Will “Sea battle 2” come out

The latest news about the movie "Sea Battle 2": the film will not be released on television, as the first part failed at the box office, and the losses of the producers and the director amounted to almost $ 50 million. Neither the fantastic plot with the use of incredible special effects, nor the invited stars, on which the film crew was notably saved, were saved by the situation. The audience did not appreciate the movie.

What was in 1 part

The premiere of the original film took place on April 3, 2012, about $ 209 million was spent on its production, but managed to collect only 240 + marketing costs. For this reason, the bosses of the film studio doubted the success of the sequel and postponed the production of the tape for a long time. At the moment, the release date of the film "Sea Battle 2" is not set, the actors are not named, and the trailer has not been released, which means the studio has completely refused to continue production.

The plot of the first part focused on the struggle of American sailors with alien invaders who decided to start mining resources on Earth. This activity would become destructive for the entire planet, so the division of the Navy, which is closest to the alien ships, enters the battle against the invaders.

At the center of the story is a young lieutenant Alex Hopper, who has never been distinguished by discipline, but it is he who will have to desperately fight for all of humanity. His brother dies at the very beginning of the battle, so the hero’s desire to protect humanity borders on the desire to take revenge.

What is known about the continuation

If the second part did come out, it would continue the plot of the first and tell about a new invasion - this time the aliens had to collide with the orbiting satellite and scatter into several fragments, practically destroying Hong Kong. To defeat extraterrestrial ships that were thrown into the sea, the crews of the sailors had to develop a plan and put it into practice.

The creators said that the plot of the first part was based on a board game, which became popular after the First World War, during which sea battles were on a special account.

Fans are still hoping for a sequel, but the chances of its release are extremely small. Director Peter Berg ("Windy River", "At Any Cost", "Hancock", "In the Glory", "Deep Sea Horizon") currently does not provide any information on the development of the sequel.

The latest news that the film "Sea Battle 2" will not be released on television, greatly upset fans. But still there are chances for a release, because in Hollywood there are cases when the first part of the franchise was a failure or did not pay off, but the producers were not upset, but developed a sequel.

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