How the actors of "American Pie" have changed over 20 years

To feel old, one fact is enough - next year the Weiz brothers cult comedy "American Pie" turns 20 years old. It would seem that just recently you took a videotape at the box office to go talk with your friend over the adventures of four school friends, and today this film turns more than you were at that moment.
In the late nineties, "American Pie" blew up the world of cinema. It may seem that comedy is for "laughing and killing time," but behind the simple plot and flat jokes are hidden the sincere problems of growing up, self-determination and friendship. And twenty years is an excellent occasion for a couple of minutes to return to 1999 and compare how the actors who played the main characters changed during this time.

Stephen Stiefler / Sean William Scott

Jim Levenstein / Jason Biggs

Michelle Flaherty / Alison Hannigan

Chris Ostraiker / Chris Klein

Paul Finch (Finch) / Eddie Thomas

Kevin Myers / Thomas Ian Nicholas

Nadia / Shannon Elizabeth

Victoria Lazum / Tara Reed

Jim's father / Eugene Levy

Stifler's mom / Jennifer Coolidge

Chuck Sherman (Sherminator) / Chris Owen

Heather / Mina Suvari

Jessica / Natasha Lyon

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