7 series that are very popular in their homeland, but little known in Russia

Are you tired of the same series roaming from one list to another? Have you already watched Game of Thrones, Fargo, and even Very Strange Things? Want something new, little known, but at the same time quality, so as not to waste time in vain? We have something to offer you. We found 7 interesting series that collected millions of views in their homeland, but for some reason did not reach Russia. Study!

People / Humans

Movie Search: 7.4 / IMDb: 8.0

British remake of the Swedish TV series "Real People". Did not hear about this? But two years ago he was recognized as one of the highest-rated series and was even nominated for several awards. This was facilitated by the current plot: the integration of robots in the human world. What is it like to live in a world where not only people of flesh and blood walk on the streets, but also people made of metal and representing a very well-tailored computer device.

Beauty / Entourage

Movie Search: 8.3 / IMDb: 8.5

A good American series about the adventures of Vincent Chase - an unknown, but promising beginner actor. In our country they say about such people "from rags to riches." A sort of American dream in reality. Friends and friends who for six seasons will not cease to amaze with their fun tricks help Vincent become famous and make a career.

Parks and Recreation

Movie Search: 8.1 / IMDb: 8.6

In the USA, this series went so well that eight seasons were filmed. In Russia, few people saw him. But in vain. The storyline is very close to a typical Russian inhabitant - there is an official who is tired of his senseless work and decides to turn an abandoned quarry into a vacation spot for all citizens, there is a fair portion of bureaucracy, and there are developers who have their own plans for this abandoned site.

Office / The Office

Movie Search: 7.4 / IMDb: 8.6

This series has a lot of fans in Russia, but it has not yet become popular in our country (such as "Clinic" or "How I Met Your Mother"). In general, there are two "Offices" - the British version, which is practically unknown outside the borders of their country, and the American one. If you choose a series for the weekend, then stop at the British version (there are three seasons), if you want something more protracted, then boldly download the American version (nine seasons). The storyline is the same: the series tells about the everyday life of one regional office and shows the life of office collars from the inside.

Gilmore Girls

Movie Search: 8.0 / IMDb: 8.1

You may have heard about this series, but hardly watched. And also in vain - "Gilmore Girls" are in the top 100 greatest shows of all time according to Time magazine. This is a story about two of the best girlfriends - mother and daughter.

Gomorra: La serie

Movie Search: 7.8 / IMDb: 8.7

The fact that good series are shot only in the USA and Great Britain is not true. Gomorrah is an excellent confirmation of this. Upscale Italian series about the bandits from Naples. By the way, after the premiere of this show in Italy, 170 countries announced the acquisition of the rights to show the series.


Movie Search: 7.9 / IMDb: 8.4

But this, on the contrary, is a classic example of a good British series. When the main character went to war, he had almost everything - a carefree life, family, family home, beloved girl. When he returned several years later, he had nothing left. Instead of the family house - a dilapidated mansion, which no one followed after the death of his father. Instead of the beloved girl, the bride, however, is no longer his, but a stranger.

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