7 documentaries about the secrets of our civilization

Researchers annually puzzle over the origin of amazing natural phenomena. Below are documentaries about the mysteries and secrets of our civilization; planet Earth has a stunning and mysterious story that no one has yet been able to solve. The cognitive program cycle will help answer many questions.

Dive into the Bermuda Triangle (2016)

About 40 Bermuda Triangle films have been shot - documentary and feature.

Over the past hundred years, a huge number of aircraft, ships and other ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of deaths, but still no answer to the question - what really happens in this mysterious place? Scientists from around the world are trying to solve a terrible secret, because the disappearances continue to this day. Researchers believe that deep underwater, where sunlight does not penetrate, there is an anomaly that defies any explanation.

Secret Territories (2011)

Each series of the documentary tells about an unusual phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation.

Man knows absolutely nothing about nature. Scientists are trying to guess natural riddles that at the same time scare and delight us. The incredible abilities of the human brain, the greatest discoveries of science, hidden pages of history, amazing natural phenomena - researchers annually puzzle over the secrets of the great world. Everything new and unknown beckons and strikes the imagination of tireless scientists.

Water (2006)

The picture was sharply criticized by scientists and public figures, as a result of the film recognized as "pseudoscientific."

Water is a very interesting documentary worth watching. The picture tells about the most famous and still unexplored substance - water. Researchers conclude that water is capable of possessing memory. Scientists put forward the assumption that a substance has a special state - informational. Water is able to perceive and transmit human thought, emotions and word. The picture presents unique shootings, complex graphics and the opinions of scientists from around the world are covered.

Earth versus Water: Clash of Civilizations (2019)

The creator of the film was the Russian television channel REN-TV.

The grand confrontation between Earth and Water - what will be stronger? Flood or earthquake? Volcanoes or tsunamis? Two powerful elements will clash with each other in an amazing battle.

Strange thing: Atlanta. Black Sea Trail (2013)

This documentary is intended for those who seek to cross the line of generally accepted ideas about the world and are ready to abandon stereotypes.

“A Strange Case”: “Atlanta. The Black Sea Trail” is one of the most fascinating films on the list about the mysteries of mankind. During excavations in the Black Sea village of Durankulak, researchers discovered mysterious remains. At first glance it seems that the creature’s skull is no different from the rest, but scientists have discovered strange marks on the subject. An examination showed that there were traces of real neurosurgical operations on the skull. Researchers were even more perplexed when it turned out that the remains were at least 10,000 years old. But how is this even possible? Who could do this in the era of primitive man?

Old mysteries of the New World (2016)

The authors of the documentary will tell about the magic of Ancient America, tell about historical anomalies and reveal secrets about how reliable the sources telling the history of the Incas are.

Scientists still cannot answer the question: how and why the ancient civilizations of Peru and Bolivia built their magnificent structures. The creators of these creations possessed a different worldview and other technologies. The viewer will go on a journey through the amazing lands of South America, get acquainted with the most ancient city of the New World - Caral, and also find out if the capital of the Inca empire - Cuzco was a "singing" city ...

Reality or Fiction - Atlantis (Is It Real - Atlantida) 2009

The creator of the picture is the American television channel National Geographic.

"Reality or Fiction - Atlantis" - a documentary about the riddles and secrets of our civilization and the planet; the painting reflects the stories of scientists, archaeologists and researchers who are haunted by the mythical island-state of Atlantis. According to legend, the soil on Atlantis was juicy, fertile, people lived in abundance and did not deny themselves anything. But once the way of civilization completely changed - people became aggressive and warlike, which led to the collapse of society. According to the following legend, the island went under water as a punishment to people. In the documentary, scientists and researchers put forward various hypotheses and talk about the history of Atlantis.

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