When will Okolofutbola 2 come out?

The film "Okolofutbola 2", the release date of which is still unknown, the plot and actors have been announced, and the trailer has already been released, has become one of the most discussed upcoming Russian projects. Many more viewers did not have time to familiarize themselves with either the trailer or the plot, but they already have great skepticism and distrust of the upcoming release, which so quickly repeats the fate of the infamous “Matilda”.


Genre: crime drama

Producer: Anton Bormatov, Grigory Ivanets

Release date: October 2019 (unofficially)

Cast: Ivan Fominov, Pavel Yarlykov, Alexander Ratnikov, Grigory Ivanets, Daria Mingazetdinova and others.

What awaits the main characters in the continuation of the sensational film? Unexpected reincarnation and active support of your favorite football team!


The film will focus on 4 main characters - Major, Teacher, Yariy and Razor. All of them have the same interests and even similar character traits, which makes the characters very close to each other. In the sequel, they will tell us about the events of 2018, when the World Cup was held in Russia. Heroes do not participate in the game, but they are active fans. Here is only one trouble - they are in a criminal group, because of the actions of which they are in trouble. For example, in the first part of Okolofutbol, ​​Yaroy is killed, Teacher went to prison for 5 years, Major received one year probation, and Razor dies due to a provoked drug overdose. The creators revealed that all the main characters will be present in the second part (it is possible that the Razor and the Yar will appear in the form of memories), and Teacher will leave the prison ahead of schedule and will be able to cheer with his new friends for his favorite team. Also, the creators promised an interesting reincarnation of heroes.

Director and shooting

The continuation production was conceived back in 2017, but was postponed due to insufficient funding. This time, the director Anton Bormatov ("Palmist", "Ours Beat", "Relative", "Alien", "Happy New Year, mothers!", "Olga", "Foundling") promised to devote less time to fights, and show the relationship fans. Also, one of the directors will be actor Grigory Ivanets. The producer was Elena Geladze ("Gas Holder: Film", "Temporarily Unavailable", "Dad, Die").

When will the movie "Okolofutbola 2" be released? The estimated release date is set for mid-October 2019.

Actors and roles

The film starred:

  • Ivan Fominov as Yaroy (“Treason”, “Resort: Provincial History of He”, “Major Thunder”, “Better Than People”);
  • Pavel Erlykov in the role of Major ("Outdoor Observation", "Three Days of Lieutenant Kravtsov", "Bloody Lady", "Murka", "Trace", "Payback");
  • Alexander Ratnikov in the role of Ticher (“Crazy”, “Salute-7”, “Moscow Greyhound”, “Fathers and Sons”, “Mommies”, “Girls Don't Give Up”, “Light from the Other World”);
  • Grigory Ivanets in the role of a Razor ("Method Lavrova 2", "And the snow falls ...", "Karpov: Season 3", "Freud's Method", "Collectors", "Final Stop");
  • Daria Mingazetdinova in the role of Taisiya (“Klim”, “Cipher”, “New Russians”, “Son of my father”, “Unexpected love will come”, “Case of investigator Nikitin”).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The full title of the sequel is "Okolofutbola War for Peace."
  • Especially for the role, actor Ivan Fominov gained 20 kg per month and worked out with a barbell 6-7 times a week.
  • The budget of the first film was 2.4 million, and managed to collect as many as 96 million.
  • To recreate a more lively atmosphere, real football fans were invited to the shooting.
  • Actress Daria Mingazetdinova did not want to participate in the bed scene, but her grandmother found an argument for the shoot, indicating that Chulpan Khamatova also once undressed on camera. So Daria, looking at her older colleague, agreed to star in a frank scene.

Fans can only hope that the official release date for the movie "Okolofutbola 2" with famous actors, the plot and the released trailer will still be set for October 2019. Which way will familiar heroes change and what awaits them in the stands of fans of the World Cup? The intrigue will continue until the release date.

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