Will Karate Kid 2 come out?

The exact release date of the film "Karate Kid 2" in Russia is unknown, it is not even certain when the continuation of the action movie will be released worldwide; the trailer could clarify the cast, but loyal fans have not yet waited for its appearance.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk website) - 89%.

The karate kid 2


Genre: action drama

Producer: unknown

World premiere: August 8, 2020

Release in the Russian Federation: August 8, 2020

Actors: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith

The budget of the first part of the film amounted to $ 40 million, and the box office at the same time exceeded the amount of 176 million only in the United States.


The adventures of an American boy who became a student of an elderly Kung Fu master continue. Heroes are older and wiser. The events of the second part of the film will unfold in America. Once on a different continent, Dre begins to use his skills for personal purposes, and more and more immersed in dubious prospects. Will a new meeting with a mentor help bring the young man back on the true path?

Director and shooting

The script for the film was written by Jeremiah Friedman (short film “The Pawn”), Nick Palmer (“One Evil Dwarf”, “Sounds”) and Zach Penn (“The First Player to Get Ready”, “Avengers”, “Ozzy and Driks”). The producers of the continuation of the story of the karate boy and his mentor will be James Lassiter ("I am a legend", "The Secret Life of Bees", "Hancock"), Will Smith ("Seven Lives", "Pursuit of Happyness", "Enemy" State ") and Ken Stowitz (" Blue Velvet "," Karate Boy "," Amazing Stories ").

During the discussion of the general concept of the second part of the film, the director was replaced several times. At the time of writing, the director’s chair is empty.

Actors and roles

According to unconfirmed reports, the leading roles will remain unchanged:

  • Jackie Chan ("Project A", "Armor of God", "Drunken Master");
  • Jaden Smith (“The Pursuit of Happiness,” “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” “After AD”).

Interesting Facts

The following points may interest future viewers:

  • Most viewers think that the first part of the picture was released in 2010, but in fact the film was a remake of the picture taken in 1984.
  • Will Smith's son, Jaden, who starred in the film, performed even the most difficult stunts on his own.

Many Jackie Chan fans are waiting for the second part of the film "Karate Boy 2" to be released, but the release date in Russia and the world is constantly delayed, the actors are unknown, and the trailer is not filmed. According to some reports, the premiere will take place on August 8, 2020, but the shooting of the action movie has not yet begun.

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