15 Stephen King movies and TV shows

He is called the King of Horrors, his every book is eagerly awaited by millions of fans around the world, and fans of horror films on all continents are waiting for the release of adaptations. For those who like to tickle their nerves, think about the plot and for those who are not afraid of skeletons in the closet and monsters under the bed, we present a list of diverse and multi-genre films and a series based on books by Stephen King.

The Shining (1980)

Genre: drama, horror, detective, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.4

Now it’s hard to imagine that the main character could be played by someone other than Jack Nicholson, but King was against the actor’s participation in the filming - in his opinion, Nicholson was too mad for the role of a gradually descending mad man, but Stanley Kubrick was adamant. One could envy the director’s stubbornness during filming - some scenes, for example, blood flows pouring from the elevator, he could shoot up to a year, until the double was perfect from his point of view.

Autumn and winter are usually the dead seasons in hotels like Overluk, so usually only one person is enough to keep an eye on the building during the cold seasons. Jack Torrens, a teacher with a bad character and the same bad habits, intends to work as a watchman in a hotel and transfers his wife and son there. A dubious idea, because the hotel has a bad name, and the previous caretaker killed his family in it. Overluk is looking forward to its new inhabitants to play a scary game with them.

Pet Cemetery (Pet Sematary) 1989

Genre: horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 6.6

In the wake of the new film adaptation of “Cemeteries of Pets” (2019), many forgot that back in 1989, Mary Lambert had already shot her version of the novel. The author once admitted to reporters that this is the only book he has written that scares him, and her idea came about after Stephen King's daughter exclaimed in despair: "This is my cat, not God! May God have his own cat!"

A new life awaits the family of Dr. Louis Creed: a new home near a busy highway, new work, new friends ... And the neighborhood with an Indian pet cemetery. It would seem that an unremarkable place in view of the death of pets that live much less than their owners. After the death of the family’s favorite cat, Church, the cemetery reveals its secrets to Louis - it has the gift of resurrection. But is it possible to use such gifts with impunity? And what, at first glance, will the good deed of the head of the family lead to? Can the dead be alive? The heroes of the film will answer these and many other questions, and many will answer in full.

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Children of the Corn 1984

Genre: horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.0, IMDb - 5.6

Perhaps all the children whose childhood passed in the 90s, and who loved horror, were afraid to sleep after watching The Children of the Corn along with Gremlins, The Evil Dead, and HellRaisers. The picture was shot not against the backdrop of scenery, but in real corn fields.

The small provincial town is horrified after the appearance of the 12-year-old preacher Isaac. The boy tells the children that their main goal is to kill adults. Now they do not have to play and have fun, but on their nineteenth birthday, they must die in the corn fields in him One who goes around the ranks. Daredevils, trying to avoid their fate, are doomed anyway.

Doctor Sleep 2019

Genre: horrors

Cinema Search Expectancy Rating 99%

A series of old paintings is perfectly diluted with a number of expected new films by Stephen King, such as "Doctor Dream". The release date for the horror movie in Russia is set for November 7, 2019. The main role was played by Rebecca Ferguson, starring in the franchise "Mission Impossible" and in "The Greatest Showman"

The picture is a continuation of "Radiance." The events of Doctor Sleep take place years after the tragedy that occurred in Overluk. The boy Shining from clairvoyance, Denny Torrens, has matured and matured a long time ago, but the shadow of the past turned him into an alcoholic who leads a marginal lifestyle. Clairvoyant girl Abra seeks support and salvation from child hunters with supernatural abilities in Denny.

The Shawshank Redemption 1994

Genre: drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 9.1, IMDb - 9.3

The film adaptation of a short story by Stephen King became a cult among moviegoers, and the film itself was nominated for an Oscar in seven categories. The duo of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman was recognized by the brilliant majority of film critics around the world.

Accusations of the brutal murder of a wife and her lover lead accountant Andy Dufrain to one of the worst prisons - the Shawshank. There are no rules, lawlessness and cruelty reigns here, and here he will spend the rest of his days until his death. Only a living mind and a kind soul of a hero allow him to gradually begin to live, and not exist in the Shawshank. In prison, he will gain and lose friends, will study their fate and understand their lives.

The Dark Tower series (The Dark Tower) 2020

Genre: action, fantasy, adventure

Cinema Search Expectation Ratings 95%

In 2020, the first season of the series "Dark Tower" will be released. The main roles went to Elaine Cassidy, Tim Chipping, Daniel Phazers and Jerome Flynn.

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The Dark Tower series consists of seven books that formed the basis of the script. The main character, Roland Disney, is a shooter traveling in search of the Dark Tower. The series will not be connected in the slightest way with the movie of 2017, in which Matthew McConnachy and Idris Elba took part. This will be the story of Roland’s adventures and other characters with a variety of storylines that readers love.

Mobile (Sell) 2016

Genre: drama, horror, fiction, thriller, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.8, IMDb - 4.3

The list of films and series on Stephen King’s books would not be complete without a modern version of the apocalypse with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles. This couple can already be considered a working tandem - together they participated in the film adaptation of the no less terrible film adaptation of "1408".

What will you do if you understand that something terrible and incomprehensible is happening around you? There is only one answer - call your loved ones to find out if everything is in order with them. That is why the worst weapon in the modern world is a mobile phone. According to King, the zombie apocalypse will come from where they didn’t wait - thanks to the impulse transmitted through the gadget, after a few seconds a person turns into a monster, unable to think. Only those who, for some coincidence, ended up without cell phones on the ill-fated day, when everything turned upside down, can survive and remain human. The artist Clayton Riddell, who turned out to be among the survivors, must at all costs find his son and wife and save them.

Under the Dome (2013) - 2015

Genre: drama, fiction, thriller, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.6

Stephen King took part in the filming of the series, starring in a cameo role, in the second season in the first series.

In the state of Maine, in the town of Chesters Mills, it was an ordinary autumn day, not foreshadowing any troubles and events. But suddenly the city becomes a reservation on which an invisible power dome is thrown. A barrier erected by someone’s invisible hand leads to aircraft crashes, car accidents, and other dire consequences. No power can overcome it. Now those who remained under the dome and those who for some reason ended up behind it are on opposite sides of the barricades, and people can only guess where it came from, what to do with it and what will happen now to people cut off from invisible civilization an obstacle.

Castle Rock (2018-2019)

Genre: drama, horror, fantasy, detective, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.7

The series has collected many characters from King’s popular books - characters from the novels Misery, The Green Mile, Dream Catcher, and It coexist in it.

After the head of the prison, Shoushenk, committed suicide and access to the closed wing of the institution is opened, employees find a strange young man in him. This young man is not familiar to anyone, and he gives only one name - Henry Diver. Deaver is a lawyer who grew up in Castle Rock. Now the lawyer will have to return to the city he hates, associated with the tragic death of his father, and unravel the mystery of a guy who appeared out of nowhere.

It (It) 1990

Genre: drama, thriller, horror, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0, IMDb - 6.9

Details of the new movie:It 2 (It: Chapter Two) 2019

The image of the terrible clown Pennywise is copied from a real maniac by John Wayne Gacy. Journalists gave the criminal the nickname "Clown Killer" - the thing is that in his spare time from the killings, the maniac earned money at children's events.

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Horror is now not just a word, now it has a carnal image and a name - its name is Pennywise. IT hides in all corners, behind every tree, in every house. Friends-schoolchildren are forced to face NIM, unravel its secret and try to survive. IT will try to prevent them, because HIM knows everything that they fear deep down. HIS food is hate, pain and disappointment. In order to defeat HIS, you need to get rid of your fears and evil.

22/11/63 mini-series (2016)

Genre: drama, fiction, detective, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.2

The creators of the series tried not only not to depart from the original source, but also as realistic as possible to convey the era in question - for example, in the scene in which the protagonist takes part in a meeting at which the future President Kennedy is present, a real recording of his speech was used, pronounced by him on that day.

It would seem that viewers already know absolutely everything about time travels, but what if this is not so? What if someone’s closet has a "rabbit hole" that allows you to dive on a day that can change the whole course of world history? One of these “holes” includes a young history teacher, and who, if not by nature of his activity, knows what exactly became a turning point, after which something in his country went wrong. Now his goal is to prevent the assassination of Kennedy. He must cope with his mission and with his heart, which is increasingly sticking to the times in which he found himself.

Misery 1990

Genre: drama, thriller, horror

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.8

Katie Bates received an Oscar for her role in this film. Jack Nicholson was supposed to be her partner, but he did not accept the offer to participate.

Paul Sheldon is a successful writer, famous for his ladies' novels about Misery Chastain. Sheldon is fed up with all this love lyrics, and he “kills” his heroine, so that he will never return to this topic. The whole future long and happy life of the writer is abruptly changed by an accident, the details of which he does not particularly remember. Annie Wilkes Saves Paul's Life. It soon turns out that she - his longtime admirer - the woman even named her pig in honor of the heroine of Sheldon’s novels ... You could call it fanaticism, but things are much worse - Annie is clearly not mentally healthy, and besides, she is in no hurry to let go of her beloved writer.

Christine (1983)

Genre: thriller horror

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.7

One of the actresses who took part in the filming, Alexandra Paul, has a twin sister. In secret from the film crew, the girls changed, and Carolina Paul takes part in one of the scenes instead of Alexandra.

She has a classic shape that catches the eye. She is flawless. Her name is Christina, and 17-year-old boy Arnie Cunningham falls in love with her. Imperious and treacherous, she will not tolerate rivals in anything, and he should be only her ... If necessary, she will eliminate everyone in her path, because she ... a car. If Arnie wants to live, he must obey and accept the rules of the game of Christine, implicitly obeying her. Christina’s biography contains many bloody spots - since her departure from the platform, not one of her owners has survived. She is insatiable and cruel, and her new owner can become the next trophy of beauty-Plymouth.

The Green Mile 1999

Genre: drama, detective, fantasy, crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 9.1, IMDb - 8.6

Starring Michael Clarke Duncan, without whom it’s hard to imagine a film, got into the picture on the recommendation of Bruce Willis, when the crew had already lost faith in finding a suitable actor for the role of John Coffey

Paul Edgecomb is not the best worker - he is the head of the block of death row criminals in Cold Mountain. Each of his wards knows what the "green mile" is - the distance from the place of confinement to the electric chair. Before Paul passed hundreds of criminals and warders over the years of work in prison. But all this time he remembered the most unusual inhabitant of the Cold Mountain, John Coffey. This friendly giant was accused of heinous crime and was executed, but he was forever alive in the hearts of those who knew him.

Mansion red rose (Rose Red) 2002

Genre: detective, thriller, horror

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.8

According to some sources, the film was supposed to be shot by Stephen Spielberg, but while Stephen King adapted after the accident that happened to him, the director went headlong into other projects, and the script was given to ABC.

Rumor has it that the Red Rose mansion is teeming with ghosts, that evil lurks in it on a scale that no ordinary haunted houses have dreamed of. Check this out Professor Joyce Randon volunteered. He invited six psychics to participate in an exciting and exciting experiment - try to connect with the supernatural forces that are in the old mansion. The day the experiment is scheduled to be remembered - perhaps after it the world will change, unless of course it survives.

The list of films and series on the books of Stephen King can be continued indefinitely, and each of them has some kind of zest. These are diverse paintings, and each cinema viewer has his own ideal film, written based on the books of the master.

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