Travel to India - or Wi-3

At least the first shots of the film "Journey to India" with a release date in 2020, unknown actors and a trailer that has not yet been released, are waiting for many viewers. After all, this adventure and mystical franchise has already gained fans and fans eager to learn more about the project based on the famous work of N.V. Gogol.

The rating of expectations of the premiere by our viewers is estimated at 87% (KinoPoisk).


Russia, China, India

Genre: fantasy, thriller, adventure

Producer: Oleg Stepchenko

Release date: February 2020

Cast: is unknown

Budget: 2 100 000 000 rub.

In the third part of the mystical franchise (not to be confused with the Gogol project, where Alexander Petrov is the main role), the scene will be transferred from faraway China to exotic India, where an ancient, dangerous mystical power has also awakened ...


This time, fate presented the hero Jonathan Green with another surprise. Having fulfilled the dangerous commission of Emperor Peter the Great, the scientist was already returning to Russia with a report when an unexpected development of events threw him into India. Jonathan decides to transfer to the ship of the East India Company, but the mysterious unclean forces are not asleep, fortunately this time the traveler does not fight them alone, but in the circle of loyal comrades, whom he acquired while wandering around Ukraine and China.

Director and crew

Back in 2014, the film “Viy” was co-produced by several countries at once: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic and Great Britain (it is interesting that the majority of Russian filmmakers were in the film crew, as well as among the actors). The premiere of the second part of the franchise was scheduled for September 2019 in Russia.

Well, the release date of the film "Wii: Part 3" / "Journey to India" is set for February 2020.

The project director's place was again taken by Oleg Stepchenko, who shot the first two parts, as well as such works as: The Teacher, The Secret of the Dragon Seal, and The Age of Prosperity: The Beginning. The script was written by the director himself, who was helped by Roman Kartushin (Jeep) and Aleksey A. Petrukhin, who also became the producer of the project (We won’t say goodbye, Teacher, We don’t say goodbye, )

The operator was Oleg Gudkov ("Thaw", "Swing", "Peter FM", "Grand").

Oleg Stepchenko

Actors and roles

At the moment, little is known about the main cast, but it can be assumed that actor Jason Fleming will return to the role of the protagonist Jonathan Green, known for such projects as: "Cards, money, two trunks", "Red violin", " Save me, "Last Kingdom." And in 2-18, Alexei Petrukhin said that one of the key roles will be played by Mel Gibson (187, Braveheart, Maverick, Lethal Weapon, Patriot, Roll into the Asphalt).

And also the audience should expect the appearance of the national stars of India: Shah Rukh Khan ("In sorrow and in joy", "Uncleaned bride", "Zero") and Ranbir Kapoor ("This crazy youth", "Stranger and stranger", Sanjay).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Interestingly, even though the franchise is called “Viy”, there are no direct references to N. V. Gogol’s book in it, and there is only a brief mention of the heroes of the story in the first part of the project;
  • James Fleming admired his character, comparing him to Indiana Jones. He also said that he was proud of working with Russian filmmakers.

Such an explosive mixture of actors in the film "Journey to India" with a release date in 2020, the footage and trailer of which has not yet been shown to the viewer, promises us that the project should turn out to be original and interesting. In the meantime, fans are waiting for the premiere of the second part of "Wii", which will introduce us to new heroes.