All these small moments

Adolescence is not a very pleasant thing. And when a teenager’s life begins to crumble, what does he intend to do? Mellisa B. Miller tried to tell us about this in her film. At the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018, April 24, the world premiere of the movie "All These Small Moments" took place. Her rating on the IMDb website was 5.4.

The very release date of the film "All These Small Moments" is scheduled for January 17, 2019 in the United States by Orion Classics.

All these small moments


Genre: drama

Producer: Melissa B. Miller

World Premiere: April 24, 2018

The film was attended by: Brendan Meyer (Howie Sheffield), Molly Ringgood (Carla Sheffield), Jemima Kirk (Odessa), Harley Quinn Smith (Lindsay) and others.

The scene was filmed in New York City, which shows “all these little moments”: familiar neighborhoods and street corners that expand and change along with the main character.

Story line

The plot of the film tells about life problems on the way of a teenager.

Howie, who is just going through a transitional age, had a difficult year. He broke his arm, and in addition, the marriage of his parents Carla and Tom is in danger of destruction: they are constantly arguing with each other, so that these disputes penetrate the walls of their Brooklyn mansion. Howie himself and his brother Simon do not want to notice this, but they feel the severity of family strife.

The only thing that supports and gives consolation to Howie is the mysterious 30-year-old woman of Odessa, whom he sees every day during his daily trip to school and which he has never spoken to before. She is so attractive that Howie seems like she always shines in the warm halo of sunlight. To attract her attention, he tries to stand out from the crowd, dressing differently, composes poems about her, tries to pursue her, and also compiles a list of whether the actions that he performs really work. And so, all the teenager’s worlds begin to collide with each other when Odessa enters into his circle of contacts, when parents think whether to stay together or not, and when Howie makes friends with his attractive classmate Lindsey.

Director and shooting

The director of the film, as well as the scriptwriter, was Mellisa B. Miller, who brilliantly brought to life a fascinating and detailed story about growing up. Before the film "All These Small Moments" 2018, Mellisa began her career as a producer in such films, little known to our viewers, as: "The Wedding Bout" (2003), "I'm Not Sorry" (2014), and in the film "These People" (2015).

According to critics, Melissa has demonstrated remarkable ability to demonstrate various human feelings. The film is not for grandiose worldwide shows, but rather for home viewing in the circle of loved ones.

There are no villains in the film - even the father of the family, Tom, who is increasingly moving away from the family. The director draws the cunning, intricate complexities of the characters of his characters, introduces distinctive nuances in each of their actions and entrusts the actor to implement his realized characters.


From the cast, you can distinguish:

  • Molly Ringould, the famous actress who played in the movie Club Breakfast (1985), the series Medium (2005-2011), the series Riverdale (since 2017);
  • The protagonist, a teenager with growing problems, was played by the young, but already managed to star in several major projects, actor Brendan Meyer. Among his roles can be distinguished: "Tooth Fairy" (2010), the series "Hundred" (since 2014), "I-Zombie" (since 2015);
  • The role of mysterious Odessa was played by Jemima Kerk, known for the films “Obsession with Ava” (2015), “Rebel Without a Cause” (2018), as well as for the voice acting of the series “The Simpsons” (since 1989).

Interesting Facts:

  • The film was the directorial debut for Melissa B. Miller;
  • The drama was nominated for the title of best film at several festivals.

Don’t miss the movie “All These Small Moments” 2019, which is scheduled for release on January 17th. It will be useful for those who are in transition and do not know how to cope with this. In Russia, the film is already available for viewing. To learn more about the plot of the film, you can watch its trailer, unfortunately, only in English.

Watch the video: ALL THESE SMALL MOMENTS Trailer 2019 Drama Movie (January 2020).