10 stars that changed beyond recognition in 2017

Any woman knows how a simple change in hairstyle can significantly transform the look. So in 2017 in Hollywood literally a wave of fashion swept the blond who brightened the curls of many famous actresses. In addition, haircuts and movie stars have undergone significant changes.
We present to your attention the TOP 10 celebrities who changed their image last year.

Cara Delevingne

The actress does not get tired to shock the audience. But if before, Kara shocked her with bold statements and spectacular roles, then in 2017 the movie star decided to radically change her appearance - from a reckless blonde with curls of medium length, she turned into an elegant lady with a stylish chestnut pixie.

Olivia Wilde

More recently, the actress gave birth to a second child. A new stage in her life was marked by parting with the usual long brown hair. Olivia's new short haircut looks very charming.

Selena Gomez

Often, women dramatically change their personal lives with a new hairstyle. Last year, the actress twice surprised her fans: first she changed the haircut, and renewing her relationship with Justin Bieber dyed her hair blonde.

Taylor Swift

The singer was often criticized due to unhealthy thinness, but today there are hardly any evil languages ​​that can reproach her. In 2017, Taylor was slightly replenished and acquired a pronounced feminine look.

Kim Kardashian

Kim loves to be in the spotlight - new photos of the model constantly appear on the pages of magazines. Last year, a burning brunette dyed her cold blonde and changed her hairstyle to an elongated bob.

Emma Stone

Another actress who decided to become a blonde. With this, she emphasized her natural beauty even more and now looks like a classic socialite of the 50s of the last century.

Katie Holmes

Fatal heartbreakers are not afraid of fundamental changes in appearance. Katie Holmes, the former passion of Tom Cruise, in 2017 decided to change her usual look: she parted with luxurious long strands and acquired a charming short hairstyle.

Emilia Clark

The star of the popular “Game of Thrones” used a light wig on the set of the series, and last year decided to become a blonde in everyday life. In our opinion, the experiment was successful.

Kate hudson

Movie stars very often change their appearance to perform new roles. So the famous blonde in 2017 broke up with her luxurious curls. To appreciate the new image of the Hollywood beauty, it is not at all necessary to wait for the premiere of the last film with her participation.

Katy Perry

The singer, who at the dawn of her career had blond hair, began to conquer the musical stage in the image of a sultry brunette. However, last year, Katie cut her hair short and returned her hair a light shade, and much brighter than what she had by nature.

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