Russian directors rarely shoot something about the apocalypse. But, if they are already decided, they try to do everything in a quality manner. One of the Russian films of 2019 was "Outpost", the release date and actors of which are known, the trailer is also available for viewing. Its production was announced by TV-3, the audience of which is lovers of mysticism and pseudo-documentary projects. The picture will consist of two parts, and the creators call this blockbuster one of the largest film projects of Russian cinema in recent years. A new trailer in the spirit of the post-apocalypse will be released in July 2019.

The rating of expectations, according to the version of the site "KinoPoisk", is estimated at 96%.



Genre: thriller, fiction, action

Producer: Egor Baranov

Premiere of 1 part: November 21, 2019

Premiere 2 parts: May 9, 2020

The film was attended by: Peter Fedorov, Alexei Chadov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Elena Lyadova, Svetlana Ivanova, Lukerya Ilyashenko.

Viewers expect a good Russian science fiction film, despite the fact that this genre is rarely used by our directors.


As far as you can tell from the trailer for the movie "Outpost" in 2019, the story will tell about the events that happened on the planet in the near future. Three weeks before the events of the plot, communication with other countries breaks off, people begin to understand that a terrible catastrophe of unknown origin has befallen the Earth, and only a small fraction of humanity survived, represented by 10% of the people living in Russia in a certain place, as well as its neighboring territory. This place was called the "circle of life", and a strict border was built around which several reconnaissance groups were sent. Outposts have also been set up behind this perimeter, and young special forces have been equipped to deal with an unknown disaster, who will have to figure out what threatens the remaining humanity. Now completely different people, gathered in one outpost, need to rally and understand what happened.

Director and crew

The director's chair of the film was occupied by Yegor Baranov, whose famous projects are: the film "Locust" (2013), the series "Locust" (2015), the trilogy of the films "Gogol". The script was taken up by Ilya Kulikov, a professional screenwriter who works in a variety of genres and has worked on many Russian projects. Of his works, one can note: "Game 1.2", the series "Capercaillie", the series "Police Officer from Ruble".

Egor Baranov, Ilya Kulikov

The music for the film was written by composer Ryan Otter, who had already worked with Yegor Baranov on the series Locust and the films Gogol.

The shooting took place in Moscow, as well as in the city of Zelenograd, and ended in May 2019. The final scenes were filmed in the area of ​​the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory.


The main roles in the thriller were played by popular Russian actors:

  • Alexey Chadov (“War”, “At anonymous height”) as Oleg;
  • Pyotr Fedorov (Odessa-Mama, Fir-trees 2) - Yuri;
  • Svetlana Ivanova (Scouts, Legend No. 17) - Olga;
  • Lukerya Ilyashenko ("Sweet Life", "Dancing to Death") - Alena;
  • Ksenia Kutepova ("Dance of Delli", "Territory") - Marina;
  • Konstantin Lavronenko ("Catherine", "Liquidation") - Major Dolmatov;
  • Philip Avdeev (“Acid”, “Correction Class”) - Zhenya;
  • Artyom Markaryan (“He loves and dislikes”, “Cheating”) - Sasha;
  • Sergey Godin (Sobibor, Neformat) - Lavrin;
  • Artem Tkachenko (“Moths”, “Free Charter”) - Id.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts and film:

  • On TV-3, the film will be shown as a series;
  • During the filming involved real military equipment;
  • Alexey Chalov called "Outpost" the hardest film in his to the career.

The release date and the actors of the 2019 film Outpost are already known, and judging by the trailer, the film promises to be interesting and worthwhile to watch in the movies. What happened to the planet? Why did most people just die? You will learn about this in September.

Watch the video: The Outpost CW Season 1 Promo (December 2019).