12 broken Apple gadgets: a project from designers from San Francisco

Photoproject of designers Michael Thompert (Michael tompert) and Paul Fairchild (Paul Fairchild) from San Francisco has attracted the attention of Apple technology users worldwide. The basis of their unusual techno-project was broken iPhone and iPad, or rather their screens, fantastically streaked with cracks. Each photo becomes an occasion for a creative experiment.
For the sake of their project, artists shot from an iPhone machine gun and crushed iPod Nano under the wheels of a railway locomotive. The result was several dozen photographs, showing not only the fragility of technology, but also focusing on the beauty of broken things.

In an interview, designers admitted that in this way - through a broken and crumpled technique - they wanted to make people think about their attitude to familiar gadgets. The idea for the project came about after Michael Thompert presented his little sons with iPod touch for Christmas. The boys, annoyed by the game, began to argue - who will play on the ipod. During a heated argument, one of them grabbed a new gadget and threw it to the ground with all its might.
- The project that we prepared is not about the destruction of old things. He is about our
attitude to new things- explained later Michael Thompert.