Review of the film "Resident Evil: The Last Chapter" (2016)

original name: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Thriller.

Producer: Paul W. S. Anderson.

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Ian Glen, Eli Larter, Sean Roberts, Owen Maken.

Duration: 106 minutes / 01:46.

Age limit: 18+.

Mila Jovovich again returned in the role of “ass-tinker” Alice in the alleged “last” part of a seemingly endless franchise based on a series of great video games. The creators of the franchise officially announced the completion of filming, and again the horror film, shot based on fantastic video games, pleased its fans with an “unpredictable” repetition of the same plot.

Mila Jovovich returned to the big screen in the role of the same Alice, a heroine who, as always, defends humanity, saving people from complete destruction by an evil corporation. The final part of the franchise is the most appropriate ending, because it is as mediocre as everyone else.

The film began well, following the same franchise as “Another World”, “Resident Evil” launched a short narrative about the events of past films.

The story begins with Washington County, where the ruins of the city are clearly shown, and then the plot is transferred to Raccoon City, the city where the epidemic began. There, the main character hopes to find an antivirus that can destroy millions of victims who were turned into zombies thanks to the evil machinations of the corporation. Alice learns about the Red Queen's antivirus (Ever Anderson, 9-year-old daughter of Jovovich and film director Paul W. Anderson), an artificial intelligence program by Umbrella Corporation that seems to have rebelled.

But Dr. Alexander Isaacs, the main antagonist of The Last Chapter, hinders her in achieving the goal, by the way, he looks too energetic for a dead person.

If other parts of the franchise had at least some, albeit wild, but sequence of plot development that could make up for the remaining flaws of the film, then in “The Last Chapter” everything is so confusing and scattered that the viewer is anxiously awaiting the denouement until the last frame, but so is her do not get.

Another significant minus is that the filmmakers decided to abandon the original, so beloved characters - Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong. Instead, it was decided to replace them with a handful of survivors desperately fleeing complete destruction. Thus, another storyline appears that Paul W. Anderson decided not to complete. And this is after so much effort and time has been spent setting up the characters - their absence in the "Last Chapter" creates a feeling of emptiness.

To the credit of the director, one can note the excellently set schedule and elements of the battles. The special effects of all parts of the Resident Evil are at a fairly high level, and the “Last Chapter” exceeded all expectations.

Remarkably thought out scenes of warfare and the shown level of possession of weapons. Otherwise, “Resident Evil: The Last Chapter” is a typical horror thriller, despite the intricate plot and lack of logic with the previous parts, the film is recommended for viewing to all those who have watched each new part of the franchise for 15 years.

A very epic ending, which, incidentally, gives an impetus to the very possibility of the continuation, but this will be a completely different story.

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