The best films of 2019 that we look forward to

Each year, the film industry produces several thousand films, but only a few of them are worthy of attention. What films do you mind spending a few hours of your life on? What kinovinki after watching you can discuss with friends? What comedies will make you laugh, and dramas - to feel sincere empathy for the heroes? We selected 25 of the most interesting and expected 2019 movies. By the way, the premiere of some of them has already taken place, so you know what to do next weekend.


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Kevin Kramb is a unique person, inside of whom as many as twenty-four personalities coexist. David Dunn considers himself an omnipotent superhero, able to feel when someone needs help. Mr. Glass bears such a name because he suffers from a rare disease since childhood - his bones are so fragile that he spent most of his life in a hospital bed. And all of them are locked in a clinic for the mentally ill ...

This film completes the trilogy conceived by Knight Shyamalan. The first film called “Invulnerable” was released in 2000, and the second film appeared only in 2016. Now the story is getting its logical conclusion.


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Queen Anne, because of her soreness and weakness, was not able to rule the country as required by a critical situation. The war of England with France really hurt people and demanded decisive action from the rulers. Sarah Churchill, known as the Duchess of Marlborough, who was close to the queen and could afford to manage the resources of Great Britain, was responsible for them. Things were going quite well for themselves exactly until a certain Abigail, who also had plans for the power of the queen, began to flicker next to Anna ... Did the main favorite have a competitor?


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From childhood, Lara knew who she wanted to become - a ballerina, amazing her imagination with her outstanding talent and skill. She understood what a difficult and long way it was, full of various obstacles, but she refused any doubts and boldly went forward. And if teenage girls in general are hard, then Lara was even harder, because she, unfortunately, was born in the body of a boy. Despite the general disapproval, prejudice, she goes to her goal, intending to achieve harmony with her body through a sex change and go on stage among other ballerinas.

The film is approved by a huge number of liberal and progressive viewers.

Sea of ​​temptation

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Baker Dill appreciates his loneliness and enjoys independence. For him there is nothing better than going out on his ship into the open sea. Many years ago, however, he was in love with a woman named Karen, but this relationship did not work out and did not bring him anything good. Feelings remained somewhere in the depths, and eventually managed to come to terms with them. Baker could not even think that someday the former lover would appear on his doorstep and ask for help in the murder of the current spouse. Karen says she won't have a life with such a cruel person. Will Baker risk his peace of mind and familiar everyday way of life for the sake of the beautiful ghost of the past?

Pet cemetery

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Louis Creed hoped that a new and happy life would begin for his family from the moment he moved. But, unfortunately, everything turned out quite wrong. The new house did not become a reliable fortress, and all dreams crashed about the tragic death of his son. Louis could not cope with the pain of loss and decided on a risky experiment. He heard rumors that if someone was buried in a local cemetery, he would come to life ...

The film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

Frozen 2

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The creators of the cartoon decided not to cover the plot, in order to maintain intrigue and attract more attention to the work of the audience. It is known that "Frozen 2" will be a direct continuation of the first part of the cartoon. Familiar and beloved heroes will reappear in history: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and many others.

It is worth remembering that the events of the first part unfolded against the backdrop of a curse that only Elsa could remove, thanks to her unique gift to command the winter element. Anna had to go a long way to find her sister and persuade her to return home.


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Life in small Russian cities is far from ideal. Residents of such places receive small salaries, while working for many hours in order to somehow provide for their families. Sometimes it happens that wages are delayed for months. This is precisely the situation that is central to this film. The employees of the plant decide on desperate measures and take the owner of the enterprise hostage ...

The main roles in the new film by Yuri Bykov went to prominent actors Andrei Smolyakov and Denis Shvedov.

Alita: Battle Angel

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James Cameron made such wonderful films as "Avatar" and "Titanic", which not only received the response of the audience, but also began to be considered modern classics. This year, the premiere of a new science fiction film that tells a story from the distant future.

The talented scientist Ido finds a cyborg whose internal content was considered lost for hundreds of years. This is an important find and a huge discovery for an ordinary employee of a scientific center. A cyborg girl named Alita does not remember who she is and where she disappeared for so long. She considers herself a man and is trying to return to human life ...

How to Train Your Dragon 3

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Another trilogy will get its logical conclusion: in 2019, the final cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon” is released. The premiere was supposed to take place three years ago, but for some reason was postponed. Now the fans will finally get their piece of cake.

Hiccups taught people to coexist with dragons more or less peacefully. His pet Toothless played a significant role in this. In addition, the dragon had a romantic story that touched people's hearts. But now everyone is in danger, because a man has arrived on the island who is used to killing dragons and he does not care about the local order ...


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Dumbo is a baby elephant with big ears that everyone laughs at. He is preparing to soon enter the circus arena to perform with his mother. But disaster happens: she is isolated because she too aggressively defended her child from ridicule, and he remains alone. Once human children notice that Dumbo is able to fly, ears instead of wings. The circus owner is going to use this to make money.

This film is shot by Tim Burton and everyone is looking forward to what his version of the story about the Dumbo elephant will turn out to be.


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Billy Batson wants to live an independent life, but he is still a minor, so he is forced to live in foster care. For a long time, the guy does not stay anywhere because of his difficult character. In the new house, he meets his new half-brother. Due to his disability, he cannot resist the hooligans at school, and Billy comes to his aid. In the alteration, it turns out that he has special powers, which he soon finds excellent use ...


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Hellboy is a man with supernatural abilities who uses them for good and helps the authorities. After receiving a new task, he goes to the UK, where a villain named Nimue, a powerful sorceress known as the Bloody Queen, conceived the extermination of the entire human race. The security services, whom Hellboy should help, do not trust him, consider his achievements far-fetched and exaggerated, but during the investigation it becomes clear that they will never be able to cope with a powerful woman who can do evil with her bare hands ...

Avengers: Final

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Few Avengers survived after Thanos, in pursuit of his goals, destroyed half of the human race. Those who survived are crushed by their painful defeat, exhausted by longing for their comrades and close people who disappeared without a trace, but they need to gather strength, because evil does not sleep. Will they be able, having lost so much power, to rally again and enter the final battle? Or can the forces of evil be proud of their victory in advance, having managed to break the superhero will?

Initially, the film was to be called "Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2", but later the creators made a different decision. Apparently, this story should be considered almost completed. There was the last jerk, which will put all the points in their places.

John Wick 3

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John Wick is a professional killer whose one name terrifies knowledgeable people. He never missed and did not fill up orders. At some point, John retired and chose to live peacefully, but the old enemies did not allow him such luxury, and he returned to the world of crime to desperately take revenge. Ahead of him is a serious battle for justice, in which John has few allies, but a lot of ill-wishers. Will he cope with the task?

Of course, Keanu Reeves returns to the main role. The creators promise a picture full of action, expression, high-class special effects and dizzying tricks.

Men in Black: International

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Men in Black is a secret organization. Special agents are responsible for protecting people from aliens. Despite the fact that the aliens live on Earth, they are completely subordinate to the organization, because they know that no one will stand on ceremony with them. Agent H. and Agent Em are partners who are about to leave for London on a special mission. They say that there is a mole, digging information and merging it with ill-wishers. It needs to be found and neutralized as soon as possible.

The creators promise a pleasant humor in the best traditions of the old cinema, an interesting, retaining the attention of the viewer, plot, incendiary soundtrack and many references to past parts.

Toy Story 4

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The new part of Toy Story is waiting not only for children, but also for adults who grew up in the previous parts and are very attached to heroes. The brave cowboy Woody, as well as many other toys that belonged to a boy named Andy, find themselves in a completely new house. The fact is that Andy has already grown, but the little girl Bonnie is just at the age when you rejoice at every toy. And all would be nice if it were not for the fact that the cowgirl Bo Peep, Woody's lover, was in another house. Now Woody and his friends are going to return her to the family at all costs ...

Spider-Man: Away from Home

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This film will be released immediately after the final part of "Avengers" and will be associated with its plot. Details are unknown, since the creators prefer not to talk about it, but many believe that the plot will unfold during the journey of Peter and his classmates in Europe during the summer holidays. Everything will start more or less positively, no unpleasant events, but at some point Peter will remember who he is and will face the need to protect people. But how can he do this if the suit remains at home and there is literally no weapon at hand?

Lion king

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"The Lion King" is an animated masterpiece that is still loved by many people, despite the fact that it was released already in 1994. Now, a continuation of this touching story will come out, in which Simba is no longer a miserable and helpless kitten left without parents due to the fault of his evil uncle. For a long time he was away from his native places, was forced to wander, leaving everything behind. But now Simba wants to return, overthrow Scar and avenge him for all misfortunes, and also become the wise king, as his father Mufas once was. Will he be able to resist evil and achieve his noble goals?

New mutants

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Superhero movies are in great demand, so every year more and more films from Marvel Comics appear. In this story, we will talk about five teenagers with special abilities who were torn out of their usual lives and sent to a special camp. They have to do everything that scientists and guards say, because otherwise severe punishment follows. But to be experimental rabbits who do not have the right to vote, teens quickly get bored, so they plan a daring escape. They say that they were not the first to take such a step, and somewhere else in the woods other mutants are hiding ...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Another masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino will also be released in 2019. It will feature Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Russell, and many others. The public is looking forward to this film with special impatience.

Charles Maddox is a cruel murderer and sectarian, unfortunately, who found the same unprincipled like-minded people. They are able to do evil in their pure form and not be tormented by any remorse. Many people died at the hands of the sectarians, including actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at that time. In addition to this story, another is narrated: the young actor wants to show his talents and take a place in the sun. What is the relationship between them?


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The famous British director Guy Ricci took up the adaptation of the old Disney cartoon "Aladdin", in connection with which the whole public was pleasantly surprised. Remakes of children's fairy tales are very popular.

Aladdin is a poor man who trades in theft because of his stalemate. He does not harm anyone, takes exactly as much as necessary for a more or less well-fed life. One day he accidentally meets a beautiful girl named Jasmine, who turns out to be a princess, and, of course, falls in love with her almost at first sight. They are not a couple, and Jasmine has already been promised to another person, but Aladdin is going to dare and fight for the heart of his beloved. He wants to find a lamp with gin to make him three wishes, but the path to it is long and full of dangers ...

It's 2

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Pennywise is a clown who preys on offended, frightened and unhappy children every twenty-seven years. All the children who suffered from him in the last film managed to grow up over the past decades, have their own families, find vocations, and experience adulthood. The nightmares of many years ago left them alone, and it was at this point that Pennywise returned, and the company was going again, this time to say goodbye to the evil and scary clown forever.

In the role of Pennywise, again, Bill Skarsgård, who many fell in love with in this image. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jadie Bean, and many others will also star in the film.

Captain marvel

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Carol Danvers is a U.S. Air Force pilot who encountered aliens and received supernatural powers from them. This unusual event made her invulnerable, but took away the memory of a past life.Trying to adapt somehow, she helped a special group protect the galaxy, and as soon as she returned home, when memories began to torment the girl. Carol realized that she could not live a normal life until she knew her story and lived it again ...


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The Joker is a crazy maniac for whom human lives cost nothing. He is ready to sacrifice not only strangers, but also those who were considered his associates. He is unfamiliar with concepts such as love, family, friendship, compassion and honor.

This time, the most famous comic book villain will be played by Joaquin Phoenix. The director of the picture, Todd Phillips, said that this would be the story of how a person goes crazy and becomes a criminal. Apparently, he plans to retreat from the comic Joker.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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Gene Gray was a staunch advocate of justice and fully supported Professor X. For many years her reputation was as white as a pristine sheet, and the girl was proud of it. But the forces of mutants sometimes play a cruel joke with them. Gene has lost control by turning to the Dark Phoenix, and now has completely different goals. The girl’s closest friends will have to decide what to do next - to save the human race from a new villain or to try to get Jean back on the right path?

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