How the actors of the series "Brigade" for 17 years

The first part of the serial film "The Brigade" was released in 2002 and instantly became popular. This was facilitated by the realistic presentation of events, the well-thought-out plot moves and the vivid characters that the audience loved. Subsequently, another 14 episodes were released, covering a time span of 11 years, starting in 1989.

Sergey Bezrukov

For Sergei Bezrukov, the role of Sasha Bely, a criminal authority, the leader of the gang, consisting of his close friends, became actually his debut on television. After the release of the first part, his popularity instantly skyrocketed and even became a kind of meme - all significant, cult roles must be played by Bezrukov.
Despite his fame, Bezrukov continued to play in the theater, in particular, the Oleg Tabakov Moscow Theater Studio, and appeared in productions of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, the Moscow Provincial Theater. Employment in the theater did not stop him from playing in 64 films, voicing cartoons, trying himself as a producer and screenwriter, playing in 17 television projects, taking part in numerous audio projects (for example, becoming a reader of audio books).
Last year, Sergey created his own rock band and recorded a single. He has his own production company, he heads the Moscow Provincial Drama Theater, is actively involved in politics.
Now Bezrukov is shooting in season 2 of the Godunov series, due out in 2019. In the same year, the series about the youth of Ostap Bender with his participation was released.

Dmitry Dyuzhev

Dmitry Dyuzhev played the role of Cosmos Yuryevich Kholmogorov or simply “Cosmos”. His character is perhaps the most striking in the series, as it demonstrates a personality change due to a change in occupation and drug addiction.
Before filming in the "Brigade", the actor was content with episodic roles. But the role of the Cosmos brought him incredible popularity.
He continued to play in the theater (Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the Moscow Provincial Theater), but was more focused on roles in film and television. He played more than 50 roles in films, took part in numerous shows, and also tried his hand as a director and in voice acting. Recently, the world premiere of the historical drama “Tobol” took place, in which Dyuzhev played Peter I. The plans include a tour with the solo performance “Eugene Onegin” in Prague.

Pavel Maykov

Pavel Maykov played Victor Pavlovich Pchelkin (“Bee”). Despite the incomplete education, the character is perhaps the most intelligent of all, he is well versed in finances.
Maykov could not achieve the popularity of his colleagues, he devoted a lot of time to the theater, starred in more than 40 films. His latest project is the Bender mini-series, which tells of the youth of the Great Combinator. He is involved in the project together with his former colleague, Bezrukov. The series is due out in 2019. Maikov also played Menshikov in Tobol, where Dyuzhev portrayed Peter I. Also, the actor starred in the popular TV series Olga. In 2019, the dramatic mini-series "What She Is Silent About" is released with the participation of the actor.
Pavel is keen on music, he founded three music groups, he is the author and performer of songs. I tried myself in theatrical direction.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Vladimir Vdovichenkov played the role of Valery Konstantinovich Filatov (“Phil”), the most decent and balanced of the brigade. After The Brigade, he also became very popular, which was facilitated by his role in the cult film Boomer. Vdovichenkov played in 29 films and 14 series, appeared in several video clips. Several times participated in theatrical productions. The last work of the actor is the comedy "Dear Dad" about a businessman of dubious merits, who abandoned his family. The film is released on March 14, 2019. And a week after it starts a horror film called "Creature". In September, the fantastic thriller “Outpost” is released, where Vdovichenkov will also play one of the main roles.

Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva, who played the role of Olga Evgenievna Belova in the TV series "The Brigade", was quite in demand even before the series. She is constantly filming, her last work is the mentioned historical drama "Tobol", where she played Catherine I.

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