The release date and trailer for the long-awaited Russian science fiction film "Coma" (2019) with popular actors is no longer a secret, the premiere of a domestic action movie in a fantasy style should take place in 2019 (November 14). The latest news is encouraging, because the date of the premiere show has been postponed several times already. Initially, “Coma” was supposed to be released in the fall of 2017, then the output of the picture was shifted to January 2018, later viewers were informed that the premiere will take place in the fall of 2019.

The creators of the project claim that “Coma” is not inferior to the Hollywood blockbusters neither in special effects, nor in the script.



Genre:fantasy, action, adventure, fantasy

Producer:Nikita Argunov

release date: November 14, 2019

Actors: R. Mukhametov, A. Pampushny, L. Aksenova, M. Bikovich, K. Lavronenko, P. Kuzminskaya, R. Gulbis, V. Babichev, I. Sigaev, E. Karatygina

The budget of the picture was 265 million rubles, the expectation rating was 81% (Top-20 on the KinoPoisk portal).

Story line

In the story with a talented young architect, a mysterious and terrible accident occurs. The guy comes to his senses, but the world in which he woke up is far from his usual reality, although in many ways it is similar to life before the accident. The world in which the main character finds himself is the memory of those who are in a deep coma. The reality in which the guy finds himself consists of chaotic fragments of people's memories.

The parallel world and the events taking place in it remain unnoticed by those around: for those who are “on the other side” a person in a coma is simply a patient in a hospital with almost no signs of life.

A world called "KOMA" is a bizarre collection of human memory. Here you can easily accommodate mountains and rivers in the space of an ordinary room, there are no physical laws.

The hero must learn to survive in the new reality, so as not to disappear. The new world will give him true love, adventure and the search for a way out into his familiar life, as well as an understanding of what real COMA is.


The main role in the fantasy action movie went to the Russian actor, mime and lyceum, visual theater fan Rinal Mukhametov. The actor received recognition from the audience after his vivid roles in films such as "Attraction", where he appeared in the form of a laconic alien, "Without Me", where Rinal played a sentimental and romantic hero-lover, and also after the release of the film "Abigail". On the account of Mukhametov many roles in domestic series and theatrical productions.

The following people also took part in the filming of the film:

  • Beauty Lyubov Aksenova, known to many on the television series Hugging the Sky and Major;
  • Anton Pampushny, who revealed his potential in the "Crew";
  • Konstantin Lavronenko, whose play in the films "Return" and "Exile" has been noted by many awards and prizes;
  • Polina Kuzminskaya;
  • Milos Bikovic;
  • Rostislav Gulbis.

Interesting facts about the film:

  • The filmmakers before the movie was released at the box office did not name a single name of the heroes of the movie, thereby fostering interest in the upcoming premiere;
  • The fantastic thriller "Coma" is the second joint work on the movie screen of the Serbian film actor Milos Bikovic and Russian actress Lyubov Aksenova;
  • A movie teaser appeared on the web on April 18, 2016;
  • The budget of the fantastic blockbuster shot by Nikita Argunov amounted to over 350 million rubles.

“Coma” is one of the most anticipated Russian film projects of 2019, the rating of audience expectations for the current month was already 97 percent.

Filming and directorial idea

The idea to shoot a domestic adventure thriller in the fantasy genre came up with Nikita Argunov back in 2015. This is the first directorial experience of Argunov. Nikita is known in cinematic circles as a producer and screenwriter.

The script of the picture was written by Alexei Gravitsky, who is well known to fans of science fiction - Gravitsky is the author of many novels and fantasy novels.

The film received government support from the Cinema Foundation.

Initially, Nikita Argunov planned that Ivan Okhlobystin and Vadim Demchog will play in “Coma”.

A promising trailer and many years of waiting have noticeably fueled interest in the project, and already in 2019, viewers will be able to evaluate the director's and acting work, and find out what KOMA really is. Judging by the trailer for the film “Coma” (2019), the actors who starred in it will be able to create their own “Matrix” or “Beginning” in Russia, because it is with these masterpieces of the world film industry that the contents of the teaser are compared by the viewers who watched it.

Watch the video: Coma Explicit (April 2020).