Terminator: Dark fate - the latest news from the closed show

Regarding the movie Terminator: Dark Fates (2019), the latest news is encouraging. The closed screening of the first video content from the film as part of Cinemacon 2019 demonstrated that we are definitely waiting for a lot of solid action. Find out how tricky a cyborg villain performed by Gabriel Luna has, and what Sarah Connor is capable of.

Not a trailer, but already something

The first video content from the promising but still mysterious film "Terminator: Dark Fate" was shown as part of Paramount's presentation at the traditional film industry conference "Cinemacon". This video is not yet available for public demonstration, but, as always happens in such cases, journalists prepared detailed descriptions of what they saw on the screen.

In a nutshell, this can be described as follows: a lot of very cool Sarah Connor in the frame, battles on the ground, in the air and in water, as well as an extremely dangerous new model of a cyborg killer.

“It feels like Tim Miller spared no money to fill in all the pauses in the film with the perfect action,” writes an authoritative resource on the movie Collider

But first things first.

New cyborg - two in one

"The scene on the bridge. The terminator performed by Gabriel Luna is chasing two girls. One of them is Skynet’s new target in the past (Dani Ramos. Heroine Natalia Reyes), and the other is her future protector named Grace (Mackenzie Davis). - When THEY start killing me, you have to run, "cries the heroine Davis.

Here is a detailed description of one of the scenes in the upcoming film. But who are they? Why is it in plural? Officially announced that the new model of the cyborg killer is able to split immediately into TWO cyborgs.

Inside the character of Gabriel Luna, instead of blood, a certain substance is seething, similar to the liquid metal of the T-1000 cyborg from the movie Terminator 2. According to the reporters who watched the video, he can not only form cold steel from it or repair damage. The substance is able to separate from the body of the villain and form in ... another cyborg! It looks like endoskeleton (a terminator without human skin on top of a steel frame), but only black.

And can the villain thus create not his endoskeleton, but his complete double? This is still unknown. It looks like we have a more advanced T-1000 cyborg model or, on the contrary, its earlier prototype.

It does not seem that the character of the moon could imitate not only metal objects, but also the appearance of his victims. At one of the first official shots from the film, the terminator is dressed in flight uniform with the emblem of the US Air Force unit and the owner's initials. But in the frame, Gabriel's face, not someone else. He simply "pressed" the form of some poor thing and is not able to completely change his appearance?

Sarah with a bazooka

At the next moment, a truck appears on the bridge. In front of the amazed girls, a woman in sunglasses and with an automatic shotgun jumps out of him. She thrusts a bullet after a bullet into a humanoid cyborg until it flies by inertia to the edge of the bridge, and then falls down. Without any delay, the woman throws the shotgun to the side and pulls out of the truck ... a bazooka! From it she shoots into the endoskeleton running towards them.

Linda Hamilton returned to the role of Sarah Connor after many years

“Who the hell is this,” Dani asks Grace. “I don’t know, the heroine Mackenzie Davis answers.” But you and I have already guessed that in the frame, Sarah Connor performed by Linda Hamilton. She is not just a legendary character, which is needed only to give wise advice to the younger generation. It is evident that in the new film, not a single mess can do without Mrs. Connor. But what the hell happened to her son? Among the main characters, John Connor is clearly not enough.

Another brutal lady

Not only the heroine of Linda Hamilton will be able to effectively appear and kick everyone's ass in this film. This is how journalists describe the first frames where a guest from the future appears - Grace.

“Grace is a time traveler who suddenly materialized in Mexico City directly on the roadway. Naturally, she’s completely naked. She couldn’t do without an accident. A couple of young people are trying to help Grace, but the police intervene. The appearance of law enforcement forces the still-naked heroine Mackenzie Davis to do some good work with her fists. She "neutralizes" the threat, and then takes the clothes from the young man from the couple who tried to help her. "

Now they write that this role will be the culmination in the career of Mackenzie (Blade Runner 2049), we wish her success. But here is the question. There is a dangerous villain, there is his goal and two defenders at once. What role does the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger play in this configuration, who also makes his video debut?

Video: The first frames of the new “Terminator: Dark Fates” (2019) appeared on the network: the latest news.