Die Hard 6 (McClaine)

Many films are forgotten immediately after viewing. Some no one will remember after two or three years. Few become cult. And the characters of some films become role models for entire generations of children and adolescents. An example of the latter is the story of an American police officer, John McClean. Despite the fact that neither the trailer, nor the release date, nor the actors are known, the movie “Die Hard 6” will appear on the screens in the coming years.

The rating of expectations on cinema search is 94% positive.




Genre: action movie

Producer: Len Uazmayn

Actors: Bruce willis

The McClain films really have become iconic - and no wonder why.


In the original picture is called “Die Hard”. The plot of the first and most “shooting” film tells how a police officer, John McClain, accidentally ends up in a building seized by terrorists. It is not surprising that at one time young people liked the film so much and after watching it, many wanted to become police officers - the main character combines everything ideal for a typical American hero. MacLane has an inimitable sense of humor, likes to pare, but does not lose her fortitude and tireless desire to achieve justice.

The plot of all subsequent films revolves around the main character. In each film, he fights terrorism, overcomes life's difficulties and does not lose his mood. Despite the fact that the first film was released back in the eighties, all subsequent parts also collected good box office.

The sixth part of the film in the original is called “McClaine”, in honor of the name of the protagonist. The upcoming film can hardly be called a prequel or a sequel - judging by official statements, it will tell more about the past of the protagonist, but the next adventure also awaits both the audience and the policeman.

Director and shooting

The first part of the film was shot by John Maktiran back in 1988. In Russia, it happened later, in 1992. At one time, he received a nomination for several Oscars at once, however, none of them received. Since then, franchise directors have changed, and the fourth part was shot by Len Wiseman. He shot the franchise “Another World”, whose films combined elements of an action movie and a dark thriller. In 2012, he shot a remake of the movie “Remember Everything,” which received, in general, negative reviews from critics. And, according to the producers, Wiseman will also become a director in the sixth part about a tough nut.

However, you should not expect the premiere earlier than at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

Len Wiseman


Little is known about the actors at the moment. The main role, of course, will be played by the unchanging Bruce Willis. At the moment, he is, if not one of the most sought after, but one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. In addition to the story of McClain, he starred in the films Pulp Fiction (1994), Invulnerable (2000), Slevin's Lucky Number (2005), and many others.

In addition to him, it is impossible to say exactly who will take part in the filming. The film crew auditioned for the role of the young McClain, however, who will perform it has not yet been officially announced.

Interesting Facts

Of course, when it comes to a franchise that has been going on for more than a year, there were some interesting facts. For example:

  • Few people know, but the Die Hard movies were shot from books. However, they were not written by the same author and not even from the same series. The first part of the franchise is based on the novel “Nothing Lasts Forever,” authored by Roderick Thorpe. The next film is the adaptation of “58 Minutes”, which was written by Walter Wager. The third part is based on the script by Jonathan Hensley “Simon Says,” and the fourth - on the article by John Carlin “Farewell to Arms”;
  • Willis himself will help in choosing an actor for the role of young McClain. According to him, the point is not in money, but in the fact that he really cares about how his character will look on the screen.

Over the years, the franchise has changed. The main character was aging, in the films themselves appeared computer graphics. However, the audience is still warmly related to the story of a simple American policeman. It remains to be expected when the first official statements appear regarding the release date, trailer and actors of the movie “Die Hard 6” and review the old parts, each of which is good in its own way.

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