Vladimir Furdik revealed the secrets of the King of the Night

The performer of the role of the King of the Night in Game of Thrones Vladimir Furdik spoke more about the character and goals of his character. In an interview with Empire Weekly, a Slovak actor described how he got this role, and how the vision of the character was different for different directors. The actor assured that we have not even seen the best scene with the King of the Night.

From the second plan to the first

Even among the biggest fans of the series, not everyone can immediately name the name of the performer of the role of the main villain. Meanwhile, this guy is trying hard for us. Learn to watch without blinking and pierce through your eyes! A native of Slovakia Vladimir Furdik went a long way from a historical fencer and stuntman to an understudy of actors of the first magnitude. He performed tricks for Channing Tatum, replaced Tom Hiddleston and Nicholas Cage.

Furdik was indispensable in owning a sword and much more, but always remained in the shadows. From it, the actor was not completely withdrawn and the supporting roles in Hollywood "The Three Musketeers" or "Play of shadows". And here is a new career twist. AT "Game of Thrones" he is the main villain. Moreover, only from the 6th season, replacing the previous performer of the role of the King of the Night - actor Richard Break.

"Before I got the role of the King of the Night, I happened to perform many fights on swords and falls from horses in "Game of Thrones". I was a double of Sir Arthur Dane in the fight scene near the Tower of Joy. I was one of those guys who jumped out of the water from a burning ship after Daenerys attacked a fleet of slave traders. I played the White Walker, who was hit by John Snow in a harsh house". 

Furdick was given this role precisely after the episode of The Severe House, persuading the demon to play icecrown until the end of the series. In season 6, he can be seen without makeup. In the scene from Bran’s visions, where the secret of the origin of the White Walkers is partially revealed, he is the poor man whom the Children of the forest tied to a tree to perform a ritual. In an interview "Ew" the actor once again confirmed. His character did not want such a fate.

Nature, purpose, origin

Vladimir Furdik is not a fan "Games" and watched only a few episodes. He refers to his role without much reverence, but, nevertheless, could not refuse to journalists, and revealed a couple of interesting details. Firstly, different directors in different episodes of the series saw the King of the Night different. Nobody knew how it would end. But it seems that the concept of David Benioff and Dan Weiss won, which did not leave the King a chance for ... humanity.

"Dan and David wanted to see him as a man from the ice. They asked me to try to learn not to blink. And some directors wanted to show that there was something human in my hero". 

Today, Furdo’s character is only a demon. "Each character in this story has two sides of character. In any scoundrel there is at least a bit of good. And only the leader of the Walkers has only one side - the dark side"- explains the actor.

Someone made him King of the Night. No one knows who he was before. A simple soldier or a member of a noble family. He never wanted to be what he became. I think he craves revenge

The actor does not reveal the secrets of the origin of his character, but hints that it is important. But what if he was from a noble family, ruler or leader? In the book, the future King of the Night was the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night Watch. And it was the time of the construction of the Wall. A meeting with an enchanted blue-eyed woman changed his life. The madman fell in love with her, dared to bring her to the wall and began to rule the brothers with the help of an enchantment, secretly sacrificing to the White Walkers.

This dark rule, according to one version, was put to an end by Brandon the Crusher of the Stark clan. And, well, does our ice demon want revenge on his descendants? Furdik added in an interview that his character wants to take revenge on someone!

Who is the king following?

Judging by the sixth season, in the series, the hero of Furdick is the first of the Walkers, and not the one who switched to their side. But this does not prevent the use of the book legend in part. Perhaps he already suffered an unfortunate defeat from the first Starks and wants to take revenge? In the first trailer for the season 8 of the series, there are hints of strange events in the crypt. Does the King of the Night want to raise his offender from the grave? Brandon the Crusher must be buried here.

Just want to assume that the King of the Night is following John Snow. Moreover, the interview says that the series will still have strong scenes with John and the leader of the White Walkers. Stronger than at the end of the episode The Harsh House. But, if you think about it, then the new Three-Eyed Raven poses the most serious threat to him. After all, Bran can not only direct his projection into the past, but also try to influence the past events (recall Hodor). And if the Brandon the Crusher offended the King, then maybe he wants to get even with the “new Brandon”? We find out the answer on April 14th.

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