the film.

Everyone loves whales (Big Miracle) 2012

Genre:drama, family, romance

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.5

The budget of the picture is $ 40,000,000.

Another film in the list of films about animals based on real events, which many know. October 1988 Adam Carlson, a reporter for the local television station in Anchorage, is based in Barrow and is doing a series of plays about the "cultural color" of northern Alaska. He notices three California gray whales: mother, father and son, who are literally imprisoned by the ice of the Arctic, ice floes surrounded them earlier than winter usually comes. In their current position, the whales cannot survive for more than a few days, and the main characters decide to organize a large-scale operation to save gray whales.

According to an article on the Greenpeace website, the character of Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore) is taken from the image of Greenpeace activist Cindy Lowry, who appears in the closing credits on frames from archival materials.

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