Attack of the Titans - Season 3

Fans waited for the full schedule for the release date of the 3rd season of the anime "Attack of the Titans" (Shingeki no kyojin). Part 1 of the 3rd season was shown in 2018, but the fans had to wait patiently for the continuation, since it was released only in April 2019 (the difference between the 12th and 13th episodes is almost half a year). The names and release dates of the series can be found below.

Genre: anime, drama, action, adventure, fiction

Producer: Tetsuro Araki, Masashi Koezuka, Hiroyuki Tanaka and others

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.2 / IMDb - 8.8.


In the third season, we will continue to show the struggle of mankind with the giants. In order to defend themselves against these huge monsters that do not have a special intellect, people built a wall. But it turned out that some representatives of the human race also have the ability to turn into titans. The protagonist Eren found out about this, who discovers all new abilities, and the intensity of passions around him is growing.

Series Release Date

  • "Smoke Signal" - July 22, 2018
  • "Pain" ("Pain")- July 29, 2018
  • "Old Story" - August 5, 2018
  • "Trust"August 12, 2018
  • "Reply" - August 19, 2018 (The idea of ​​creating manga came to the creator of Hajime Isayama while he was having lunch in a cafe. One of the visitors, who did not know how to communicate with others, became a prototype for Titan)
  • "Sin" ("Sin")- August 26, 2018
  • "Wish"- September 2, 2018
  • "Outside the Walls of Orvud District"- September 9, 2018
  • "Ruler of the Walls"- September 16, 2018
  • "Friends"- September 23, 2018
  • "Bystander" ("Observer")- October 7, 2018
  • "Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall" - October 14, 2018

Part 2 of season 3

The appearance date of the episodes of the second part of the 3rd season of “Attacks of the Titans”, which began to appear in 2019:

  • "The Town Where Everything Began" ("City in which it all began")- April 28, 2019
  • "Thunder Spears" (Thunder Spears)- May 5, 2019
  • "Descent" ("Phenomenon")- May 12, 2019 (Initially, the creator wanted to end the anime with the death of all the heroes, but after the huge popularity of the project, he decided not to do this)
  • "Perfect Game" - May 19, 2019
  • "Hero" ("Hero") - May 26, 2019
  • Midnight Sun- June 2, 2019
  • "The Basement"- June 9, 2019
  • "That Day"- June 16, 2019
  • "The Attack Titan"- June 23, 2019
  • "To the Other Side of the Wall" - June 30, 2019

The above date and release schedule for the episodes of the 3rd season of “Attacks of the Titans” will help viewers to sort out the sequence of episodes. By the way, the 4th season of the anime has already been announced, so 3 will not be the logical conclusion to the show.

Watch the video: EREN VS REINER FULL FIGHT. ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 3 (December 2019).