Earthquake Harbinger - film adaptation of the novel by Suzanne Jones with Alicia Wikander

The Netflix streaming channel will launch in 2019 a film adaptation of the Earthquake Harbinger novel, the exact release date of the film in Russia is still unknown. In the center of the plot is a love triangle, the actors will soon be seen in the trailer.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 97%.

Earthquake bird


Genre: thriller, romance, drama, detective, crime

Producer: Wash Westmolend

Premiere (world): 2019

Russian release: 2019

Cast: Alicia Wikander, Riley Kio, Jack Houston, Kiki Sukezane, Ken Yamamura, Yurino, Crystal Kay, Akiko Iwase, Naoki Kobayashi, Niklas Ericsson

Before starting work on the project, Wash Westmolend began a thorough study of Japan and its culture.

Earthquake Bird of Susanna Jones


Love triangles have never led to anything good. Two friends and a beautiful photographer think that this truth of life will bypass them. In this case, the secret relationship of three people led to the fact that the main character of the film is accused of a terrible murder after her friend disappears without a trace.

Director and shooting

The film is directed by Wash Westmolend ("Velvet Goldmine", "Still Alice", "Colette").

Wash westmoreland

The script is based on the novel by Susanna Jones and adapted by Wash Westmolend ("The Last of the Robin Hoods", "Fifteen Years Old", "Black Iron").

Produced by Georgina Pope ("Tokyo Sound Map", "Sakura Blossom", "Entrance into the Void"), Michael A. Pruss ("Full Breast", "Novelty", "Zoe") and Anne Rourke ("Broken Flowers", "Requiem for a dream", "Thank you for your service"). The camera work belongs to Jung John-hoon (Earl and the Dying Girl, Maid, Oldboy). Responsible for the installation is Jonathan Alberts (“The High Cost of Living,” “Suicides: A Love Story,” “Like Crazy”).

Filming started in May 2019 in Tokyo and on the Japanese island of Sado, Niigata. In June, the first pictures from the set appeared on the web.

Actors and roles

The film will be attended by:

  • Lucy Fly - Alicia Vikander (“For Something Beautiful,” “Memoirs of the Future,” “Royal Novel”);
  • Lily Bridges - Riley Kio ("Luck of Logan", "Call Girl", "American Cutie");
  • Bob - Jack Houston ("I Seduced Andy Warhol", "Underground Empire", "Long Road");
  • Natsuko - Kiki Sukezane ("Lost in Space", "World of the Wild West", "Terror");
  • Oguchi - Ken Yamamura ("Wolverine: Immortal", "Godzilla", "Black Mirror");
  • Receptionist - Yurino (TV series "Taxi" The Right Choice "," Important Witness, Private Detective "," The Dark Child ");
  • Singer in a nightclub - Crystal Kay ("Yamagata yell", "Finding Seoul", the series "Detective's Left Eye");
  • Mrs. Kato - Akiko Iwase ("Ghost Forest", "Minamata");
  • Teiji - Naoki Kobayashi ("Kuroha is a female investigator", "Rises and Falls: The Last Mission", "Samurai Smith");
  • Swede - Niklas Ericsson (Detroit, City of Metal, Twentieth Century Boys: Last Hope, A Man Named a Pirate).

Interesting Facts

Perhaps the following information will be interesting to viewers:

  • The novel of the same name by Suzanne Jones was awarded a number of awards in the field of literature and received a large number of positive reviews from film critics.
  • For the musical part of the film, Atticus and Leo Ross are responsible for recording the soundtracks for The Vanished, Black Mirror and The Book of Eli.

Fans of films about Japan and psychological thrillers are waiting for the trailer for the movie "Earthquake Harbinger" to be released. Netflix will launch the project in 2019, the release date in Russia is not specified, the actors and plot are already known.

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