Best movies with red-haired Emma Stone

Some adore her and consider her one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, while others do not understand how a girl with such an atypical appearance was able to break into the screen. On the account of the 30-year-old Emma Stone - several first-class roles and an Oscar nomination. At 25, she entered the top 100 celebrities according to Forbes, and at 28 she became the highest paid actress in the world, ahead of Angelina Jolie. How does Emma Stone attract directors? Why does any movie where she is shot certainly become a masterpiece? In order to find out the answers to these questions, just watch any movie with her participation. We chose the 7 most impressive, where Emma Stone is very well revealed as an actress and a girl. Are you looking?

Moonlight Magic (2014)

Stanley Crawford is a well-known illusionist who denies the existence of supernatural phenomena, and from time to time exposes charlatans who allegedly have special talents. Sophie Baker - able to recognize the past and future, as well as communicate with the spirits of the dead. Soon they will meet, because Stanley is hired to expose Sophie. Will he be able to do this?

Servant (2011)

Eugenia has just graduated from university and is therefore forced to return to her parental home, which is located in a small town. She really doesn’t like it there, but so far there is no choice. Cherishing the dream of becoming a famous writer, Eugenia searches for an idea for her first novel and finds inspiration in a dark-skinned servant - each of these women is forced to endure the disregard of the white masters and indulge their will in everything. Eugenia invites the handmaids to tell their stories without embellishment in order to cover them in a book called The Servant, and they agree. Who knows, maybe this book will change the whole world in the future?

La La Land (2016)

Mia came to Los Angeles in order to become a great actress, but the series of castings, unfortunately, does not bring much success. She has to work tirelessly in a cafe in order to draw life in a big and expensive city. Sebastian is a talented musician, performing, however, not on the big stage, but in a small club. He wants to achieve incredible success, but the case does not seem. And then one day they meet.

Birdman (2015)

Riggan Thompson is the famous superhero Birdman, who was remembered by people for twenty years of regular stage performances. Glory turns against him, because no one is interested in other works of the actor, everyone just wants to touch the superhero and look at him at least once. Thompson hopes that his new show will be able to find his audience, but doubts that his best years are behind him will not leave him for a second ...

This wacky love (2011)

Cal Weaver was incredibly happy in marriage. He and his wife all made a joint effort and happily raised three children in a large, comfortable house. And suddenly the wife asks for a divorce, and the admission of infidelity sounds like a bolt from the blue. Cal agrees to release the woman he loves and soon becomes a regular in the bar, where he leads a friend Jacob. He is a pikaper, a professional seducer of women. And he is ready to transfer his wisdom to Cal, since he is now a free man in the prime of life.

Excellent student of easy virtue (2010)

Rhiannon, like all teenagers, loves to embellish reality. Once she tells her friend the untrue story of her romantic date, during which she allegedly lost her virginity. The girlfriend is unreliable, so Rihannon discusses personal life at school the very next day ...

Favorite (2018)

England and France are fighting, and Queen Anne is sitting on a throne in the Kingdom. She is sick and cannot rule, so Lady Sarah decides all the questions and copes with it with dignity until she meets Abigail's maid. The young girl quickly becomes a favorite and does everything to rise in status and return to the aristocracy. In this pursuit, she is ready for anything.

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