21 Bridge - New Thriller with Black Panther Star

The release date for the film "21 Bridge" (2019) in Russia is set, the actors, the plot have been announced, the trailer is already in the public domain. The project directed by Brian Kirk will tell viewers about the policeman who must restore his reputation by uncovering a massive conspiracy among the police and the criminal empire.

The rating of the film's expectations (KinoPoisk) is 97%.


21 bridges


Genre: drama, thriller, crime

Producer: Brian Kirk

World Release Date: July 18, 2019

Premiere in Russia: October 24, 2019

Cast: Chadwick Bowzman, Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch. J.K. Simmons, Jamie Newmann, Keith David, Gary Carr, Stefan James, Victoria Cartagena, Louis Kanselmi and others

The policeman must find out who kills his comrades. The investigation forces him to reveal the most severe secrets of the police and the underground criminal empire.


In the center of the plot is a detective with a shattered reputation, who serves in the NYPD. But he is given a chance for correction when a man takes up the investigation into the killings of police officers. Gradually, the detective begins to reveal a mass conspiracy that connects his colleagues with the criminal empire. Now he must find out who he is hunting and who is hunting him. During a police hunt, Manhattan for the first time in its history becomes completely blocked - there is no exit or entry to the island, including 21 bridges.

Director and crew

The directorial position of the project was taken by Brian Kirk, known for such works as: “Murphy's Law”, “Middletown”, “Brotherhood”, “Dexter”, “Underground Empire”, “Game of Thrones”.

Brian kirk

Adam Mervis (Boxer, Eat With Me) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (Lions for the Lambs, War of the Worlds Z, Deep Sea Horizon) were responsible for the script. Producers: Logan Coles (“The Miracle of St. Anne,” “Message from King”), Anthony and Joe Russo (“Development Delay”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Community”), Mark Kamine (“Third Extra 2”, "Very bad mommies," "My boyfriend is crazy.") Tim Merell was responsible for the installation (Tight String, Da Vinci Demons, End of Parade, The Last Kingdom, Terror, Patrick Melrose).

"Chadwick Bowzman's razor-sharp instincts and the undisputed charisma have captivated millions of people around the world in Black Panther, and Joe and Anthony Russo have breathed new energy into the action movie genre with films like Avengers: Infinity War," said the leader STXfilms Studios Adam Fogelson. "Their unique and intelligent approach to filmmaking is not formal, and with director Brian Kirk at the helm, this film promises to go beyond the typical pay for popcorn," continued the producer.


  • Brasil Nightclub, 112 Chestnut Street, AKA University City, Tinto, Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA, USA;
  • Sun Center Studios, Aston, USA.

Actors and roles

The following stars are shot in the film:

  • Chadwick Bowzman as Andre Davis (The Third Shift, Fool Me, Marshall, 42, King's Message, Black Panther, Avengers: Final);
  • Sienna Miller (Forbidden Love, Sniper, Interview, Law of the Night, Cat on a Hot Roof);
  • Taylor Kitsch (The Big Scam, The Waco Tragedy, The True Detective, The Survivor, The Case of the Brave);
  • J.K. Simmons (Double, Retribution, Smoke Here, Obsession, Justice League, Nothing Happens, La La Land);
  • Jamie Newmann in the role of Lage ("The Ghost Tower", "Sinner", "Two", "Jessica Jones", "Country of Christmas");
  • Keith David ("Dead Presidents", "Platoon", "Bird", "Aliens Among Us", "Ambulance", "Spawn", "Evening School");
  • Gary Carr as Hawke (Good Fight, Foyle War, Downton Abbey, Two, Death in Paradise);
  • Stefan James (Reader of Thoughts, Homecoming, Willpower, Selma, Playing at Top, If Bill Street Could Talk);
  • Victoria Kartagena (“Elementary”, “Jessica Jones”, “Gotham”, “Good Wife”, “Hungry Hearts”, “Way”, “You”, “Manifesto”);
  • Louis Kanselmi as Bash (Black List, Chicago Police, Underground Empire, Billions, Ghost Tower).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The original title of the film is 17 Bridges. What other bridges were added to the project?
  • There are three stars in the cast who have played Marvel characters in their films: Chadwick Bowzman, J.K. Simmons and Taylor Kitsch. Bozeman played T'Challa / Black Panther in the movie Black Panther of the same name, Simmons played J. John Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, and Kitsch played Remy Lebo / Gambiat in the movie X-Men: Wolverine;
  • Actor Chadwick Bozeman has already collaborated with the Russo brothers on the Marvel films Captain America: Civil War and on the last two parts of The Avengers.

The trailer for the film "21 Bridge" (2019) with the announced release date and famous actors will tell more about the plot, as well as show the location of the project. For spectators who love detective thrillers, the tape will definitely deliver a lot of pleasant emotions.

Watch the video: 21 Bridges. Official Trailer. In Theaters November (January 2020).