9 films with a happy ending

There are times when a drop of joy and peace of mind is not enough. Fortunately, you can always forget about minor failures and watch the best films with a good ending; in the presented list, many paintings have a high rating. Films show that our world is not such a bad place, it has a lot of good and warmth.

The Blind Side 2009

Genre: Drama, biography, sport

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.1, IMDb - 7.7

It was planned that the main female role will be performed by Julia Roberts. However, the actress said that she was not interested in participating in this project.

Lee Ann Tuo is a successful mother of two children. One day she spots a 17-year-old homeless teenager named Mayko on the street. A woman invites him to her home to celebrate Thanksgiving. She is interested in the life of Michael, his hobbies and prospects for the future. She is pleased that the young man quickly found a common language with family members. Since childhood, the hero has faced a huge number of difficulties. But hard trials only strengthened self-confidence. Michael successfully passed the exams, received a sports scholarship and will soon become a professional football player. The film tells how kindness and understanding can change a person’s life.

After (After) 2019

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.7, IMDb - 5.5

Details about the movie:After

The slogan of the picture: "Your life will not be the same."

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Tessa is a well-educated and exemplary girl who studies diligently and devotes all her free time to education. One day she meets handsome Hardin, who is her exact opposite. She is kind, sweet and meek. He is a notorious snapper and bully. It is said that opposites attract, this is just the case. The longer they communicate, the stronger they get closer. Their acquaintance is a milestone, after passing through which, they will never become the same.

100 things and nothing more (100 Dinge) 2018

Genre: Comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.7, IMDb - 6.4

Review of "100 things and nothing more"

Director Florian David Fitz said he was inspired to take off his work after watching the movie "My Things" (2013).

Details about the movie:100 things and nothing more (100 Dinge)

For those who do not know what to watch at home in the evening, the list of films contains the picture "100 things and nothing more." This is a funny comedy that will cheer you up and leave a pleasant aftertaste. Tony and Paul are best friends. Once young people came up with an interesting argument - they need to check which of them can give up all things for 100 days. The heroes are sure that material values ​​mean nothing to them, because true and sincere friendship is much more important. But their bet is in jeopardy when they meet a charming beauty who immediately attracted Tony and Paul. It’s hard to impress a charming girl when you don’t have pants on ...

Terribly Beautiful (Beastly) 2011

Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1, IMDb - 5.6

Actor Zac Efron could play the role of Kyle.

Kyle is a charming and narcissistic guy who, from childhood, is used to luxury and a beautiful life. The main character is very handsome in appearance, but terribly ugly inside. Once the guy strongly offended the good sorceress, and the sorceress cursed him - now, outwardly, he became just as scary. To remove the enchanted charms, it is necessary that some girl fall in love with Kyle and sincerely admit to him her tender feelings. But is there a beauty who can do this?

Above the Sky (2019)

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.0

Details about the movie:“Above the Sky” by Oksana Karas

Philip Avdeev so much wanted to take part in the project that for the sake of his role he learned to fly a paraglider.

Movie review:Six false and passionate days: review of the film "Above the Sky"

Vasya Tikhonova is a young beautiful girl who suffers from congenital heart disease. Together with her parents, she comes to a boarding house to undergo a course of treatment. Mom Vasya loves her daughter very much and does not step away from her one step. Excessive care and custody annoy the girl a little, but she can not do anything about it. One day, Vasya met a nice guy who radically influenced her life. Can sincere and tender feelings overcome a girl’s illness? Will it fly above the sky with happiness?

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Eat Pray Love (Eat Pray Love) 2010

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 5.8

The painting is based on the work of the writer Elizabeth Gilbert, "Eat, Pray, Love."

"Eat, Pray, Love" is a good high-rated movie for the evening. Elizabeth has been married for many years. But the heroine feels that she is burning her life and is not doing what she should. One day she decides to radically change everything. The woman files for divorce and is about to go on an exciting journey filled with adventures and adventures. Elizabeth hopes that she will be able to find herself and find peace of mind. The girl travels to Europe, visits Italy, and then goes to Asia in the amazing country of India, where she joins in meditation. But Elizabeth experienced the most joy when she arrived on the island of Bali. Has the heroine finally found peace and feels happy?

Full Head Beauty (I Feel Pretty) 2018

Genre: Romance, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.3, IMDb - 5.5

The slogan of the film: "Change everything without changing anything."

Rene Bennett has always dreamed of being charming and looking attractive in the eyes of young guys, but now she is greatly hindered by being overweight. The girl tuned in to forget about sweets and other sweets once and for all and seriously take up her body. Rene went to the gym, when suddenly a nuisance happened to her - she fell off the exercise bike and suffered a head injury. Now Bennett is sure that she is the most beautiful girl with chic forms. The heroine gained self-confidence - she easily began to climb the career ladder, which pleasantly surprised her boss and idol Avery Leclar.

Alpha 2018

Genre: Drama, adventure

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 6.7

Most filming took place in the Canadian province of Alberta. The remains of about 500 dinosaurs were found on this territory.

The film takes place 20 thousand years ago. A young man, Keda, is hunting with his tribe. The boy’s father is trying to teach his son everything that he can do. He wants to prepare Keda for the difficult challenges of life. Once the tribe went hunting for bison. It so happened that one of the animals threw the main character off a cliff. The father was sure that his son was dead, but Keda survived. Now he was left alone against the cruel and harsh nature. Dangerous difficulties await him ahead, and he will also meet the enemy, who will become his best friend.

Beauty (Bimboland) 1998

Genre: Romance, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 4.5

The film has a second name - "World of beauties."

"Beauties" - one of the best films about love with a good ending in the list; the picture has a high rating, viewers praised the work of director Ariel Zeytun. Student Cecile Bussy studies ethnology. She loves to visit wild places where a person’s foot has not yet gone. One day she discovered a tribe that she thought was untouched by civilization. But the girl was very mistaken, as a result of which she failed the dissertation, and her leader Laurent Gaspard began to reject the topics of scientific works one after another. After a while, Cecile gets acquainted with the charming beauty Alex, who completely changes the worldview of Bussy. Cecile devotes more and more time to appearance, personal life and finally finds her happiness.

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