Review of the movie "Martian" (2015)

Genre: fiction, adventure.

Producer: Ridley Scott.

Cast: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Sean Bean, Kate Maara, Sebastian Stan.

Duration: 144 minutes / 02:24.

Age limit: 16+.

The film adaptation of the book "The Martian" by the American writer Andy Weir will not leave indifferent both lovers of science fiction and people quite far from this genre.

Martian is the first and so far the only book by Weir, so it is difficult to call him a writer with experience. Publishers initially refused to publish the Martian, so Andy Weir put it up for sale on Amazon with a minimum acceptable price of 99 cents. After buying the book more than 35,000 times in three months and breaking into the top sci-fi literature of the Internet service, publishers finally noticed Weir. In March 2014, the “Martian” entered the top 15 best sellers of the New York Times, and then appeared on cinema screens.

The director's chair was taken by the famous Ridley Scott, known for the films "Gladiator", "Alien" and "Prometheus". The film adaptation can be called the second wind of Scott, who in his 77 made a wonderful film.

The main role was played by Matt Damon, on whose account there are a lot of wonderful films, for example, “Good Will Hunting”, “Saving Private Ryan”, the role in three parts of “Ocean Friends”. Remember him at Interstellar? Yes, there he also played an astronaut who was stuck alone on an alien planet. But the roles are significantly different and that’s why. In “Interstellar” Damon played a minor role and, according to the plot, went a little crazy with loneliness. In “Martian,” the viewer spends most of the film virtually face-to-face with Matt's character - Mark Watney. In the Ridley Scott film, Damon played a steady, indestructible, and very witty astronaut, in whom the viewer simply falls in love.

Throughout the film, the botanist Mark Watney inspires his thirst for life and thoughtful struggle with the elements of undiscovered Mars. Humor gives him the opportunity to stay morally and wait for help more than 500 days. To physically survive such a long period on the Red Planet, the scientist is helped by the mind and self-confidence.

The “Martian” is really inspiring, it has already been called an ode to human intelligence and a love message to science, and Mark Watney has been called a kind of Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

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