"Joanne" - a profeminist art house

More recently, all of Hollywood has been captured by a wave of feminist movements, “Mee too” and “Times Up,” related to the abuse of famous personalities such as Harvey Weinstein or Charlie Rose with women actresses. The cry of the rebel, loud and sharp, was also shown by director Christopher Morrison in the 2019 film “Joanne”, or “The Bellwether”, the release date of which in the USA is set for February 12 (see the trailer below).

Original name: "Joanne", "The Bellwether".

A country: Belgium

Genre: thriller

Producer: Christopher Morrison

World Release Date: February 12, 2019

Starred in the film: Alex Reed (Joan), Flora Plumb (mother), Sally Clawson (Maria).

This film is the modern history of the rite that a girl goes through to become a whole person: to become herself, despite the misogyny.


Bookstore owner Joan was abducted by a group known as the "Conspiracy." The girl wakes up and finds herself in a room, large and gothic, with the only heavy wooden door that is locked. The room has a monitor on which words and images appear, images showing the story of Joan's whole life. In fact, she is not a simple owner of a bookstore, but a leader - a leader who is in search of himself, and they caught the girl in order to break her spirit.

Director and shooting

The directorial chair of the feminist thriller was taken by Christopher Morrison, actor, producer, screenwriter and director. From his works, one can distinguish such projects as: "American Primrose" (2009), "Amazones" (2015).

The shooting took place in Belgium, namely in Brussels.


The main character, Joan, was played by Alex Reed, an English actress. She became famous thanks to the series "Disaster" (since 1986), the horror film "Descent" (2005), as well as the series "Accessory" (2018).

Interesting Facts:

  • The director developed the concept of the film long before the feminist movements "Mee too" and "Times Up";
  • There is only one character in the film - a woman whose story is displayed in the plot.

Don't miss the release date for Christopher Morrison’s 2019 “Joanne,” or “The Bellwether.” The director devoted the film to fighters for their rights, to people who are fighting with their fears, as well as oppressors. And, first of all, he devoted his picture to women, which is surprising - the man managed to understand how relevant this problem is and to present it to us through the screen.

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