Curse of Annabelle 3

The devil doll will again try to arrange destruction and shed blood with the help of sinister artifacts in the movie “Annabelle Curse 3” with the release date in Russia in 2019, the actors, the plot are announced, the trailer is already available for viewing. This time, the sinister Annabelle set her sights on the daughter of the two Warren, who so imprudently brought the doll to their own home.

Premiere expectations rating - 97% (IMDb).


Annabelle comes home


Genre: horror, detective, thriller

Producer: Gary Doberman

World Release Date: June 26, 2019

Release in Russia: June 27, 2019

Cast: Mackenna Grace, Madison Aysman, Katie Sarif, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Michael Cimino, Samara Lee, Kenzie Kaplan, Shade Katarina, Michael Patrick McGill and others.

It would seem that the devil's doll was locked, only now it is in the same space with other sinister artifacts ...


Filled with a desire to stop Annabelle from destruction and killing, the exorcists Ed and Lorraine Warren transport the doll into their own home, where there are other artifacts as well. They put her in a “safe” place behind glass and enlist the prayers of a clergyman. However, this does not help, because Annabelle forces the awakening of demons and spirits from artifacts with which she is in the same room. Now they are all aiming for the little daughter of the Warren Judy and her friends.

Director and shooting

The director's place of the project was taken by Gary Doberman, a well-known screenwriter, whose works include: all previous parts of Annabelle’s Curse, Ono, Wolves at the Door, Nun’s Curse, Swamp critter.

Gary dauberman

He also composed the script for this part together with Jason Wang ("Saw: A Game for Survival", "Dead Silence", "Spell 2", "Aquaman"). The producers were: Peter Safran (“Bachelors in Vegas”, “Buried Alive”, “The Spell”, “Shazam!”), Michael Clear (“And the Lights Go Out ...”, “The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil”, “The Swamp Beast”) , Michelle Morrisey ("And the light goes out ...", "The Curse of the Weeping", "Wolves at the door"). The camera work was done by Michael Burgess (Curse of the Weeping).

Where filmed: Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, California, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The filming starts on October 15, 2018, and ends on December 14, 2018.

Actors and roles

In this horror movie starred:

  • Mackenna Grace as Judy Warren (“Sheldon’s Childhood”, “Once Upon a Time”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Ghosts of the Hill House”, “Gifted”, “Tonya Against Everyone”, “Captain Marvel”);
  • Madison Aysman as Mary Ellen (American Family, Dangerous Henry, Monster City, Jumanji: Call of the Jungle);
  • Katie Sarif in the role of Daniela ("Supernatural", "Tips from the Other World", "Road of Hope", "Cleveland Prisoners");
  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren (Law and Order, Bates Motel, Source Code, Boy in Striped Pajamas, When They See Us);
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren ("Girls", "Gifted", "Fargo", "Angels in America", "Astral 4: The Last Key", "Aquaman");
  • Michael Cimino as Bob Palmery (Shangri-La Suite, Training Day);
  • Samara Lee in the role of Bi ("Fox Hunter", "The Last Witch Hunter", "Defender", "Annabelle's Curse: The Origin of Evil");
  • Kenzi Kaplan as a nanny (Rosanna, Anger Management, No Commitment);
  • Shade Katarina in the role of a nanny ("Young and Bold", "Vice President", "Popular and in Love");
  • Michael Patrick McGillville as a policeman (Beauties, Dexter, Clinic, Shameless, Here and Now).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The film's release date is June 26, the birthday of McKenna Grace, the actress who plays Judy in the film;
  • James Van stated that the film’s events would begin immediately after Ed and Lorraine Warren took Annabelle’s doll in the very first film. That is why all actions will develop in their house, where they brought other diabolical artifacts;
  • The main actress of the film, Mackenna Grace, may become the youngest producer in Hollywood. She will play the role and act as producer in the upcoming film, directed by Susan Johnson, "Rabbit Cake."

Mackenna Grace

The release date in Russia, the actors, the plot of the film “The Curse of Annabelle 3” (2019) are known, and the trailer can already be viewed online. Can the Warren cope with the doll that is now hunting for their daughter? Our viewers will find out about this on June 27, 2019.

Watch the video: ANNABELLE COMES HOME - Official Trailer 2 (December 2019).