The End of the Game of Thrones

“- Lannisters, Tyrells, Targaryen, Starks, Baratheons - they are like spokes in a Wheel. First one on top, then another. And the Wheel is spinning, crushing those who are on the ground. - A beautiful dream is to stop him, but you are not the first to dream about it. “I don't want to stop.” I want to break the Wheel! ”(Season 5, episode“ The Harsh House ”). Did Daenerys manage to destroy the Wheel in the 8th season of Game of Thrones, and in particular in the 6th episode (frame-by-frame retelling below), reviews and comments of fans about which the audience now divided into exactly 2 camps.

Probably, if the audience were told at the beginning of the first season that it was Starks who would be “at the helm” in the final, the majority would be jubilant. But is it now? Let's try to figure it out.

6 series "Iron Throne" - as it was

First of all, it should be noted that the whole scenario, merged a year ago, was 90% true, you can find it here: Inside the 6th series of the 8th season - the final scenario.

Analysis of the 6 series in frames:

  • Bureborn, dressed in a black leather suit with coarse inserts and sleeves similar to dragon wings (or Mephistopheles?), Speaks on the steps of the Red Castle with a speech to the Dothraki and impeccable among the ruins and ashes flying around. It seems that for Daenerys there is no longer a line between good and evil, she is ready to “cleanse” the world from rulers, having walked her army across all the Kingdoms (from Dorn to Winterfell and beyond), because, as it turned out, the war is not over yet. “You kept your promises! You killed my enemies in iron robes! You destroyed their stone houses! You handed me the Seven Kingdoms! ”The scene itself is a clear reference to the Third Reich and Hitler: columns of warriors, the red banner of the Targaryen.

Emilia Clark in an interview about TRANSFORMATION DEYNERIS in the final:

“It was very difficult for me to read the script. Even at the theater school I was taught that your character is always right. If he made a choice and made this or that decision, you just have to reconcile. A true actor or actress should not be afraid of this. There is something terrible in each of us, like inner demons. And, as for the series, after 10 years for Daenerys, it even looks quite logical. What else could happen to her? I even tried to come up with a finale. And you know, she would never say: - Well, now we’ll drink tea with “cookies”, and then we’ll go to the bright future to make children, - This is out of the question. After all, she is Targaryen ... "

  • Tyrion finds the bodies of Jaime and Cersei under the stones, and then he understands all the bitterness of loss. He regrets that his brother and sister never managed to escape, because all the secret underground passages are completely littered with boulders, and it was here that the lives of the two people dearest to him broke off;
  • Tyrion ostentatiously throws his right hand brooch on the steps - seeing all the horror of the situation and the fanatical ideas of Daenerys, he no longer intends to be on her side, on the side of violence. For the betrayal of Bes is being detained. John watches this bitterly, watching Daenerys gaze, and then meets Arya;
  • John visits Tyrion in prison, where they had a difficult conversation. John is still loyal to his queen and is trying to justify her cruel deeds. But Bes settled doubts in John, so he decides to personally speak with Daenerys;
  • Daenerys' vision of a snowy and deserted throne room has come true - now she, as if enchanted by the view of the Iron Throne, touches him and even sits down, though not for long. Daenerys has been striving for this all his life, but it was on the Throne that she found her death;
  • John heads to the throne room, bypassing the guard Daenerys Drogon. After talking with the still beloved queen of dragons, he realized that this would never end, and, unfortunately, there was no turning back. In the arms and arms of the last kiss, John sticks a dagger in the chest of Daenerys (it was after the reviews and commentary on this scene in episode 6 of the Season 8 game of Thrones that it became clear that the fans were divided into two parts: those who were happy and waited a long time for such an outcome / fans of Daenerys, who were upset and most of all complained about the scriptwriters);
  • Drogon feels that Daenerys is dead, flies into the throne room and sees the Bureroborn in John’s arms with a blade in his chest. This is probably the most touching and sad scene of the entire episode, because we see how dragons are smart creatures. Drogon burns the Iron Throne, a symbol of omnipotence, the culprit of all troubles and destruction, melting all his swords in a flame. This is very symbolic, for the Throne was made also in the flame of the dragon Velirion;
  • John is locked up in a dungeon with Tyrion (though they don’t show this to the viewer, but suggest to think it out on their own), after which the lords of all the kingdoms and other influential people of Westeros arrive south (it's nice to see many familiar faces, isn't it?) what to do next;
  • At a meeting of Lords, Sansa shows his true face, having managed to interrupt the speech of his uncle Edmoor Tully, publicly besieging him, and then stating that Bran does not want to rule at all, and he does not need this without even asking Bran himself;
  • Unanimously, everyone is elected King of Bran, after which it turns out that he knew what role he was prescribed. “-Will you rule the seven kingdoms from this day until your death?” “Why then have I come all this way?” But why exactly Bran? He is the most neutral candidate of all. In addition, he cannot have children in the future, and, consequently, no heirs to the throne who could “torment” (as Tyrion put it) everyone in the future. It was decided to make Tyrion the right hand of the king, and John to be exiled to the Night Watch;
  • Daenerys never managed to break that Wheel, despite the conciliatory words of Tyrion to the Gray Worm. After all, Bran, becoming king, instantly makes an exception for Sansa, giving the North independence. And there is nothing to say about the attitude of all participants in the meeting to ordinary people, because they are compared with dogs when it comes to giving residents the right to vote:

“- But we still have to choose someone. “But why only us?” We represent the great Houses, but to the one we choose, to rule not only lords and ladies. Perhaps choosing what is best for everyone should be allowed to everyone? - Laughter. Maybe give the dogs the right to vote? “I’ll ask my horse!” - Did Daenerys really strive for this?

  • Brienne received the status of Lord Commander of the Royal Guard and finally decided to fill out information on Jaime’s page in the White Paper on the exploits of the Royal Guards, entering important information about his life until his death (the last words were: “... died defending the Queen”);
  • Sam brings the Westeros Encyclopedia Song of Ice and Fire to the meeting of the Small Council. Bron becomes the master of the coin and finally gets his promised castle and land, becoming Lord of Highgarden;
  • Farewell to the Starks, perhaps forever. Two of them became rulers (Sansa and Bran), and two became hermits (Arya and John);
  • Arya, the real assassin killer, having lost his special list, went west to the New Lands, where no one had returned. A long time ago, Arya told the actress from the circus of Braavos, Lady Crane, about her desire to explore the western lands. But why did she go there on ships, not being an experienced navigator and not having such experience, especially over a long distance?
  • The Gray Worm, along with the impeccable, goes to Naat, the homeland of Missandei, where even before the start of the Battle of Winterfell they dreamed of traveling together;
  • In the final part of the series, we are shown the parallel lines of Arya, who on the ship is already on her way to new Lands, John, who arrived at Black Castle, and Sansa, who wears a crown and becomes the keeper of the North;
  • John met the battered Ghost after the Battle of Winterfell that fans had been waiting for;
The series ended as it began. The last scene is identical to series 1 of season 1, when the night watch leaves the gate in the wall. But now we see John, along with the wild ones, coming out of the gate in the wall, and spring came to the North, and the grass breaks through the snow, which is a symbol of hope for a peaceful future and the end of a long winter.

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Open finale

The ending left an aftertaste of understatement, did not give a feeling of satisfaction and completeness, leaving behind more questions and omissions. Now the viewer has the opportunity to think through his ending and explain the behavior of the characters, because the creators did not try hard on this. It seems that the script for season 8 was written by vagrant circus performers from Braavos.

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What questions remained after the final episode:

  • What was the theatrical scene with a white horse and arya? Is it really just a clever trick of the director to give the ending of the 5th series a little pathos and entertainment?
  • Why did you need information about the origin of John Snow, and why didn’t she manage to influence the finale? Is it really just for the sake of flying a dragon and creating tension between him and Daenerys?
  • Why did the Dothraki and Gray Worm react so calmly to the Daenerys murder and not execute Snow? Because they are not used to making decisions on their own, but obey only orders? But what about the situation of the Dothraki left without Khalisi? Should not the named Khalisi blood riders now avenge her and then commit suicide? And why did the Gray Worm, most recently instantly execute the Lannisters in the square, not kill John with his own hands?
  • Why was John sent to Night Watch? Just so that a new war does not begin with the impeccable and Dothraki?
  • Why didn't Drogon burn John? Because dragons are very smart creatures, or was the origin of John the reason, and Drogon felt the blood of the Targaryen in him?
  • Why did Brienne and Davos Seaworth get the right to vote at the final council?
  • Why did the creators make the viewer feel regret in the scene where Tyrion finds the bodies of Cersei and Dzheme under a pile of stones? After all, many throughout all seasons have been waiting for retribution for all the intrigues and manipulations of Cersei?
Many have completely forgotten that another priestess of the lord of the world named Kinvara lives in Volantis, and in fact it was in that direction that they saw Drogon, who flew away with the body of Daenerys. And, perhaps, the priestess will be able to resurrect the Bureroborn. And maybe Drogon will also go to the Land of Shadows beyond Ashai to find a worthy place for the burial of Dany.

Analysis of all series in order:

  1. Inside 1 series - what will happen next;
  2. As shown in the 2 series - analysis;
  3. Episode 3 - Long Night;
  4. 4 series - new disappointments and unexpected turns;
  5. Inside 5 series - the coin fell on the wrong side.

Judging by the reviews and comments, the 6th episode of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones has left many questions, even retelling and detailed analysis do not give answers. It remains to expect the release of spin-offs, because the scenarios will not be dealt with by David Benioff and Dee Bee Weiss, so you can hope for clearly arranged storylines and more emphasis on the works of J. Martin.

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