Nureyev. The White Crow

In 2019, the Russian premiere of the biography film “Nureyev: The White Crow” (“The White Crow”) (The White Crow) with the release date in 2018 is expected, from the trailer you can find the favorite actors of not only foreign, but also Russian cinema. This is a drama about the Soviet choreographer Rudolf Nureyev, based on real events that took place during the Cold War. The world premiere took place on August 31, 2018 in Telluride at the Telluride Film Festival.

Rating expectations on KinoPoisk is 99%.


The white crow

France, UK

Genre: biographical drama

Producer: Ralph Fiennes

World Release Date: August 31, 2018 (February 22, 2019 - UK, March 22, 2019 - Ukraine)

Premiere in Russia: April 20, 2019

Actors: A. Exarcopoulos, L. Hofmann, S. Polunin, O. Ivenko, O. Raburden, R. Fiennes, R. Personas, Z. Avery, Ch. Khamatova, M. Sodup, etc.

This is a biography film about Rudolf Nureyev (1937-1993), a Soviet dancer who survived a difficult childhood, poverty and the flourishing of his talent.


This is the story of the career of the USSR ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, his life in Ufa, Leningrad and Paris, about backstage theater intrigues, about problems with the KGB and his escape to the West (in 1961), and, of course, the great talent of the dancer known in those days .

“These are not the famous years of Nureyev, but a story about the youth of Nureyev. I was deeply impressed by his dynamic mind, which was constantly striving for self-realization. Nureyev was also known for provoking people sometimes, but his intention was always to become a wonderful dancer. One of The storyline of the film is the period of the Cold War. And even in such an environment, he wanted to be free, "says director R. Fiennes.

Director and shooting

The project was directed by Rafe Fiennes, a popular British cinematographer who showed himself as an actor, director and producer (actor: “Harry Potter”, “Reader”, “LEGO movie-2”, “Gostaina”, “Bond 25”; as the director: “ Coriolanus, "The Invisible Woman"; producer: Coriolanus, Onegin, etc.).

Ralph fiennes

The script was written by David Heah (Denial, Reader, Clock) and Julie Kwan (Dancer). Among the producers it is worth noting Andrew Levitas (“Entrance and Exit”, “Nanny”, “Parcel”), Carolyn Marx-Blackwood (“The Invisible Woman”, “Duchess”, “Coriolanus”) and Francois Ivernel (“White Masai”, “ Slumdog Millionaire ”,“ Duchess ”, etc.).

The composer Ilan Eshkeri (Still Alice, Shaun the Sheep, Stardust, etc.) was responsible for the musical component.


  • "Language schemeThe white crow quite unusual and takes some time to adapt. All Russian characters speak Russian, including Fiennes (which sounds very good), but in Paris, Nureyev speaks only English, not French. This makes all French characters speak English, not French, which is very strange when it comes to random Frenchmen that Nureyev encounters, "The hollywood reporter
  • "A beautiful aria based on the graceful score and elegance of ballet," -Rotten tomato
  • "Nureyev could have been a shrill prima donna when things went wrong (he was reportedly threatening to commit suicide at Le Bourget airport in Paris when his KGB officers announced that they planned to end his tour and send him back to Moscow), and honestly saying, It’s a pity that Ivenko does not play this side of the character ", - Variety
  • "This is a skillfully created film that will serve as an excellent acquaintance with the Nureyev for the uninitiated, although some of them may reproach the notorious difficult Nureyev who takes such a sensitive approach,"Cineuropa


Starred in the film:

  • Oleg Ivenko - in the role of Rudolf Nureyev;
  • Adele Exarcopoulos ("Life Adele", "Sybil", "Fatal Attraction") - Clara Saint;
  • Rafe Fiennes (Hotel Grand Budapest, Schindler's List) - A. Pushkin (ballet teacher and KGB agent);
  • Sergey Polunin (“Red Sparrow”, “Murder on the Orient Express”) - Yuri Soloviev;
  • Louis Hofmann ("Alone in Berlin", "My Land") - Teja Kremke;
  • Chulpan Khamatova ("Dostoevsky", "Children of the Arbat") - Xenia (wife of A. Pushkin);
  • Olivier Rabourdin (“Rosemary's Baby”, “On People and Gods”) - Alexinsky;
  • Zack Avery (Curvature, Parenting) - Michael Jones;
  • Rafael Personas (“New Girlfriend”, “In the Forests of Siberia”) - Pierre Lacotte;
  • Mar Sodup (“Everyone Wants to Love,” “Shiver”) - Helena Romero;
  • Ravshana Kurkova (“About love. Only for adults”, “Crimea”, “Abigail”, “Balkan line”) - Farida Nureyev;
  • Alexey Morozov ("Summer of the Wolves", "Time of the First") - Strizhevsky;
  • Neboisha Dugalich ("Youth", "Hourglass") - Konstantin Sergeyev;
  • Yves Heck (“The Future,” “Midnight in Paris”) - Jagaud-Lachaume and others.

Interesting Facts

What is interesting to know about the film:

  • Oleg Ivenko, who had no previous acting experience, was chosen for the main role. “At first I didn’t realize where I was going and what would have to be done there. I prepared for the samples via Skype, I had to tighten up the English. I tried to do everything I could on the samples themselves and left without hoping for anything. Then there was a long silence, and then they informed me that I was in the top three artists who were considered for the main role, and when I found out that they had chosen me, I was in seventh heaven! Then there were a theater tour, and I sat and watched for a very long time out the window, unable to believe that everything happens to me in reality "(from int rvyu La Personne);
  • “The White Raven” is Fiennes’s third film, where he is involved as a director;
  • Fiennes also played teacher Nureyev and, seemingly, spoke fluent Russian. However, according to the filmmaker himself, some adjustments were made to the post-production of the picture by the translator;
  • Many iconic scenes were filmed in St. Petersburg, and in particular in the Hermitage.

The script of the biographical drama was based on the book "Rudolf Nureyev: Life" by J. Cavanaugh. In the trailer for the film “Nureyev: The White Raven” (2019) or “The White Crow” (with the release date in the world in 2018 and the star cast), some shots of those events that radically changed the fate of the great dancer are shown.

Watch the video: THE WHITE CROW - Official Trailer - Directed by Ralph Fiennes (January 2020).