Terminator: Dark Fate

The movie "Terminator: Dark Fate" 2019 has already released the official trailer, the actors and release date are known. The film ignores the events of all parts of the cyborg saga released after "Terminator 2". It will be a direct continuation. Again, as on the set of Doomsday, James Cameron (this time as a producer), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton come together. Fans have been waiting for this event for many years. It is already known that the sixth part will be the most expensive in the history of the franchise, and there will also be a lot of exciting battle scenes (even under water) and ... a fair amount of feminism.

The film's expectation rating for Kinopoisk is 97%.


Terminator: Dark Fate

Genre: fiction, action, adventure

Producer: Tim Miller

World releaseOctober 23, 2019

Release in the Russian Federation: October 31, 2019

Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna and others

Important: Terminator: Dark Fates - Details that you might have missed in the trailer.

"Terminator 6" - This is another attempt to revive the franchise and lay the foundation for a new trilogy. As in the new episodes "Star wars" scheduled transfer "relay stick" from the stars of original films to the younger generation. But, most importantly, we are again waiting for villains who do not know fear and do not know how to make mistakes, time travel, the gloomy world of the future and ... complex philosophical questions.

If a full-fledged artificial intelligence is created, will it serve the person faithfully or will it certainly rebel against it? Do we create our own destiny? And what is a cyborg - a soulless machine or a perfect form of man? Behind the screen of the action movie there are many questions like these.


We are promised a direct continuation "Terminator 2". Now think about it. Robert Patrick's T-1000 is over, unfortunately, with a cybernetic defender from the future too. But is Sarah Connor and her son all right? No one has charged them with a terrorist attack on "Cyberdine systems". We know that the new film will begin in Mexico. Is it because Sarah went on the run again, and now with John? We remember that there she has a friend Enrique. Is the new main character Dani Ramos a relative of Enrique?

It was her, apparently, who would now try to eliminate the killer from the future. It's a certain"rehash" the third part, where John Connor was only a secondary goal, and the main target is his future wife and ally Katherine Brewster.

Hamilton, the star of the first two parts of the franchise, took part in the filming from the very beginning (unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, who joined later). So her role will not be episodic. The author of the original idea "Terminator" James Cameron argues that there are too many actors aged 50, 60 and 70 years famously"bribes" sides to the screen villains. So why can't a woman of the same age do the same?

And now on the first official poster to "Terminator: Dark Fate" we saw an old Sarah Connor, who is hung with ammunition, like a Christmas tree with toys and "tohides" in bulletproof vest instead of a plaid. According to many fans of the franchise, such Mrs. Connor is still the main reason why they remain interested in the project.

Three against two

We know that all the positive characters in this film are women. In addition to Dani Ramos and Sarah, there is also a mysterious Grace. According to rumors, this is a certain female version of Kyle Reese. She has to defend Miss Ramos along with Sarah Connor. Fans rushed to record Grace in cyborgs, seeing strange traces on her body. As if some implants were implanted under the skin.

In fact, there is a shot from the set where the heroine slowly waddles somewhere, leaning on Dani Ramos. Most likely wounded and exhausted. So, not a car ...

The plot will be centered on women, but men have managed to retain the role of villains. Firstly, a new cyborg of an unknown model performed by Gabriel Luna. Secondly ... Iron Arnie. It is already known for certain that he will be a cyborg, but James Cameron used the word "evil"talking about his role in the film.

That is all I can say. Arnold is back. And he will be a bad guy. He is a terminator like you have never seen before. James Cameron

Interestingly, the American online database of IMDB films opposite the names of the Moon and Schwarzenegger spelled the word terminator, not T-800. So Arnie, for the first time, will play a cyborg of another model. And Cameron is hinting at differences in both the model and the behavior.

It’s worth remembering that this is again about "aged cyborg"who spent a lot of time among people. Imagine that he studied their behavior, like that cyborg from "T2"that managed to understand why people cry. But uses this knowledge to the detriment! No, no more technically perfect killer, but smarter!

Will there be a cyborg team on the screen? Gabriel Luna took a seat with Arnold in the hall and hinted that they had common scenes in the film ... It’s worth recalling an episode from "Terminator: Genesis", where the T-1000 resuscitated the T-800, and the two of them confronted the main characters ...

What to expect from the sequel T2

It is extremely curious how developers get out of the logical impasse. Crazy artificial intelligence Skynet sent TWO terminators to the past to prevent the birth of future resistance leader John Connor, or (if not work out) to eliminate him, but at an early age.

Soon after, the Network's central processor was turned off and the time machine was taken. Skynet had hope only for her emissaries in the past, but she did not materialize. Who then could send another cyborg killer in our time? Surely some kind of trick with time manipulation. Skynet created a temporary loop?

Important:The new "Terminator" is the first poster and premiere of the trailer.

Director and shooting

The director of the picture was Tim Miller, who we liked by the sensational Deadpool. Tim knows how to shoot action games, but, most importantly, he has an experienced adviser. Director of the highest grossing films in the history of cinema ("Titanic" and "Avatar") James Cameron agreed to become a producer of the picture. In the same quality, he has already helped director Robert Rodriguez with the film adaptation of the popular manga"Alita: Battle Angel".

It is not known what ideas James himself brought in, since composing a story for "Terminator 6 such venerable screenwriters as David Goyer ("The Dark Knight", "Dr. Strange") and Josh Friedman ("War of the Worlds"co-screenwriter "Avatar 2"). The project also featured David Ellison, who was the general producer of the failed"Terminator: Genesis". It seems that from "Genesis" borrowed something. Not a plot, but individual ideas. For example, the concept"aged" a cyborg or using a bodybuilder-understudy (Brett Hazard) for self image"young T-800" from the original movies.

$ 255 million was spent on the film. And this is without the cost of advertising and promotion. Prior to this, the fourth was considered the most expensive part - "May the Savior Come." It cost the filmmakers $ 200 million. But without such investments there will be no scope.

In film "Terminator: Dark Fate" we are promised helicopter chases, jumps, falls, belts, boats and underwater scenes

Meet newcomers


  • Natalia Reyes will play Dani Ramos. The protagonist of the new film, and if it is successful, then the whole trilogy. This is the first big role of this American actress in the movie. Her character is known to be a 20-year-old girl from Mexico City (the capital of Mexico), who was brought up more by the wisdom of the street than by the wisdom of books. She can see a ray of light even in the darkest times. Preserve the presence of spirit even in the most difficult circumstances;

    Natalia reyes

  • Mackenzie Davis is known to the viewer for the series Black Mirror and the film Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Her character Grace is a soldier from the future on a mission. Judging by the scars, she was repeatedly held captive by cars;

    Mackenzie davis

  • Gabriel Luna is known to us for his role as a Ghost Rider in the series "Agents S.I., T" based on the Marvel comics. He will definitely play the main antagonist, but what model this cyborg killer will be is not yet known;

    Gabriel luna

  • Brett Hazard is no longer a newbie. Thanks to him, Arnold was able to fight himself in the movie "Terminator: Genesis." On one of the shots from the filming of "Dark Fate", a bodybuilder poses next to a teenage actor. According to one theory, the boy plays the young John Connor, and Brat Hazard his "personal terminator" T-800 from the second part. What is it? Flashback or time travel?

    Bret azar

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The image of an older but not broken warrior Sarah Connor is registered a long time ago. Grandma with a big gun was not invented by Tim Miller. In the official novelization of the movie "Terminator 2" by Randall Frakes, there are several chapters about the future that have never been fully adapted. So, in the book appears "Sarah from the Future," who survived Judgment Day, participated in the war against cars and heroically died just before its end, being ambushed ...
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger can play not only the terminator, but also the character who served as the prototype for the biological body of these killer machines. Cameron has repeatedly hinted that it is time for us to find out why Skynet chose the appearance of this particular person to disguise her cyborgs. Perhaps it was an influential military man of his time? The video from filming in Hungary, where Arnie poses against the backdrop of a large army jeep, also hints at the role of the military.

Now many fans are skeptical about the upcoming film. Someone did not like the feminist orientation of the film, and someone, in principle, does not believe that the franchise can be revived. Much needs to be clarified. The film "Terminator: Dark Fate" (2019) received the official release date for the first trailer, and the actors, over time, will be able to talk more about the characters they play. The Terminator franchise can survive as well as the cyborgs themselves!

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