13 too funny Russian comedies of recent years

The comedy pictures taken with the soul make you sincerely smile and help to cope with depression. Below is a list of Russian films and TV shows of recent years in the comedy genre; This is the perfect selection for laughing and uplifting!

Handsfree (2018)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.6

During the filming of Leonid Barats, make-up artists painted a tattoo every day. The actor liked her so much that after the filming process, he made a real one.

Handsfree (2018) is a very funny comedy to tears on the list. How can you have fun and cool time? That's right, to gather true friends and go on vacation to a country house! Outside there is fresh air, and next to you is a pleasant company, what could be better? But friends did not stop at the usual "gatherings." The guys decided to play an interesting game - all the SMSs that come to the phone need to be read aloud. And you can answer calls only through the speakerphone. Guys and girls could not imagine what amazing discoveries they would make about each other ...

How I became Russian (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.7, IMDb - 4.4

After filming, actor Dong Chan admitted that Russian snow-covered landscapes in combination with local architecture look very beautiful.

Details about the movie:How I became Russian (2019)

At the center of the story is a young Chinese man, Pen, who comes to Russia with his beloved Irina. A young man with a thrill in his soul dreams of making an offer of a hand and heart to the bride, however, first, the hero should like her dad - uncle Tolya. This task is practically impossible, because Anatoly loves his daughter very much and is not ready to pass her off as anyone. As a result, Pen will have to go through many trials prepared by Uncle Tolya. Heroes must learn to respect each other if they want to make Ira the happiest girl in the world.

Psychologists (2017)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0

The slogan of the series: "It's all in your head."

Psychologists is one of the best comedies in the last 10 years. Three psychologist friends built a brilliant career, but in their personal lives they have a big ambush. The heroines meet ten years later to give each other sessions of psychotherapy. Tanya is a typical student in life. The girl is sure that everything around should be right. But in fact - she is an ordinary bore who is afraid to change anything. She even tries to build relationships with men according to a pattern, but nothing comes of it. Alina is another story. She is choppy and fickle. The girl is in demand among men, but no one was able to win her heart. Vika teaches courses "How to Meet a Real Man." But she herself became a hostage to the situation and turned her husband into a effeminate housewife.

Brownie (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.3, IMDb - 5.6

Film slogan: "Who is the boss in the house?"

Details about the movie:Brownie (2019)

There is one unusual house in Moscow, overgrown with hundreds of mysteries and secrets. One day, a single mother moves into one of the apartments of a strange house, along with her charming daughter Alina and a pet cat. Soon the heroes will find out that a real brownie lives in their apartment! He doesn’t care that the residents pay the rent every month, because only he is the true owner of the house! The brownie was offended by all people and does various nasty things to quickly get rid of pestering tenants. But soon our miracle hero realizes that only they can help him in the fight against the evil sorceress.

Dear Dad (2019)

The slogan of the film: "The rich also cries."

The entrepreneurial businessman Vadim Dyumin used to achieve everything himself. Once upon a time, the hero’s mother owned a huge company that brings in large incomes. After death, she left her testament not to her son, but to his 16-year-old daughter, whom Vadim left in infancy. But the man was not upset - he is sure that with the help of natural charm and charisma he will be able to regain his condition. He goes in search of his ex-wife and daughter, hoping that tricks and manipulations will help him in his cunning scam.

Thank you grandfather for the victory (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.8

Director Teymuraz Taniya released his first full-length work.

Details about the movie: Comedy Thanks to the grandfather for the Victory - stories about the military past

Timur was born in Abkhazia, but now he lives in Moscow. The man had a great fight with his parents, who did not approve of his marriage to a Russian girl. The protagonist is going through difficult times - he owes a large sum to his fellow countryman. Timur sold the apartment, but this was not enough. Without inventing anything, he went to his parents in Abkhazia for help and took with him 10-year-old son Sandrik. Arriving at the place, Sandrick quickly found a common language with his grandfather, who told him many interesting military stories. For example, it was he who pulled out Hitler's mustache! Grandfather continues to poison funny bikes. A new world opens up for Sandrick, he learns about the main values ​​in life and gains a huge store of knowledge.

You all infuriate me (2017)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0

It was planned that the series will be released under the name "Bitch".

"You Enrage Me All" is one of the best Russian comedies of recent years; a great movie to laugh and cheer up. Sonya works as a journalist in a popular city publication. In the evenings, the girl was used to reading books, and not wasting time on useless chatter and gatherings with her friends. But the girl has one curious feature - if she drinks a little wine, she immediately becomes the most welcoming and friendly person in the world. Once Sonya got drunk at the opening of the restaurant. Now, the chatty manicurist Nelya and the boyfriend Cyril became attached to her. How to make them both fall behind her? How to explain to them that the sober Sonya and the drunk Sonya are completely different people?

Billion (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.9, IMDb - 2.7

The filming process took only 44 days.

Details about the movie:Billion (2019)

Matvey Levin is a very influential banker who does not have time for family disassembly and other nonsense. But you won’t run away from problems. Matvey eschews his illegitimate children. He does not want to have anything to do with them, Levin even rewrote all his property to a business partner. But he soon dies, and Levin must urgently go to France and steal a receipt that proves that the business belongs to him. In this difficult matter, he turns to his sons. In exchange for a billion rubles, they should not only help Dad, but also temporarily become a real family.

Sober driver (2018)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.0, IMDb - 3.3

The slogan of the film is "The client is always drunk."

In the center of the story is the ordinary modest guy Artyom. The young man is tired of living in the province, and he comes to the capital for a luxurious life. In the city, he does not get the most prestigious job - a sober driver. One day, Artyom takes the drunk girl Kristina, and by coincidence, she is in the same room. In the morning, Christina does not remember anything perfect, but for some reason she is sure that Artem is a very rich young man. The guy is in no hurry to tell the truth, but every day he realizes that he is falling in love with Christina more and more. And the secret sooner or later comes true ...

Tolya-robot (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.9

In the third series on TV, you can see the film "I'm losing weight", directed by Alexey Nuzhny.

Interesting: Robots captured the movie

For those who don’t know what to watch at home in the evening, the list of films contains the funny series Tolya Robot. Tolya has no arms and legs. But despite this, in his soul he is much stronger than all other people. The hero is constantly on the wave of positive and never discouraged. Tolya lives in an old decrepit apartment, which is about to fall apart. The guy’s world changes dramatically when he has bionic arms and legs. Now he’ll definitely take everything from life! He does not pay attention to corruption and other global problems. The robot guy enters the struggle for his house and immediately makes himself an enemy in the person of the head of the local HOA Eldar. Eldar understands that Tolya is a purposeful guy who will not only achieve his goals, but also destroy his corruption schemes ...

To Paris (2018)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.7, IMDb - 3.7

For Sergei Sarkisov, "To Paris" is the first full-length work as a director.

Details about the movie:The film "On Paris" will be released on Victory Day on May 9

The plot of the picture revolves around Soviet officers who together went through the horrors of war. It’s good that now all the worst is left behind. The military decides to celebrate the Great Victory in the glorious city of Paris. Friends who have withstood the terrible path of war go to Berlin and head for a new life. Our heroes are waiting for love affairs, amazing adventures, and all this will happen in the city of dreams - Paris.

Mistresses (2019)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.4, IMDb - 4.6

The makeup of actress Maria Shalaeva took 2.5 hours.

Interesting:Review of "Mistresses"

Students Ira, Alina and Masha broke up with their boyfriends. It turned out that all of their guys were married. Girlfriends drown out heartache with alcohol and decide to take revenge on their ex. Girls organize a secret alliance! Having avenged the offenders, Ira, Alina and Masha decide to help other naive victims of male lust and treachery. Now they have only one main task - to bring to the open water unfaithful husbands and punish lovers.

I'm losing weight (2018)

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.5

For the role of actress Sasha Bortich recovered by 20 kilograms.

Among the list of Russian films and TV shows of the last years of the comedy genre there is the film "I'm losing weight" - for laughter and uplifting - this is ideal! Anya loves a tasty meal, and she also loves her athletic boyfriend Zhenya, who does not like that his girlfriend endlessly absorbs sweets and drinks all this with sweet lemonades. As a result, Zhenya abandons Anya, and the girl realizes that something needs to be changed in life. The heroine is trying her best to lose the hated kilos, but to do this turned out to be much more difficult than she expected. To help the girl, a funny fat man Kohl arrived, turned on a healthy lifestyle.

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