Films about sea monsters

What secrets keep the deep sea? The oceans are a real mystery even to the scientists themselves. Every few years they discover new species of marine life. Such mystery allows you to think about who else can hide in the dark and uncharted waters. The fantasy of directors knows no bounds. Spectators are already familiar with the killer fish, giant octopus and bloodthirsty sharks. What other surprises have filmmakers prepared? To answer this question, we recommend that you look at the list of the best films about sea monsters.

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Abyssal Creature (Eye of the Beast)



Genre: Horror

Producer: Gary Yates

World premiere - March 18, 2008

Starred in the film: D. Van Der Beek, R. Black, A. MacPherson, A. Castillo, L. Tobacco, C. Harper, R. Thyssen, K. Wolfman

Rating: 3.5

The slogan of the film is "Horror lurks in the depths."

The film takes place on an island, all the inhabitants of which are engaged in fishing, as this is the only source of food. Every year the fish is getting smaller. People are worried, because if the situation worsens, they will simply starve to death. A scientist arrives on the island who intends to figure out the reasons for the disappearance of fish. There is another strange circumstance - the inhabitants of the island begin to disappear. The scientist sees this chain of laws. He concludes that both humans and aquatic inhabitants fell prey to a giant squid. The population refuses to believe in these tales, but soon they will all have to face danger. Then they will definitely see clearly and look at the situation from a different angle.

Tentacles (Octopus)



Genre: Horror Adventure

Producer: John aires

World premiere - September 21, 2000

Actors: D. Harrington, R. Isyanov, D. Beecroft, C. Lowry, R. Ross, D. Natall, D. Stanchev

Rating: 3.6

The slogan of the film is "Cruise to hell ...".

Once upon a time in 1962, a Russian submarine disappeared mystically. Today, a research team crosses the Atlantic Ocean, when suddenly an inexplicable force pulls the submarine to the bottom. It turns out that a mysterious inhabitant lives in the dark waters of the ocean - an octopus. The monster is hungry and ready to feast on delicious human flesh. Everything is in a panic, salvation is nowhere to wait. What are hopeless people ready to do in order not to become food for a giant monster?




Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Dan guildark

World premiere - June 14, 2007

Actors: D. Cottle, C. Carren, E. Atkinson, C. Buono, P. McKnight, R. Wood, D. Shapiro, C. Grim, H. Stroud

Rating: 3.5

The plot of the film is in many ways similar to the Dagon movie, directed by Stuart Gordon.

Russell's mother unexpectedly dies, so the main character returns to his hometown to resolve some financial issues. Locals are not very happy about his arrival, as Russell's father is associated with a muddy religious sect. Meanwhile, strange events begin to take place in the city - people disappear, and the police cannot find the criminals. Russell believes that a religious sect is involved in this dirty business. The hero is right. His father and his brothers in faith are preparing for a mass sacrifice. In addition, Russell finds a strange audio recording that says that the great and terrible Cthulhu is due to arrive. How will this mystical story end?

Piranha 3D (Piranha 3D)



Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Alexander Aza

World Release Date - August 20, 2010, in Russia - August 26, 2010

Cast: E. Shue, A. Scott, S. McQueen, D. Zor, D. O'Connell, W. Reims, S. Ryan

Rating: 5.3

The film was attended by the director of the original version of the film, Joe Dante. He got a small cameo role.

The inhabitants of the ocean are bloodthirsty and merciless. One of the best films about sea monsters and monsters will tell another eerie story. What could be better than lying on a sunny beach near Lake Victoria and enjoying your vacation? Summer is a great time when you can have fun to the fullest and do whatever you want! But the feast was broken by a huge flock of piranha, who did not mind drinking blood from young students. Pisces feel like masters of the situation and arrange real "bloody games". Students are dying, and the piranha population is increasing. An experienced sheriff, who needs to do everything possible to save young people, is taken up. The whole lake turned into a continuous bloody fountain. Piranhas are merciless.

Sandbank (The Shallows)


USA, Spain, Australia

Genre: Horror, thriller, drama

Producer: Jaume Colette Serra

Release in the world - June 21, 2016, in Russia - July 7, 2016

Starring: B. Lively, B. Cullen, O. Haenada, A. Korzo, S. Ledge, D. Espechel

Rating: 6.2

During filming, Blake Lively hit her nose on the buoy. The actress even blew blood.

Sunny weather, hot sand, a deserted beach - a real paradise for a girl surfer who wants to catch a high wave. A calm and bloodthirsty shark violates a calm holiday, trying to attack the girl. The heroine is on a small shallow, and the predatory fish does not want to retreat. A shark aimed at the victim. And she would never miss a tasty and satisfying dinner.

Anaconda (Anaconda)


USA, Peru, Brazil

Genre: Horror, thriller, thriller

Producer: Louis Llosa

World premiere - April 11, 1997

Starring: D. Lopez, A. Cube, D. Hyde, D. Voight, O. Wilson, C. Wurer, D. Trejo, F. Welker

Rating: 6.0

In the filming, ten real snakes, two mechanical and a huge number of virtual ones, were used.

A group of researchers travels to the very heart of South America to carefully examine the area. The conductor of the team is a crazy hunter who constantly insists that a huge anaconda is found in the Amazon jungle, devouring everything in its path. Heroes do not believe a single word of their captain until they themselves face to face with a snake of enormous size. To survive, the heroes will have to not only fight with the hunter, who uses them as bait, but also against the wild anaconda. Who will survive?

The Beast



Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Jeff Blackner

World premiere - April 28, 1996

Starring: W. Petersen, C. Smith, C. Sillas, R. Gattman, M. Crider, E. Johnson, M. Bartlett

Rating: 6.3

The slogan of the series is "They said it was safe to go into the water. They were wrong."

The series takes place in a poor fishing village. Everything was fine until the moment when people began to disappear without a trace in the settlement. The police are helpless and just shrug, because it is not known who is the criminal. No traces, no clues either. Captain Whip Dalton seems to understand what is really happening. The reason for this is a terrible monster who has been living in the waters for several years. But how to catch a bloodthirsty sea creature? Sheriff Dalton must come up with a tricky way to crack down on a predator. The hunt begins.

Meg: The Monster of Depth (The Mag)


USA, China

Genre: Horror, science fiction

Producer: John Turtletaub

World Release Date - August 8, 2018, in Russia - August 9, 2018

Starring: D. State, L. Bingbin, C. Curtis, W. Chao, R. Wilson, R. Rose, P. Kennedy

Rating: 5.8

The filming process took place in New Zealand.

A few years ago, Jonas Taylor and a group of divers explored the Mariana Trench. The operation was successful until they saw a giant monster. Taylor realized that the mission was doomed to failure, and threw his team to save his own skin. As a result, the government demoted Jonas. Time passes. A new expedition is gathering, which again wants to go to the waters of the oceans to find out what really happened. Taylor receives an invitation to take part in a dangerous mission, because he is the most experienced and fearless diver.

Abyss (The Abyss)



Genre: Science fiction, thriller, drama

Producer: James Cameron

Release in the world - August 9, 1989

Starred in the film: E. Harris, M. Bean, M. Mastrantonio, L. Bermester, T. Graff, D. Lloyd, C. Scott

Rating: 7.8

The entire cast has been trained by qualified divers.

Divers conduct a rescue operation at the bottom of the oceans. Suddenly they come across an unknown life form - something can take a diverse form in water. Who are these creatures and what do they need on the planet? Are they so peaceful, as it seems at first glance? Heroes make a dangerous dive to get to the bottom of the truth. Meeting with the unknown leads them to indescribable horror ...

Deep Rising


USA, Canada

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Action

Producer: Stephen Sommers

World premiere - January 30, 1998

Actors: T. Williams, F. Janssen, E. Hild, C. O'Connor, C. Curtis, D. Fleming

Rating: 6.7

It was originally planned that the main female role will go to Claire Forlani.

A gang of mercenaries, armed to the teeth, received another task - this time they need to go beyond land and grab a cruise ship stuffed with gold and jewelry. The bandits willingly agree to perform this operation, because they can be incredibly rich! But the fire in the eyes and combat confidence quickly disappears when the invaders see that terrible monsters have arranged a feast on the ship, devouring everything in its path. They need more blood. Mercenaries are just the most suitable option.

Lake Placid: Lake of Fear (Lake Placid)



Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy

Producer: Steve miner

World premiere - July 15, 1999, in Russia - June 1, 2000

Actors: B. Fonda, B. Pullman, O. Platt, B. Gleason, B. White, T. Dixon, N. Malta

Rating: 6.0

Lake Placid is the most beautiful lake that lies deep in the forests of America. Many tourists dream of coming here, putting up tents and having fun near the pond. But no one even suspects that a fierce monster lives in the lake, which will tear anyone who dares to disturb his peace. A group of students travels to Lake Placid. The guys are sure that they will spend time cool and unforgettable. The monster is ready to take them into its "sweet" embrace.

Creature from the Abyss (The Creature Below)


United Kingdom

Genre: Horror, fiction

Producer: Stuart Spark

World Release Date - august 27, 2016

Starring: A. Dawson, M. Longden, Z. Lee, D. Trace, D. Vivash, D. Shackleton, L. Crane

Rating: 4.1

The slogan of the film is "Something woke up in the depths of the ocean."

A female diver decides to try a new suit and dives deep into the water. At the bottom of the ocean, the heroine meets a terrible monster of gigantic proportions. What kind of creature is this, and how did it get here? When a woman comes home, she discovers that she brought with her the egg of that same monster. The cub breaks out. The consequences will be unpredictable ...

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea



Genre: Fiction, drama

Producer: Richard Flisher

World Release Date - December 23, 1954

Actors: C. Douglas, D. Mason, P. Lucas, R. Wilkie, C. Young, P. Helton

Rating: 7.2

Actor Gregory Peck could play the role of captain Nemo.

The film takes place in San Francisco in the mid-19th century. The city’s authorities are worried that they increasingly began to receive reports of an unknown and mysterious predator living in the ocean. The mystical monster drowns all the ships that are on its way. The government gives a dangerous task to a team of soldiers - they need to go to dangerous waters and find out what is really happening. Who will confront them - an unknown monster or something else?

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The heroes of the presented paintings are forced to constantly fight with predatory monsters, who strive to feast on tasty human flesh. Bloodthirsty creatures lurk their victims everywhere, so you need to always be on the alert! Be sure to check out the list of the best films about sea monsters if you want to feel the chill running down your back and burning horror. Ready to dive to the bottom? Wear an underwater costume and watch out for piranha!

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