Claustrophobic (Escape Room)

The film "Claustrophobia" (2019) is a new fascinating thriller that will present a sea of ​​exciting emotions and provide an opportunity to enjoy an amazing story. The events of the film will make you empathize with the main characters, and almost every minute incredible turning twists will occur, so the audience will definitely not be bored.

The film will especially appeal to fans of Saws - riddles, mysticism, secrets, death - all this cannot be taken away from the film. Fasten your seat belts, February 7, 2019 will be very hot and dizzy! Judging by the trailer, the thriller will delight lovers of tickling nerves.


Escape room

South Africa, USA

Genre: Thriller

Producer: Adam Robitel

World premiere: January 3, 2019

Release Date in Russia: February 7, 2019

Actors: Logan Miller, Taylor Russell, Deborah Anne Wall, Adam Robitel, Jessica Sutton

The slogan of the film is "The Games Are Over." The original name of the film is Escape room, which means "quest" in translation.

Surely everyone at least once in his life dreamed of breaking a solid jackpot and becoming rich so as not to worry about anything and live happily ever after in the next few years. This is a story about a small group of people who took part in a very unusual experiment. It all started with the fact that an unknown organization offered to play one game, the winner of which will become the proud owner of several hundred thousand green dollars.

Six people are ready to do anything to take possession of money. In the beginning, the characters find themselves in a closed room. Gradually, the temperature rises, it becomes harder to breathe, and terrible thoughts begin to appear in my head.

Over time, the heroes realize that they were in a terrible place not by chance. It turns out that the group has much more in common than they could have previously supposed. With each room, the test is more difficult, the passions are greater, and the price of your own life is higher. In an extreme situation, young people get to know each other better, they understand that they have been hunted for a very long time. But how can one be a team when they can stick a knife in your back at any moment? You have to be constantly on guard and react to the slightest rustles from the side.

Will the heroes get out and stay alive? Solve a riddle, find a way out, find clues or die!

The film "Claustrophobes" (2019) will very soon appear on cinema screens. As John Kramer from the movie "Saw" said: "A man who does not value his life is not worthy of life itself." Maybe this is the main reason, because of which the heroes were in this unfortunate place?

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