Hotel Belgrade

It became known that in 2020 the next continuation of the popular comedy series "Kitchen" - the film "Hotel Belgrade" (2019) will appear on the screens, however, the exact release date and the full list of actors are still unknown. At one time, the series "Kitchen" on STS so captivated the audience that the producers had no choice but to remove a number of spin-offs of the project, such as Hotel Eleon, Grand, Senya Fedya and Kitchen in Paris.

The characters of these paintings have long become native to Russian viewers.


Genre: comedy, romance

World Premiere: winter 2019

Premiere in the Russian Federation: October 31, 2019

With the participation: Milos Bikovich, Diana Pozharskaya

The manager is Pavel Arkadevich, and in the world, actor Milos Bikovic has reported on social networks that the spin-off is being shot in Belgrade, Serbia.


There is no specific description of the new film, the launched trailer and specific data on the cast. From the posted photos of Bikovich on Instagram and the phrases thrown in, you can only conclude that Diana Pozharskaya will take part in the project, and the main storyline will be the adventures of the sitcom heroes in the capital of Serbia. In previous seasons of the sitcom, the hero Milos conquered the hearts of Dasha (performed by Diana Pozharskaya) and Sofia Yanovna, played by actress Ekaterina Vilkova. Whose heart will be broken this time by the charming Pavel Arkadevich?

Director and filming process

The name of the director of the new feature film is currently under the veil of secrecy. One can only wonder if one of the directors of the previous parts will play in this role or will a new name appear in the credits of the film? Guesses appeared on the Web that Bikovich himself would direct the picture. Maxim Sveshnikov (Hack Bloggers), Ekaterina Zabulonskaya, Dmitry Dyachenko (What Men Talk About, Radio Day), Anton Fedotov (Ivanov-Ivanovs, Psychologists) worked on the previous parts of the comedy project.

It is only known for certain that the shooting will take place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and in Moscow (beginning - September 2019).


The main cast:

  • The role of everyone's beloved absent-minded, lazy, but honest Pavel Arkadevich is invariably performed by Milos Bikovich. This pretty Serb broke more than one female heart with his roles in Sunstroke, the second part of Duhless and the movie Ice.
  • Among the actors of the film "Hotel Belgrade" (2019) you can see Diana Pozharskaya. Previously, the girl has already appeared in the sitcom as Dasha Kanaeva. Many remember the young talented actress on the TV series Kitchen, Force Majeure, Alive, Lapsi, as well as on the feature films The Unknown Soldier and Eclipse.
Rumor has it that in the new film it will be possible to see Alexandra Kuzenkina ("Walking through the agony", "How I Became Russian"), who previously played Julia Komissarova and Mikhail Gavrilov ("Youth", "Ekaterina", "Someone is here ... ") as her ex-spouse. It is also possible that Elena Ksenofontova, star of the TV series Satisfaction, Cadets, Good Hands, and familiar to fans of the Kitchen series as Eleanor, will appear in the spin-off.

Interesting Facts

Fans of the project will be interested in the following fact:

  • The project "Kitchen" has firmly entered the masses: on the STS channel, the show of the comedy series lasted for six seasons. Later, the producers pleased the viewers with the spin-offs of the sitcom - Hotel Eleon, Grand, Senay Feday and the feature film Kitchen in Paris;
  • Over the past seasons, fans have several times “married” the main actors Bikovich and Pozharskaya in real life, but the actors have denied this information.

Fans of the previous parts are eagerly awaiting the release of Hotel Belgrade - the shot in which Diana Pozharskaya and Milos Bikovic appeared together created an intrigue and gave hope that the characters of Hotel Eleon and Grand Pasha and Dasha will still be together. Whether their aspirations will come true can be learned already this fall. The release date of the film "Hotel Belgrade" (2019) is set for 2020, the trailer, the list of actors and the plot will be announced later.

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