Review of the cartoon "The Secret of Coco" (2017)

original name: Coco.

release date: October 20, 2017 / November 23, 2017 in Russia.

Genre: cartoon, musical, fantasy, comedy, family.

Producer: Lee Ankrich, Adrian Molina.

Roles voiced: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Euback, Rene Victor, Jaime Camille, Alfonso Aarau, Herbert Siegens, Gabriel Iglesias.

Roles duplicated: Vladimir Bargman, Lev Koshkarov, Victor Kirichyok, Mikhail Khrustalyov, Elena Shulman.

Duration: 109 minutes / 01:49.

Age limit: 12+.

The family of a 12-year-old boy Miguel has been engaged in shoe business in Mexico for several generations. However, Miguel himself wants to become a musician, but keeps it a secret, because his great-grandfather abandoned his family because of music, because of which the family hates music for several generations. But one day on the Day of the Dead the boy decides to take part in a talent contest and achieve national success, as his idol de la Cruz once did. But bad luck, the grandmother broke the guitar, and you cannot perform without a musical instrument. And now, having stolen the guitar of de la Cruz himself, Miguel enters the Land of the Dead. He needs to receive the blessing of his idol in order to return back and become a real musician.

According to the description of the plot, it seems that the cartoon will be about how the guy, in spite of all the problems, will fulfill his dream, achieve his cherished goal and everything will be fine. But this is not so. The Coco Mystery (which in the original is simply called Coco, and it has no secret) raises several important issues and brings important moral values ​​to the audience.

First of all, this cartoon is about the family, about the relationships in it. Adults often do not allow the child to open up, imposing their values ​​on him. Children, however, do not value parents; they strive to do the opposite. The storyline "adults-children" runs through the entire film.

The second important line is the memory and reverence of our ancestors. As long as we remember those who left us, they will always live. It is no coincidence that the action takes place on the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It is believed that on this day the souls of deceased relatives visit their home. The cartoon shows that after death there is a death, when the living forget about you ...

As for the quality of the animated film, does anyone really doubt that Pixar can make a bad cartoon? Moreover, when in the director's chair, Lee Ankrich, responsible for creating such masterpieces as Toy Story, Monster Corporation, and Finding Nemo. The animation was done just fine, every wrinkle of Koko's grandmother is perfectly drawn.

And of course, a significant part of the film is music. There are a lot of her, she is beautiful, diverse and touching. There is one main song “Don't Forget” (in the original “Remember me”) and several other songs, but it is the main work that will probably be nominated for an Oscar for the best song. However, like The Secret of Coco, it will be 100% likely to be nominated for Best Cartoon.

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