When Vampire Academy 2 Releases

The vampire theme was repeatedly touched by many filmmakers in their works, in the wake of such popularity and the fantasy melodrama "Academy of Vampires" was created, which was to win the hearts of all teenagers. However, this did not happen, and now it is not known when the film “Vampire Academy 2: Ice Bite” will be developed with an unannounced release date in Russia, actors, plot and trailer that never came out.

Vampire academy 2


Genre: fantasy, horror, action, comedy

Producer: Mark waters

Sequel release date: is unknown

Cast: Zoe Deutsch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Dominic Sherwood, Olga Kurylenko, Cameron Monaghan, Sami Gail, Ashley Charles, Sarah Hyland, Gabriel Byrne and others.

Few people know that in America there is a real school for vampires where night creatures learn the art of magic. None of the people imagined that a bloody war was waged among the vampires, and the most dangerous and cruel of them made their way into the walls of the Academy, where they faced the young princess Lissa ...


In the heart of Montana is the Academy for Vampires. The young Moroccan princess Lissa and her faithful guardian friend Rosa are also students of the school. However, they were forced to flee the Academy due to the warning of one of the students who voluntarily sided with the strigoi, the bloody vampire killers. But this is not so simple: a young princess falls in love with her classmate, who is below her status, and her assistant falls in love with her mentor. The ill-wishers are aimed at Lissa, who has the power to revive the dead - she is kidnapped, but at the last moment the princess helps Rose and Dmitry to escape.

Director and shooting

Initially, the creators planned to release a sequel back in 2016, but due to a box office failure, production was frozen. Only in 2018, developers responded to fan polls - there will still be a continuation. It can be directed by Mark Waters (500 Days of Summer, Between Heaven and Earth, Freaky Friday, Witches of the East End, Bad Santa 2), who worked on the first part. The film is based on the book of writer Rachel Mead.

The release date was set for July 2019, but then again delayed indefinitely.

Actors and roles

At the moment, the castes are not yet named, but in the sequel may appear:

  • Zoe Deutsch in the role of Rosa ("The Double", "The Catcher in the Rye", "Creator Woe", "They were Confused in the Maternity Hospital", "The Matrix of Time", "Substitute", "Breaking Bad");
  • Lucy Fry in the role of Vasilisa ("Mr. Church", "11.22.63", "Student with Connections", "Wolf Pit", "Brightness");
  • Danila Kozlovsky in the role of Dmitry (“Crew”, “We are from the Future”, “Loner”, “Legend No. 17”, “Five Brides”, “Viking”, “Trainer”);
  • Dominic Sherwood as Christian ("Chance", "American Family", "May Holiday", "Twilight Hunters");
  • Olga Kurylenko as Ellen (City of Dreams, Oblivion, Seven Psychopaths, Paris, I Love You, Death of Stalin, Fifteen Minutes of the War);
  • Cameron Monaghan as Mason (“Shameless”, “Passage”, “Click: With a remote control in life”, “Mentalist”, “Think like a criminal”, “Edge”, “Son of Zorn”);
  • Sami Gail in the role of Mia ("Blue Blood", "Replacement Teacher", "Dear Doctor", "Noah", "Candy Bank");
  • Ashley Charles as Jesse (Kingdom, White Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Camp X;
  • Sarah Hyland as Natalie (American Family, Body Parts, Lightning Bolt, Dimension 404, Dirty Dancing);
  • Gabriel Byrne as Victor (The Law of Opposites, Little Women, Suspicious Faces, Reincarnation).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • To achieve incredible eye color for Lissa's character, actress Lucy Fry wore green contact lenses.
  • With a budget of $ 30 million, the first part only managed to raise 15 million - this became one of the largest box office failures in 2014.
  • Actress Sarah Hyland was casting on Skype.

Fans are still waiting for the creators to announce the actors, the plot and the release date for the film "Academy of Vampires 2" in Russia, the trailer of which has not yet been released. Fans hope that production will not be delayed, and the tape will be released on television in 2020.

Watch the video: Vampire Academy: Frostbite (April 2020).