Will there be a continuation of "Alita: Battle Angel"

All lovers of cinematic works by the great director James Cameron are eagerly awaiting information about whether the film "Alita: Battle Angel 2 - To Be Continued" will be shot, and also waiting for the announcement of the release date, actors, plot and release of the trailer for the upcoming film. The first part of the story attracted the attention of the audience due to the plot and fantastic visual design, so the audience immediately wished to continue.

What was in 1 part

Alita has become an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga. The main show runners of the project were Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Sin City, Kill Bill 2, Matador), who acted as producer, and James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator "," Avatar "," Aliens "," Sanctum "), who became the author of the script, as well as the producer of the film. The reason James Cameron was just a producer is simple - he is actively developing sequels to the famous Avatar and is fully involved in the work.

Details about 1 part:Action "Alita: Battle Angel" (Alita: Battle Angel)

The plot of the first part revolved around a distant future, in which devastation reigned after a fierce intergalactic war. The brilliant scientist Ido (also a cyborg) discovers a unique cyborg girl with human brains in a dump. He calls her Alita in honor of the deceased daughter.

Alita discovers that she has unique combat techniques that can help her win a motorbike, a competition reminiscent of gladiatorial cyborg fights. The main goal for the heroes is the way up - to the flying city of Salem, which is a kind of eden for everyone who wants to escape from a poor life. The finale of the first part remains open - Alita becomes the champion of the motorball, which is her first step towards the goal.

Will the sequel

Director Robert Rodriguez said that after the success of the first part, he would like to work on a sequel:

"Oh yes! I want to take the next steps in developing a sequel. It was a lot of fun. Working with James was awesome, the effects were awesome, and actress Rosa Salazar was incredible! I’m sure that the sequel will be much better. There are a lot of interesting and fascinating stories in a manga worth working on and showing to the audience. "

The film is similar in plot to the anime "Battle Angel" (1993), the first 2 volumes of the original manga were adapted in it. Both stories end with the death of Hugo - Alita's friend and love interest. So we can guess what the audience will be told in the sequel. In the manga, Alita gradually becomes a motorball star, continuing to work as a hunter warrior. The girl is drawn into a conspiracy, as a result of which she was sentenced to death, and then resurrected in a new body to kill Nova. Such a plot (with possible changes) is to be expected in the continuation of Alita.

The original film was shot before the combination of the Fox and Disney film companies, now the sequel's release depends on the decision of Disney. If the studio nevertheless agrees to produce a sequel, it is not clear when it will be released: it could be 2021 or 2022. It is possible that Roza Salazar (“A Man Seeks a Woman”, “American Horror Story”, “Bird's Box”), who played Alita, will nevertheless return to the film.

Producer James Cameron says that there are still plans for a continuation, but one should not hope for an early announcement because of a possible "loss of face." Cameron also said that he sent only 600 pages of developments of the new script to the director, and Rodriguez announced that this would be enough for a whole trilogy.

Whether the film "Alita: Battle Angel 2 -continuation" will be released, and when it is announced its release date, actors, trailer and plot, is still unknown. But there are still plans for the sequel, as director R. Rodriguez himself claims, so there is no doubt about the continuation.

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