What will surprise Arya Stark's new weapon

Fans of the game "Game of Thrones" became interested in Arya Stark's new weapons and are eager to learn his secrets, a mysterious principle of action, importance for season 8. The veil of secrecy was opened by an interview with a specialist in the design and production of weapons for the series, Tommy Dunn. But we went even further and found an analogue of what Arya ordered in real life.

Quest for Jendry

In the first episode of the final season 8 of Game of Thrones, there was a short scene that could have a big impact on subsequent events. Arya Stark visited the forge, where Jendry forged dragon glass into a new weapon to fight with the army of the King of the Night. Arya puzzled the bastard of Robert Baratheon with a request to make her some mysterious weapons according to her own sketch.

The diagram shows that it is most likely double-edged. One of the tips should be separated from the shaft, which is indicated on the diagram by an arrow. It is also shown that the removable tip should be made of dragon glass - the death of white walkers. It is not clear what ends the other end of the pole, but it looks like another blade. For this, Arya just has Valerian steel.

The Crusher of Intrigue

Tommy Dunn made the cunning weapon, the man who invented Arakh - a hybrid of a scythe and a sword (a favorite weapon of the Dothraki). He spoke of Arya’s weapons as something special.

It was a big deal to develop its design. Create such a weapon. It is able to turn the tide of the plot (literally showstopper). Tommy Dunn.

He added that weapons can split into two different objects. So, most likely, the second tip is also removable.

How Top Knives Help Reveal Arya's Secret

A person who has developed a hybrid of a scythe and a sword will easily develop a hybrid of a knife and a spear. A similar inventory is used by modern hunters. This is the Trailwalker Tool lance with a removable tip manufactured by "Top Knives". Its hollow-tipped tip can easily be used separately from the shaft as a knife.

Now imagine a fight with the dead. It’s good to keep them at bay with a spear, but if there are too many zombies and the distance has been reduced, then you can quickly proceed to a knife fight.

Another problem may arise. For example, the tip of a spear stuck in a dead body. Not the fact that from dragon glass they will break up into quarks, like white walkers. If the spear is stuck, then you can pull the shaft towards yourself, and leave the tip inside the enemy.

Even more features

And now let's remember about the division into two subjects. It seems that at any moment Arya can turn from a spearman into ... a samurai with blades in both hands. Even with daggers.

If you go back to the trailer of the season, there are a few frames where our heroine twists a long pole over her head. Almost the same as the Sith Darth Maul did in Star Wars with his double-edged blade.

Arya is more likely to use the long version of the weapon as a combat pole, rather than as a spear or spear. She already demonstrated something similar with an ordinary stick when she was still studying with the Faceless.

Weapon vs King of the Night

In an interview with filmmakers about the final season of the Game of Thrones, it was said that the character we are used to seeing as a child will still surprise us. And if it's Arya, not Brann? She did not go to Red Castle to kill Cersei, but she would be very surprised if ... she tried to kill the King of the Night. Such rumors are already surfing the net.

In any case, Arya is still the only character who is most concerned about the upcoming battle with the dead, and not the struggle for power or amorous affairs. Massey William said in an interview that her character was already tired of skipping battles. It is precisely confirmed that she will participate in the battle for Winterfell. Only the premieres of the next series will reveal all the secrets of the new weapons of Arya Stark, as well as its importance and principle of action. The nearest is April 22!