Instagram project Socality Barbie announced its completion

On November 4, the author of the popular Instagram project Socality Barbie, who had previously remained anonymous, introduced herself to her subscribers and announced the completion of the experiment.

The idea of ​​Socality Barbie belonged to a resident of the American Portland Darby Cisneros (Darby cisneros) The account was launched in the summer of 2015 and almost immediately attracted considerable attention of Instagram users, and then the media.

The photographer has repeatedly stated that pictures of Barbie in traditional poses, extremely popular on social networks, are her response to the fact that on social networks, carefully processed pictures are presented as “real” life. At the same time, comments on the blog indicate that many subscribers did not understand the irony underlying it.

Within a few months, the account had more than 1.3 million subscribers, however, according to Cisneros, the joke has outlived itself.

The American admitted that she was not going to turn Socality Barbie into a long-term project and simply intended to express everything she wanted about social media. She promised not to close the account, leaving other users the opportunity to continue to view the pictures, and refused to sell it.

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