20 little-known facts about popular films

We can revise our favorite films over and over again without noticing any obvious details. For example, do you know how many times in “Titanic” Jack tells Rose the phrase “I love you”? The answer will greatly surprise you. And so about every movie you can pick up a pack of such curious facts. Some of them remain behind the scenes even for the most observant viewers. Why was the movie Tron disqualified at the Oscars? Why did an ordinary American try to condemn the directors of the film "Bruce Almighty"? What secrets do the nightly shoots of the Outcast drama hold? We selected 20 little-known facts about popular films. Perhaps after reading them you will want to review your favorite movie.

In the very first scene of the film "La La Land" you can see that some cars have bent roofs and other details. There is a simple explanation for this - numerous rehearsals and doubles, during which expensive decorations did not change.

In the film "Titanic" the phrase "I love you" Rose speaks only once - in the final scene. Jack, for all this time, from the first to the last minute of their relationship, does not say this phrase even once. Does that seem strange to you too? But fact is fact.

In the French dubbing of the Back to the Future trilogy, when Marty suddenly wakes up in the distant 1955, his young mother calls him Pierre Cardin instead of the usual Calvin Klein (this name, or rather the well-known trademark, was embroidered on his underwear). In Italian dubbing, his mother calls him Levi Strauss. What to do - features of pronunciation and prevalence of brands.

Philip Pozzo di Borgo himself insisted on making the film “1 + 1” a comedy rather than a drama for a very long time (it was his real story that formed the basis of the plot). He did not want the biography to evoke compassion and pity for his personality in the audience. And, it seems, it was not in vain that until the last he insisted on his own: it turned out an excellent comedy with elements of drama.

In the film "Seven" the word fuck and its derivatives sound in the film 74 times, and most often it is pronounced by the main character, played by Brad Pitt. Other curses in this film are much less. I wonder what is the reason?

The budget for Pulp Fiction was $ 8 million, the lion's share of which - 5 million - went to actors' fees. There is another interesting fact: the word "fuck" in the film is used 271 times. So often, that for the final scene, viewers stop focusing on this detail.

Avatar is the first film that has managed to collect an unthinkable amount at the box office - more than $ 2 billion. Can you imagine how happy the crew was?

In the film “Braveheart”, several key battles had to be removed again, because the extras forgot to take off their sunglasses and watches. Flickering in the frame of these details nullified the entire historical plot.

During the calm and measured filming of the film "Groundhog Day" Bill Murray twice received an industrial injury. Guess which one? He was bitten by a naughty marmot.

In the initial scene of the movie "Gladiator", where the main character walks across the field and runs his hand through the grass, it’s not actually Russell Crowe who is shot, but his understudy. But the wound on the face of Russell Crowe, received during the first battle scene, is the most real. His horse was terribly scared during the filming and galloped wherever his eyes looked. As a result, he ran into trees, and one of the branches pierced the actor’s cheek, who was at that moment on horseback.

In the comedy "Bruce Almighty," a really existing phone number appeared. This led to serious consequences for the entire crew. The owner of the number filed a lawsuit in court against the film company, because after the premiere of the film her life turned into hell - fans cut off the phone around the clock, demanding that God call the phone.

It is not clear why, but most of the night scenes in the film "Outcast" were shot in the daytime, mainly during the day. The darkness and the night sky were already imitated at the post-production stage.

In 1982, the film "Tron" flew out of the list of applicants for an Oscar, since in those years even the coolest special effects were considered to be swindlers.

When shooting the scene "Flight of a bullet" in the "Matrix" had to use 120 cameras. This made it possible to show a panorama of the flight of the bullet fired by the agent, and the movements of Neo dodging it.

After filming the film "Amelie", artists and decorators had to work hard to wash the walls of houses from huge graffiti.

Johnny Depp seems like the perfect Jack Sparrow and presenting another actor in his place is a difficult task. But few people know that initially the Walt Disney film studio called for Jim Carrey for this role, he thought a little and eventually turned down a tempting offer.

Quentin Tarantino hates hidden movie ads when heroes wear clothes of certain brands, twist lighters of a particular brand in their hands, and so on. That is why in all his films the heroes smoke cigarettes invented by Tarantino's own brand "Red Apple".

In the scene of the reunion of pieces of the broken T-1000, real mercury was used, which was driven into one puddle with the help of industrial hair dryers, in special protection equipment and under the watchful eye of the "American Ministry of Emergency Situations".

This fact may seem like a joke to you, but we assure you that it was just that. During the period of the enormous popularity of Charlie Chaplin, "Chapliniads" were held in all American states - contests of the actor's doubles, not only in appearance, but also in artistry. Once Chaplin decided to secretly participate in one of these contests, but failed to win - the organizers said that he did not really look like Charlie Chaplin.

The Lumiere brothers, who are considered pioneers in the world of cinema, initially did not believe in the success of this industry. It seemed to them that cinema was a farce for stupid people, to whom interest would quickly disappear over time. Oh, they would know what cinema and television will be like in half a century ...

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